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  1. Few of us really know how we touch and impact other people's lives... even in this forum. - Shalom
  2. You reminded me that I made that decision a year ago. My sister would call every day after Rose Anne died to check up on me. If I missed calling her she would cal all frantic and worried that something happened. After awhile, i felt obligated to call her. I love my sister but she would share all of her problems and worries.. There was little time to respond as she is a prolific talker.I realized that this began to bother me so I simply and gently let her know that I didn't need to call her every day. I wasn't mean. It was a boundary that I needed to help me. I text her daily during the week a scripture verse to encourage her and we talk on the phone about once a week. I also stop by to give her hug when I go visit my Dad. Thanks, KATPILOT, I forgot about doing that. Each of us needs to follow what gives us peace. - Shalom
  3. Marg, When I came across this young lady's story it reminded me of you. I have been listening to this song for about a year and a half but just found out the back story. Her song's message speaks to me and my spirit. Struggling and hanging onto hope. Here is her story: Shalom
  4. There is also another excellent book "Boundaries" by Dr.John Townsend and Dr Henry McCloud. It deals with settings boundaries in our life. The discuss the dynamic of family and how people can overstep their bounds. It is something I continue to work on. It is best for our own emotional health to set boundaries for ourselves so we do not violate our core values.It is not designed to control another person but to help us. It is not mean, uncaring, or unloving, to take care of yourself and follow what gives you peace in your heart and soul. - Shalom
  5. I am experiencing the same DUALITY... How can I experience such joy and passion and yet Grief simultaneously. It is mind bending yet it is a reality. My Joy and excitement at the possibility of flying has not replaced my Grief but rather they co-exist. Please do not let mankind or yourself place self- imposed rules on how you show think, feel or do. We each traverse this journey uniquely yet we still all experience deep grief from deep loss. You are blessed to have someone come along side who understands, supports and helps you. They all sound like good things. Just live in each day, each moment, and don't let others try to dictate to you how you should live. Enjoy the time. Please come in visit us here when you are able. We all care for you as you do for us. Shalom, George
  6. DITTO! Rose Anne and I experienced the same thing daily for almost 26 years. Neither of us were perfect but we sure were perfect for each other. We blended.. "The two shall become one" . I don't know what the future brings but I know who holds the future. My trust is in Christ alone. Fortunately we both learned and taught the basic teaching of "The Sovereignty of God" many years earlier. It is what sustains me through this grief process. I don't know if I will ever be in another close relations/marriage. I will chose to not close my heart yet practically it seems unlikely... But a couple of months ago, I never even considered flying either. That rekindled passion has energized and motivated more to take care of myself and learn this new craft. I believe that "God will make a way when there seems to be no way" Shalom
  7. I wondered that too for a long time. The day my wife died, I thought that as close as we were ( to each other) that I would have "felt" or "sensed" something but there was no warning at all. It was just a normal day. I don't not why but I have just accepted that this was how it was supposed to turn out ... because it did. There are many things in life that are out of our control despite our desire to control them. I pray God's Peace (SHALOM) for you and all who read and try to figure out why life happens the way it does. - Shalom
  8. I believe your husband is proud of you for what you have overcome. Death does not separate what he was and how he felt about you. I imagine that if my wife was alive today she would be encouraging and supporting me as before. Here are some resources I found concerning your tractor pull: It may not be exact but the internet has some amazing videos to learn about how to do most anything. It doesn't replace your husband but will help you to fill in the gaps when you are ready to learn. (by the way, I know nothing about tractors, so you are way ahead of the curve on me). At fifteen months, your grief is still fresh and new. I'm at 25 months, and I still go through some tough grief cycles. It is a part of this afterlife of deep love we shared for our beloved. We all take this journey one step at a time. - Shalom, George
