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  1. I personally think that PA was suffering from lack of INTELLIGENCE. What an evil and cruel thing to say to someone!
  2. Kay, Don't know if it will help but Ron used to take Alpha Lipoic Acid pills for his neuropathy. It is inexpensive at Wal Mart and may give you some relief. Big Hugs! Karen
  3. Kay, Has she lost her mind or just thrown her medical oath out the window? Her behavior is totally unacceptable. I hope you are able to find a new doctor who remembers why they got that degree. Sending hugs, my friend. My little family and I are still plodding along. Surprise! I got my driver's license. Was afraid that I couldn't pass the eye exam, but had no problem. My son is still having health issues and hasn't been able to return to work. The PT that he completed did not change anything. He's now having testicular pain along with the hip pain and will be seeing a urologist on the 25th. At 38, he's just too young for all of this. I finally made it for my yearly skin doctor checkup(only 6 months late). He froze a pre-cancerous thing on my forearm and stamped me good to go. I go once a year because of a cancer I had removed about 20 years ago.. We found evidence of termites here so I had the house termite treated. In this part of Arizona, it's not "if" you get termites, it's "when" you get termites, so we're waiting a few months to make sure everything is okay before we put the house up for sale. Last Saturday, I made it though my daughter's 53rd birthday. Did not tear up until late in the night. Life just goes on around me as I wait. I have yet to figure out what I am waiting for. Perhaps just a bit of peace and happiness.
  4. The Silence

    Dave, I used to do the same thing, then feel completely embarrassed afterward. As Gwen said, "pathetic". I would go for several days without seeing or speaking to another human being. It almost seemed like a relief to know that I still belonged to the human race. I am still friendly, but no longer have that desperate need to talk to someone...................anyone. I fear that I have become a boring person to converse with.
  5. I'm so lost

    Butch, My heart hurts for you for the many loved ones you have lost.. There are no answers as to why we were left behind, but we will somehow carry on.
  6. I also attended Grief Share. It was a small group, each of us experiencing different losses, a mother , brother, spouse, or child. For me, the most significant part was that even though we were all hurting, the entire group bonded together to share each others pain. It made it just a little easier to bear. It is difficult to explain the different grief of losing a spouse and a child. Both are devastating. For me, losing Ron is so "in your face" because we were always together, while losing Debbie stays on the fringes because we lived so far apart. My brain can almost pretend that she is still alive, but definitely knows that he is gone. There will always be two pieces of my heart missing.
  7. The Silence

    Although my son and grandson are living here now, I am still basically alone. They spend their time in the front part of the house, while I am in the back. We don't sit down to meals together. My TV goes on as soon as I get up, sometimes just to kill the boredom. The house is no longer filled with silence, nor is it filled with laughter and meaningful conversation. At least the dogs are nearby always ready with a sloppy kiss.
  8. The pain of losing Ron has dulled after 4+ years, but I'm not sure the emptiness of living without him will ever go away. I rarely get through a conversation with someone without saying "My husband and I used to..........". I'm not sure the pain of losing my daughter will ever go away. In some ways, I am still numb, but not in a good way.
  9. Marg, As much as I am looking forward to getting out of this city and moving to the mountains, there is a certain fear of the unknown hovering. I have lived in this house for 50 years with all of the conveniences as they became available. I can't imagine not having my own washer and dryer, a self cleaning oven, a huge freezer, an icemaker, my own bathroom, etc. and yet I had none of those things 55 years ago and I got along fine. I have become spoiled over the years. My house is not big(only 1500 sq. ft), but our budget for a new location is very small. I know we will end up in an older mobile home. Two grown men, two big dogs, and little ol' me. It will be interesting to say the least. Some mobile homes have laundry areas, some not. Perhaps I will welcome a trip to the laundromat. There won't be much room to hide for peace and quiet.
  10. Butch, I'm so sorry to hear that Caleb has been ill. I'm sure he enjoys being with Grandpa and is a comfort to you. Is Gracie with you also? Young children are a handful, but what a blessing. Karen
  11. Talk about forgetting! Once again, my mind has let me know that I am not really okay. Since Ron's "Angelversary" on May 5, I have been thinking of Debbie's upcoming on June 27. After a normal sleepless night, I was laying there at 7 AM and it hit me. She could not have died on June 27. After six years of fighting cancer, she was amazed that she had just made it to her 50th birthday. I can only say amazed, not thrilled as she knew she was dying. Her birthday was July 15. She died on July 27. Just the fact that they are both gone still blurs my thinking process. I wonder now if I got the date wrong in 2015 and 2016, but I guess it doesn't really matter. It doesn't change the final outcome.
  12. Kevin, I am also paring down my clothes, jewelry, household items, tools, furniture in anticipation of a move in the future. I have kept a few of Ron's special things. At least if I die before moving, my son won't have so much to get rid of. lol
  13. I'M BACK!!!

    Darrel, So glad to see things are working out. Welcome back!
  14. What an insightful mind your little great nephew must have! After a very long time, I discovered that you cannot outrun grief. Some days it will be far back in your rear view mirror and on others it will be on your bumper. It is exhausting to say the least. When my dad died forty years ago, my mother tried running to visit various relatives, running on a trip to Europe, etc. My dad was still gone when she got home. My husband and daughter were still gone when I finally woke up and quit running off to gamble. All I accomplished was adding more grief. My hope for all of us is that one day grief will just get tired and give up the race.
  15. This has been a crazy week ending with a good and bad day. My son's home was put on the market a week ago. At least ten offers were made that first day, all of them above asking price. We weighed the pros and cons of each and chose according to offer and terms. He signed the final papers today and will close on Monday. One more step completed in our quest to move to the mountains. After completing a few projects here and having lots of yard sales in the fall, we hope this place will sell and we'll start looking in earnest for a new home. Guess I'd better get with the program and get my new driver's license. Two days ago, my ancient water heater started to leak. Made a lake in the laundry room before I noticed. A new one was put in today. I decided to wash all the towels we had been sopping up with. The washer drain decided to plug up. Another lake in the laundry room. My son cleared the obstruction and I washed more towels. I am wrung out. Too much excitement for this old lady. Physical therapy does not seem to be helping my son's injury. He is still in constant pain. I'm so hoping he will get better. He complains very little, but I can see the pain in his face. And time marches on.............