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  1. Butch, I'm so sorry to hear that Caleb has been ill. I'm sure he enjoys being with Grandpa and is a comfort to you. Is Gracie with you also? Young children are a handful, but what a blessing. Karen
  2. Talk about forgetting! Once again, my mind has let me know that I am not really okay. Since Ron's "Angelversary" on May 5, I have been thinking of Debbie's upcoming on June 27. After a normal sleepless night, I was laying there at 7 AM and it hit me. She could not have died on June 27. After six years of fighting cancer, she was amazed that she had just made it to her 50th birthday. I can only say amazed, not thrilled as she knew she was dying. Her birthday was July 15. She died on July 27. Just the fact that they are both gone still blurs my thinking process. I wonder now if I got the date wrong in 2015 and 2016, but I guess it doesn't really matter. It doesn't change the final outcome.
  3. Kevin, I am also paring down my clothes, jewelry, household items, tools, furniture in anticipation of a move in the future. I have kept a few of Ron's special things. At least if I die before moving, my son won't have so much to get rid of. lol
  4. Darrel, So glad to see things are working out. Welcome back!
  5. What an insightful mind your little great nephew must have! After a very long time, I discovered that you cannot outrun grief. Some days it will be far back in your rear view mirror and on others it will be on your bumper. It is exhausting to say the least. When my dad died forty years ago, my mother tried running to visit various relatives, running on a trip to Europe, etc. My dad was still gone when she got home. My husband and daughter were still gone when I finally woke up and quit running off to gamble. All I accomplished was adding more grief. My hope for all of us is that one day grief will just get tired and give up the race.
  6. This has been a crazy week ending with a good and bad day. My son's home was put on the market a week ago. At least ten offers were made that first day, all of them above asking price. We weighed the pros and cons of each and chose according to offer and terms. He signed the final papers today and will close on Monday. One more step completed in our quest to move to the mountains. After completing a few projects here and having lots of yard sales in the fall, we hope this place will sell and we'll start looking in earnest for a new home. Guess I'd better get with the program and get my new driver's license. Two days ago, my ancient water heater started to leak. Made a lake in the laundry room before I noticed. A new one was put in today. I decided to wash all the towels we had been sopping up with. The washer drain decided to plug up. Another lake in the laundry room. My son cleared the obstruction and I washed more towels. I am wrung out. Too much excitement for this old lady. Physical therapy does not seem to be helping my son's injury. He is still in constant pain. I'm so hoping he will get better. He complains very little, but I can see the pain in his face. And time marches on.............
  7. Patricia, Unfortunately, responsibility for everything now falls solely on us. Just another facet of this grief that we live. Try not to become overwhelmed by it all. In time, it will all fall into place.
  8. This is terrible. I was embarrassed after I said it and of course, explained why I said it. When we were each dropping a bit of the earth on Ron's casket, I said "I finally got you back". Many years ago, we were traipsing around in the forest and got stuck in a very muddy meadow. I got out to check how badly, he gunned the engine, the truck came free and I was covered in flying mud. Ron would have laughed at the comment, but I'm sure others were horrified. My brain did not function well for the first year and even more poorly the second year after my daughter died. I hope I have a bit more sense now.
  9. Marita, I'm so sorry to hear that your mother treats you this way. It must be so hurtful for you. I had a very close relationship with both of my parents, but realize that so many people don't. At her age, I don't foresee an attitude change. She sounds like she MUST be in control, when in reality, she controls nothing but her own frustrations. You and your son are certainly capable of living your lives without her two cents worth. Prayers for your situation.
  10. Gwen, I'm so sorry that everything is hitting at once. That seems to be the way of things now, doesn't it? Or maybe it always was but we didn't notice because there was always another person to share the responsibility with. Hope you are able to find a new doctor that you like and trust.
  11. What a beautiful, special video, Kevin. Thank you for sharing.
  12. Welhusen, Welcome to our group, one which I'm sure you never wanted to join. I'm so sorry for the loss of your husband. I lost my husband in 2013 and my daughter in 2014, both to cancer. I'm sorry that your niece and immediate family apparently suffer from lack of compassion. Unfortunately, people who have not experienced this type of loss cannot fully comprehend the effect it has on your very being. Your whole existence has been turned upside down and no one has the right to tell you to "move on". It is a slow and painful process to repair your broken heart and life and only you will know when you are ready. Although the wedding is your niece's important day, she needs to step back and grow up a bit. It is absurd and disgusting that that others "blame" your husband for dying. This is a time for you and your daughter to do what feels right for you.
  13. Marita, your horse is beautiful. My Debbie's horses were the loves of her life, especially Shania that she acquired as a baby. I had to check and see if you are in Arizona as Kachina de Chelly is a good representation for this state. Enjoy your future rides.
  14. And the beat goes on............On Monday,we headed to the mall to return my son's cable box. Just as we turned into the parking lot, the Jeep died and wouldn't restart. I called AAA and had it dropped off at my mechanic. Wouldn't you know it. The computer failed to the tune of $1700 for a replacement. For the first time in my life, I had to ask the mechanic to repair it and hold it until Robert's house sells. I am just flat broke trying to pay all the expenses of two houses. On a brighter note with fingers crossed...........We finished the horrendous job of moving everything out,ripping out carpet, and cleaning up his place. The realtor took pictures and listed it yesterday. She texted this morning and already has three prospective buyers at the asking price. Someone will definitely make a profit from it, so I hope all goes smoothly and rapidly. Please wish us luck. My stupid jaw infection is back. Just can't keep it gone until these teeth are removed by an oral surgeon(which I can't afford and don't want). My dentist is out of town, but my PCP wrote an antibiotic for me. Don't need this chipmunk face or the pain right now. In twelve days, I will again relive the horror of my Debbie's death. I will try to be too busy to dwell on it. Just my rant for the day................
  15. Patty, I know how joyous, yet solemn, this celebration will be. Yet it is happening because of Ron's love and your daughter's hard work. We buried our Ron three days before my son graduated. My son placed his dad's invitation to the ceremony in the casket and simply said "I made it, Dad. I only wish you were here to see it." It was indeed a bittersweet moment, but we made it through with only myself and my grandson attending his celebration. You will get through Patty, as you have gotten through so many other events, with that strength we never knew we had. I'm so glad that Steve is with you.