  9. Good news... VISA credited my account for the charge back when I was scammed for the VirtualPilot3D flight simulator program. I was told that VISA could not get my refund initially. I am humbly and happily surprised. Yea! Saturday, my sister, invited my father and I over to her home for St. Patrick Day dinner. She cooked a delicious meal and I brought two dozen "sainted" eggs. My sister is always thoughtful to us widower folks.... lol Third week of the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class. I have been following his Baby Stepper plan for three years and have managed to pay off all consumer debt by July of last year. I'm working on Step three which is to save up three-six months emergency (RAINY DAY) Fund. ... because sooner of later it will rain. I use no credit cards. I am tightening up my monthly budget so I can start saving as much money as I can so I can fly. It has been a busy work week and I am learning what I have to deal with in this third year on grief. For me, there is much internal reflection, examination, discussion, about all of the aspects of this grief, loss and how to move forward in this remaining time in my life. I'll be 62 in May and I told my sister I didn't want to celebrate my birthday this year. She is disappointed. For me it is yet another reminder that Rose Anne is not here. Her birthday is one week before mine. May is another rough time because it is full of memories of us. My moods are bordering on a darker time in my early years. I am resting on my faith and promises of God in scripture. I also am aware of my need to take care of myself, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.... and yes I am still flying my sim plane and learning the finer art of flying and studying for the ground school test.. - Shalom
  10. Depending on what your pressure settings are. You may try the AirFitâ„¢ P10 nasal pillows system I really liked that one but my pressured were raised and they kept breaking their seal. Also, as I mature apparently my mouth drops open unless I wear a chin strap. One of the lessons I am learning from this grief is that I need to take care of myself as much as I did her mother and my wife. Many times I don't FEEL like it but I push through and do it anyway. I strive to practice what advice I give. - Shalom
  11. I had a good friend died in his sleep several years ago. It is important to get it checked and treated. My BIL has sleep apnea and will not use the machine. There are different types, systems and masks. Some people don't like the mask on the face, etc.... It does help some people. I am overweight which contributes to the sleep apnea but skinny people can have the problem to since it is caused by a narrow wind pipe that collapses when you sleep. I hope I could lose enough weight to not need the CPAP machine. If you have trouble using the machine, ask the technicians to turn up the RAMP setting to 30-40 minutes. The positive air pressure builds gradually allowing you to fall asleep. My pressure is set at 16. If the pressure is too high to tolerate then ask the doctor to set the MAX pressure lower to say 8 . As the person gets used to it then they can gradually increase it to the recommended level. Common sense practical application of the technology. Otherwise, people will not use it. I have several clients who gave up trying to use their machine and are at risk of sleep apnea related death. Unfortunately, my wife would not use her CPAP machine until she had to. I found out that extended untreated Sleep Apnea is the contributing cause of Pulmonary Hypertension. Pulmonary Hypertension means that the blood pressure in the lungs are elevated and causes more and more difficulty breathing. This was the reason she needed to be on Oxygen. The Oxygen/CO2 exchange was hampered by the Hypertension. Once you have it there is no cure except a lung transplant. After my wife died, suddenly, I found out that 50% of patients with Pulmonary Hypertension die with no warning. Please encourage your friends and family to get their sleep apnea treated before it leads to further problems. - Shalom
  12. I used to snore like a freight train and would wake myself up. The first night I used a CPAP I felt like I was 10 years younger because I finally got a good nights sleep. It helps me when I get a good nights sleep.That depends on many things... like me going to bed at a regular time to allow my body to get enough rest. - Shalom
  13. I don't like taking meds either. Initially, I was prescribed Ativan. It is not a sleep aid but rather calms the mind so I could sleep. Now I use therapeutic grade essential Lavender oil. One drop right under my nose just before i go to sleep. you can also get a diffuser for the room you are sleeping in. . I like the Rose oil too as it is both calming and improves my mood. I hope it works for you. I found them on Amazon. - Shalom
  14. Sometimes, when life gets unbearable, i pray, "Lord, please lessen the burdens and lighten the load because I am not handling like these other people say that I should. Abba, help me I pray! I pray that many times for this vessel is weak and God is strong enough to handle it. ... Just my opinion... - Shalom"
  15. I never once thought of shaving my legs!... or anywhere else other than my face.