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  1. I am so sorry for both of your losses, one loss is hard enough, I cant even fathom two that close together! I definitely don't think you are going crazy and I can definitely see why your anxiety is increasing. This is all so new and its unknown territory that you were forced into! Its hard learning to navigate in a world without your parents. One thing to remember is to take care of yourself. We all deal with grief differently, I just so happened to gain weight! Just make sure you are eating and sleeping the best that you can and you can work through all the mental grief here with all of us! Sometimes you just have to let your emotions out and that might help with all of the panic attacks and such. Just really give into the emotions. It hurts but you need to really feel and go through those hormones because you cant run away from them. Trust me, Ive tried. If you need to cry like a baby and scream then go for it! It really helped me relieve some of that pain. Kay is so right too, it is self centered but don't feel bad about that because no one else is going to go through YOUR grief. Just you! And don't be embarrassed by your emotions. I completely understand where you are coming from. I wailed at my dads memorial and I probably sounded like a blubbering idiot and could hardly get the words out but I tried by best. If you think itll help, why don't you talk to them? I still talk my dad after two years. I was grief stricken the other day thinking of his last moments and I just wanted to weep but I couldn't cause I was work lol
  2. Kay, I hope so! I think they might be right now for me but Im holding myself back. I actually had a pyschic read me the other day, it was just through a picture. My profile picture actually. She (or he?) told me to focus on myself right now and that I look like I had something on my mind. It was definitely true lol And thank you Marty! I will definitely look into that book. I already ordered 3 books off amazon in the last two months LOL its a dangerous site for books. That quote is very true. Ive noticed that when soemthing unfavorable happens, I find myself thinking "ugh, this again?"
  3. Miss Ngu, thank you for you condolences, i appreciate it! I am ready to be enlightened and not apalled anymore LOL it definitely feels like the rose colored glasses her slapped off my face! Im trudging along and I will always be Okay, and if not, Ill get there but there are still those internal battles. Im almost not shocked anymore. I still adjusting to a different world view without my dad. Sorry for the loss of your mom, I can only imagine how its been without my mom. ugh. And you are welcome for the topic, I hope it helps people like the "Abandoned" thread, because we have alllll felt abandoned once grief has struck. Kay, maybe I was robbed too. I feel like my life is very interesting, its definitely not one of those great suburban neighborhood, white picket fence lives, thats for sure. And maybe its happening now because I would explode when I am older lol. Right now, Im just full of expletives! I dont know if I have ever had carefree years, especially since I have anxiety but I also knew that since my dad was older, his life would be cut short (in my eyes). He was 50 when I was born so I knew I had maybe 40 years if lucky. I just had a dark moment the other night and realized I have lived through all of my current biggest fears. Other than things we hope to never experience (tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.) but you know what I mean. Im trying to not be hardened from the world but I just want to scream sometimes!
  4. Ever since my dad died, I have had to face multiple of my fears. My biggest deepest fears too. In the last two years, Ive dealt with: the death of a parent, the betrayal of a family member, being alienation from my "friends", pieces of sh!t people just throwing low blows and a deep loneliness that I have only ever read about. It feels like a lot more when I think about but I have never experienced more hardship than I have in the last two years. These are things I have hoped I would never have to face and I was forced through them! I know it has made me a stronger person but oh my GOSH. What the hell!? Am I the only one who feels this way?
  5. It is truly incredible how many people leave you high and dry when someone passes away. I just want to shake my fist at those women. I actually got into an argument with a friend the other day because she couldn't get over her ex boyfriend that she got pregnant from. He doesn't even care about the child or her. Yet she tells me that she has no motivation and is sad and so forth but when I tried to tell her what to do and how to feel better and that I understand she was saying that explaining her pain wouldn't help because Im not getting it. We stopped talking for a few days and I have changed my mind about her. I don't see how people can try to make themselves the victims and tell you that you don't "get it." Get it? I have lived IT. I wanted to die when my dad died?! What do you MEAN I don't get "IT"? If you looked up the definition of "IT" you would see my face! Like what! That is so stupid! Ive also had someone else try to tell me about their dating problems (more like she was sleeping around but I digress) an exact month after my dad passed. I told her no. Never contacted her again because I was so close to screaming I DONT CARE. So believe me, you aren't alone! Im glad you have forgiven her for your sake but like Kay said, don't waste your breath. She is an idiot. She is still breathing and we cant say the same for some people so she had no room to try to compare her issues to yours right now. I try not to ever minimize other peoples pain and such because loss it loss and pain is pain but your cousin is a derp. Just ignore her because I also think that she will put the blame on someone else. One day she will understand the pain of death and lets just hope she remembers how rude she was about it. And omg family can be worse than friends after someone dies. Its horrible. I don't talk to my brother now and don't really care to again. As for the pastor, I cannot stand people who claim to be close with God and be his right hand person but they are horrible examples of what Godly people do. She needs to pray a little harder for herself because shes dumb too! Just let her go and if she really wants to "not give up" on you then she better try harder. Lastly, I am so glad you have a little pet to take care of and I loved seeing everyones pets, they were adorable. I had my dads therapy dog, she wasn't officially trained but she was a therapy dog. She used to put him to bed and wait until he fell asleep to run off! She comforts me and shes great. I think they really understand us and give us what we need.
  6. I definitely went through that but am feeling better, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I actually went to a grief counselor, like Kay suggests, and I think it really helped. I had little exercises to do and I think it opened my eyes and really made me face the facts. I know this sounds weird, but I found that saying it out loud that my dad had died, had really helped me accept it. I used to lie to people and say he was okay, up until he passed away so I had horrible denial and then I got slammed with grief. Maybe you just need a good cry and need to scream and really dig into the sad feelings and let them out. I know that my dad didn't want me to sit her and weep forever over him, he wants me to succeed and be happy and he can enjoy that with me. Do you talk to your mom? Ive found that it helps, especially when I really need some help.
