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  1. I made enchiladas and shared them with my Dad this evening. He sure appreciated the company. My sister usually has him over for dinner on Sunday but she is out of town. My Dad reminisced about his early work life, and meeting, marrying, and sharing their lives together. He said, "When I met your Mom I just knew she was the one. Although we came from two different living environments (Dad-farming, Mom-city raised) we had so much in common and we really understood each other.!" They were married 51 years. It is good to share time with my Dad now. - Shalom
  2. Thank goodness I am off tomorrow. I worked to the point of exhaustion. My body is still adapting to this different way of eating. I had an intense urge to eat a high carb meal that would have set me back. I was sorely tempted when I cried out o God to help me resist as I didn't have the strength. He granted my prayer and gave me a surge of energy and a changed mindset. I was able to cook and eat. I realize I have been using food for more than fuel for my body. I need to plan ahead for times like this so I'll have ingredients prepped and a few meals prepared in advance. I am thankful for the extra work but my body is getting older and my left shoulder is still giving me trouble still. I have been interviewing someone for a possible hire. It looks promising so far. - Shalom
  3. Thank you. I call my Dad daily and my sister can also tell by their home security system log that he is checking on the cat. My sister has another two vacation trips planned this summer; for one week and two weeks. I think she is reconsidering the two week trip.
  4. No. I still have two more days for this special job; Saturday and Monday. The work is harder physically but I seem to have some increase in energy to work. Today and Friday, I have my regular clients. My sister and her hubby left for five days in Florida. My Dad drove them to the airport. Returned to feed their cat and check the mail. Today's temps reached in the 90's with high humidity. I visited my Dad this evening, brought a healthy meal to share and a home grown tomato ( a client gave me) and avocado. ( My Dad was not able to put in a garden this year with his medical issues.) He enjoyed the meal and the company. He forgot I was coming over today despite me reminding him yesterday and this afternoon. His eyesight is improving after the cataract surgery. This food plan is working for me. I'm not hungry and I'm dropping lbs and inches. And I'm not craving foods like I have on other food plans. I am hoping my shoulders will start to improve soon. It's time for sleep again. - Shalom
  5. Six hours, to hand scrub top to bottom a master bathroom. Another 4 hours to clean another two bedrooms. I'm tired.
  6. No. It's a clean up to get the home ready for rental. It is a lot of heavy, deep cleaning,... mildew, mold, and rust.... Well water. I welcome the work.
  7. My father had a good Birthday and Father's day celebration. I am dealing with and accepting my sister how she is and how she perceives this situation. Life continues to march forward. Everything is on track and does not seems to interfere with her summer travel plans. She is training my Dad daily to make sure he care take care of her home and cat when they are away. I picked up a large cleaning job today that adds three more days of work to my schedule . I am adjusting to this LCHF way of eating and discovering new things about food and my body. I don't get hungry unless I eat too many carbs and then that triggers my food cravings. It is a different sensation that I no longer desire the foods i used to crave. I am keeping my food plan simple and easy. I have more energy and seem to be better focused. - Shalom
  8. Blessing and peace Steve & Patty. - Shalom
  9. DaveM, Your writing about growing a beard reminded me that at my wife's prompting eight years ago, she asked me to grow a beard in the winter. So I had two different looks. My wife would run her fingers through my beard.. I forgot about that. I had the beard when my wife died. Shortly after, I shaved it off and haven't grown a beard since... She can no longer run her fingers through my beard... sigh... The things we remember. - Shalom
  10. mbbh, Welcome to the group none of us wanted to join. However this is a great, safe, and wonderful place,to share, learn, and grow through your grief journey. Nothing does take the pain away. Your grief is another expression of the love you have for your beloved husband, John. It is a painful realization for me that now we are not "we". The words, widower, single, are all painful reminders of what I have lost; we all have. My wife and I were married 25 years; together almost 26 years. It is one day at a time; holding on, hanging on and learning how to breath again. You are not depressed; you are grieving and that is okay. The intensity of the pain will diminish and you will gradually learn to integrate the grief - Shalom, George
  11. Congratulations, Laura. I am happy for you. Relax and enjoy it. - Shalom
  12. Ditto, I tried to post but it just vanished. I recommend two books: Attached: The new Science of Adult Attachment and how it can help by Amir Levine & Rachel Heller Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend Shalom
  13. YES. We review and examine every event, every memory. To find some reason to explain why our loved one died. It is very common. We are searching for reasons why they died and if somehow we can blame ourselves. guilt (gĭlt) ► n. The fact of being responsible for the commission of an offense. See Synonyms at blame. n. Law Culpability for a crime or lesser breach of regulations that carries a legal penalty. n. Remorseful awareness of having done something wrong. According to the definition of guilt, you could only be charged with "loving your Mom". She probably thought it was so nice to see you. Please give yourself permission to grieve. This is painful. Most of us are not taught about grief and how to deal with it. This place is a safe and accepting place to express what you are dealing with. You are not alone. The feelings you have are not necessarily the FACTS. I have discovered they point me to truths I need to learn about myself and this grief journey. This place has saved me in the darkest of days and these folks here understand and have compassion. Take care. - Shalom
  14. Isn't ObamaCare great!.... not. My deductible is $6,500. I can not afford to go to the doctor. I need to get my eyes examined but afraid they will find cataracts.
  15. I felt the same way about Mother's Day. A constant reminder that she is not here to express my love for her. Shalom