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  1. I visited my Dad and shared dinner this afternoon. He told me again that I didn't have a family like my sister with her two children and four grand kids. This is beginning to bug me.... I went to a viewing tonight of a good friend's oldest brother. The funeral is tomorrow. ...and today marks 2 & 1/2 years, (30 months) since my beloved Rose Anne died. Shalom
  2. Still not adjusting

    Hi, Stephh123, Welcome to the place none of us volunteered for. It is a warm and welcome place. What you describe is much of my first year of grief. Although the circumstances may be different, I can completely relate to what you say. Unfortunately, the "Everyone says it gets easier" are not the ones going through this deep grief and loss. over time the intensity of your grief may lessen but none of us are "normal" or the same. The profound love you have for your Mom is now expressed in your grief. We fellowship and learn from this group, MartyT, and many friends share tools to help us to deal with our changed life. Your coming here is a first step in helping you deal with what you have been facing this last year. By sharing my pain and grief here, I have come to learn and cope with it. You can learn too!. There will be more people responding and here for you. You are not alone in this. We understand. Please come back often. It has helps me tremendously to have a place to go where people really understand this grief and loss of our loved ones. - Shalom, George
  3. It just keeps getting worse

    Unfortunately, it is not just the doctors.The system is tweaked so the doctors only have a few minutes with each patient. Otherwise, they are judged by their proficiency, efficiency, and it affects their income and livelihood. I have several Doctor client who have chose to "OPT OUT" of the major health care system so they can treat their patients with genuine care and concern. My heart is sad that you had to experience this. It makes grief and loss much more difficult to deal with. - Shalom, George
  4. Sometimes, Life just throws curve balls. I visited my Dad last night and brought dinner. He is doing reasonably well. We are still waiting on the test results from last week's kidney biopsy. My Dad told me that he left his home to my sister because she has a family and I was never married??? What? I said, "Dad, we were married for twenty five years". He said, "Yes, but you didn't have any children". In the past, he told me that he made my sister the Executor of his will ( I used to be). I didn't think it bothered me ... but it does. The weather has cooled down to the 80's and is more manageable. My way of eating is still on track and steadily losing about 1-2 lbs a week. I need to go find some smaller clothes - Shalom
  5. I didn't know either. I was guessing Toshiba & Sony computers!... lol
  6. This phrase, "STAY STRONG" is one of the most baffling expressions I've heard early in my grief journey. I still don't comprehend what it means. I'm sure people mean well but I am definitely not strong. I draw strength from Jesus Christ because my flesh is weak and that is my way through this grief journey. Each of us needs to find our own path. Mary Beth, what you write is very insightful. I will ponder it for you may have answered a long nagging question I have had about this phrase. Thank you for sharing. My thoughts and prayers continue for you as you travel this journey. - Shalom, George
  7. Dave, I believe love has no bounds or time restrictions. Whether it is 7 months, 7 years or 70 years, the intimate bonds we cultivate bring us together and keep us together. The only way I survive is trying to live in today. One day at a time. Grieving is a process that will take a lifetime. MartyT, is teaching us to learn, cope, adapt, and grow through this grief journey. I am learning how to take care of myself as well as I took care of my wife, and her mother. I still miss my wife, Rose Anne, every day. Over time, I've realized she is just a part of my heart. I still have those grief triggers and thoughts, and life moments. I strive to remember all of the wonderful times we did have together. Those memories will far outlast the shock and awe of her sudden and unexpected death. I am still working on accepting life as it is now and not how I want it to be. Most days, I can breathe again and i have a hope and a future and a few goals. Learning to move forward on this grief healing journey. - Shalom
  8. Fortunately, my work is INSIDE an air-conditioned home. I did an estimate on Tuesday in home with no A/C. It was so hot and humid that it was difficult to breathe. My car A/C doesn't work. I found out that the clutch fell off of the compressor so I need another one. I have endured the heat for three months now but it is really hot in the car. I have a little fan that plugs into the cigarette lighter. kayc, I've been praying for you and all in Washington State. It is so unseasonably hot. My electric bill went up 40% due to the high temps (on budget billing). The power company suggested I setback the thermostat to 80^ when I leave my home for work but my home wouldn't cool down enough to sleep at night if I did that. - Shalom
  9. Life Update: My Dad's kidney biopsy was yesterday and he is at home resting comfortably. The results will be in next week. My Car failed inspection last week and needed repair $750. Thankfully, I have a "rainy-day fund" for events like this so there is much financial peace. I had lost 35lbs previously but was in a stall for quite awhile. In two month's following this KETO lifestyle, I have lost 30lbs, 4 inches in my waist, and many other wonderful changes. I plan to continue to follow this healthier way of eating and living. Now I need to go buy some smaller clothes... Work is busy this week. It is still extremely warm here. This month (16th) will be 2 & 1/2 years Since Rose Anne died. I'm still dealing with it and trying to move forward. Life is so different now. Shalom
  10. Kay, My heart and prayers are with you. It is devastating when the Doctors don't see or are fearful to stand up for what is right. Sometimes life just sucks. - Shalom
  11. New Changes to the Format on the Forum