  7. Im so sorry to hear about your loss but I am so glad you were by her side in her weakest moments. I know that is the best thing you could have ever done. I think its very important, more now than ever, to focus on being healthy, especially mentally healthy. Its so easy to just want to lie in bed forever and by all means, you have a right too, but you don't want to get into a deep darkness that you cant get out off. I actually didn't do this when I was grieving and gained a bunch of weight while grieving, oh man Taco Bell was there when I needed it, especially after grief therapy! Take it slow and nurture your soul. Im glad you are here because you can vent to us whenever you need to.
  8. Dreams are horrible sometimes. I used to pray that I would see my dad in them and be able to talk to him but in every dream, I knew he was dead and they were more...memory style? Definitely not a fan. Regret is always the worst part because its so suffocating! I feel like those songs are kind of like a little message for you. Maybe he wants you to see the beauty in life again, even though that sounds utterly impossible right now. Have you tried talking to him? I talk to my dad out loud sometimes and I think it helps. Tell him everything you wanted to say, or write a letter to him. I feel that he definitely had an idea of how you felt, especially since he wanted to see you
  9. Hi Gigi! Almost a year later but I have a reply! I definitely want children and I have to keep reminding myself to not look past all of the things I don't like about him. That sounds mean but just the way he acts towards some females. Although every single time I decide I will stop talking to him, he starts messaging me lol. And thank you! It was hard and I don't know how I did it but I also know I was not allowed to stop. Both parents told me I had to continue on. I think Ill look into that. Im better but I still have some issues.
  10. I don't think its bratty at all! I feel like you should say something because that's horrible! Ive been taking care of my aunt because shes one of the last ties to my dad and she hadn't mentioned his death date or anything like that, just her husband who passed a couple months before my dad. I don't know if its their way of grieving or what but omg. HOW CAN YOU FORGET. But Im also very stubborn lol
  11. Take some deep breaths and take a few personal bills and then make it a goal to go pay the bills. I think that will help with some of your anxiety! One thing I have to warn you off, there WILL be rude people who do not care about your struggles and I know some bill companies are like that so hopefully you will be able to get out and do it :/ Other then that, go ahead and stay in bed! I dont really remember the first month after my dads death, I was definitely a zombie so do what you got to do, which sometimes does help with little distractions here and there and then "wallow" in your grief. Feel all those painful emotions and let them out.
  12. HI there and welcome! Im sorry that life had to dump everything on you but you are strong enough to make it through! Just breathe and take it one day at a time! As for your mom, I am very sorry. Its hard functioning in a world without them because its all we knew. You can still talk and hang on to her! Im sorry you have to leave your house but maybe it will help with the grieving process and give you a fresh start. I was physically unable to go in my dads house after he died. We cleaned it out and the first time stepping foot into it was like he had just run to the store and he'd be back. Then when it was empty is was hard since I had never seen it that way. I was sad to lose it but now Im glad I am able to let it go. And at least you get to keep your pet! They really help you get up and provide wonderful comfort. As for your ex boyfriend, I can imagine you do miss him and especially since you are feeling so alone but you deserve better. Abusive is absolutely never okay. Your mom would not want you to be with an abusive man. If he hurt you and didnt care, I dont think he'd be much emotional support but I understand the feeling of wanting a familiar person around to help you through this dark time. We have some posts on this site about feeling abandoned because I believe its part of the grieving process and people with a healthy family just do NOT understand loss. I too have lost a lot of friends and I cant say I miss people who never truly cared. I still get lonely but I am still recovering. Take a few days and lay in bed and cry. Grieve like you think you need to. If you need to scream and cry until you have snot all over your face then do it! I did that and no one cared. People like us, understand. This is a horrible time but you can make it! Like Kay said, it gets better! As for your cat, I do think itll show up, its just out having a grand old time being a predator. I had a tom cat who would disappear for a week and show up. They know where home is and who else feeds them!? If it hasnt showed up in a few days, go check the shelter. They can catch even some of the wildest cats LOL I speak from experience The first few nights were hard for me to sleep as well. I was so traumatized that I could not fall asleep but crying exhausts you and sometimes can help that. Nights are definitely the hardest times, for me at least.
  13. Im so sorry for your loss, cancer is such a bastard! Im glad youve posted here because I think you will find what you need! There are some great people on here! One thing you need to remember is that you will NEVER lose your mom, no matter how long its been since youve seen her. I felt the same way with my dad but hes still here. I see him in things around me and in some of my traits. She is still with you, and if it helps, ask her to keep doing things with you! I ask my dad to go for car rides with me all the time and it makes me feel better. Ask her things too! When Im scared and get panicked or confused or lost, I ask him for help. I used to call him when I had troubles and I still do.
  14. Hi Jason, Im glad you have been helped by this site as its "saved my bacon" like KayC has said! They really pulled me out of the dark hole I found myself in. I can only imagine how you feel and I am so sorry that you are going through this. I do feel that the fog clears after a little while, especially once you have "Accepted" that they have passed and you have to readjust. I had definitely lost it after my dad died but I think Ive regained most of "it." I also think not being in that area helps too. I was away at college when my dad died and I had some relief when I left because the town felt different after the passing. Whatever helps, as long as its safe!
  15. Cheryl, I almost called him a couple times too out of habit :/ KayC, thank you, it was definitely a very sobering moment. Yuck. Finch, I had to laugh when I saw your post about almost breaking a PC mouse. I process almost all hard feelings through anger so I experience it very often LOL. I sometimes feel like an adult 3 yr old when I have outbursts. Punched a couple stuffed animals. Its a funny mental image in retrospect. Hopefully you will feel better soon!