    I was just trying o figure out this new system.. What is an "UPVOTE" ? I am clueless> i don't know what is an appropriate response. Facebook changed setting on me today, too? Today is one of those "challenging" days.
  12. I have been thinking about this biopsy procedure that is scheduled for my Dad. It is to determine if it is cancer. My Dad has said many times that he does not want to go through radiation, chemotherapy, or dialysis. I called my sister to discuss options yesterday and she only had a "short window" to talk yesterday with all of her scheduled activities. I don't believe it is necessary to put my Dad through such a procedure given his decline in health and limited treatment options. When I brought up some questions for us to discuss my sister got very defensive and hostile in her tone. She is convinced she is right and will be able to talk Dad into doing whatever she thinks is best. My Dad is in such a confused mental state that he would probably just follow what she wants. My sister and husband is leaving for another two week vacation to see her son/two grand kids this afternoon. I don't have peace about this whole situation.... This is why families grow apart. - Shalom
  13. I visited my Dad last evening and brought dinner. It is the first time i have ordered fast food since I switched to this way of eating. I ordered two Whoppers. One without the bun and asked them to use the lettuce leaves as a wrap. The cashier seemed puzzled but said they could do it. When I arrived at my Dad's and checked our dinner... I was very surprised. In a big box marked " SWEET.SYRUPY. STACKS." I opened it to fine one dried out hamburger patty with shredded lettuce sprinkled on top. No condiments.. nothing. Fortunately Dad's sandwich was okay. I chuckled for the longest time... I also bought another used computer to install and get operating so he can check his e-mail and banking. He was very pleased. I will try and fix his other computer later. My sister took Dad to the kidney doctor for the evaluation of all of Dad's additional tests. The doctor said that he was puzzled by the test as nothing showed up abnormal except the high protein loss. August 2nd, the doctor will do a biopsy of the kidney. The doctor suspects it is possibly some type of cancer. Dad will stay in the hospital overnight for observation. It is blazing hot out here. Another heat advisory tomorrow as the the heat index is expected to climb to 105-110. Life continues to march forward as I continue to miss my beloved, Rose Anne. This afterlife is surreal at times. - Shalom
  14. My father's ashes

    Laura, Thee is no time line on when this crushing pain will end. However, in time and working through grief it will lessen. You have been through much stress with job, selling Dad's home, accident, etc.. that it contributes to it. Then you have sisters that are not supportive either and your planning for this memorial. I know it feels like the initial shock of it all but I began to realize that I have been through this before and survived it and I will survive this too. It will lessen over time as you settle in and learn to both live and live with the loss. Your Dad is very proud of you for all you have done and continue to do. Focus on his love for you that manifested in his life. And we are with you in spirit and love. Feels are not always FACTS but they do point you in the direction of truth. You are already learning much about yourself in this grief journey. We all are as we learn, care, and share. - Shalom, George
  15. To Sleep Or Not

    I speak and Meditate on Philippians 4:6-7 " Be anxious for NOTHING. by prayer and supplication make your request to God and the Peace of God that passes all understanding will guard your hear and mind through Jesus Christ". Almost twenty years ago, God healed my Acid-Re-flux disease from memorizing and repeating this prayer. After six months, I noticed, I no longer needed the medicine or the antacid tablets anymore. Every time I am anxious and upset, I strive to remind myself of this. "Cast your cares on God for he CARES for you". God loves it when we ask Him for help according to His Word. Yes, I still worry at times, but I strive to do it less and less. "Lord I believe, Help my unbelief!" - Shalom