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  1. Maynard, I pick up these grief tools in many different places. I have read at least a dozen books, and many articles that are available here by MartyT, and all of her resources. I also started reading some of the first posts in this forum from several members to see how they cope with grief. You are welcome to read mine. "Shock and Awe" posts. It is a gradual day by day process. I listen to others here and try them and see if it works for me. Everyone is different. I like to journal because it is just like talking to my wife and sometimes I am comforted by it. I had trouble breathing and sleeping initially. Suggestions here help me o seek help to get good sound sleep to repair my body. Grief takes a lot of energy. A grief therapist specializes in grief. I found a grief toolbox website. I just did much searching for answers. I prayed when I could. I strive to live in today. Projecting about tomorrow sets me up for pain. When the feelings come, I just let them flow. I try to remember all of the good times my wife and I shared a life together. I am thankful to know she loved me and she knew I loved her more each day. If I can remember more I will post for you. -----Shalom, George
  2. Yes, I watched it. It was both surreal and sad. I remember a very dark period in my life many years before I met my beloved wife, Rose Anne. Feelings can be very dangerous things when not comparing to the actual facts. Grief can really mess with our emotions. I have had a very rough month on many levels. My feelings tend to spiral down. Now I recognize it and use the tools I learned to help me see a different perspective. FEELINGS point me in the direction of facts but they are not always FACTS. When I feel invisible, I need to get out of my comfort zone and smile at a stranger, say high to a passer by; ask for help/directions. Call/visit a friend. Go do something that is new and different. Go help someone, be a friend. Everywhere, even here, is a real world. With MartyT and this forum, we have found a way to communicate our grief to like-minded souls and help each other on their grief journey. Our hope really comes from something greater than ourselves. Higher Power, Cosmic Consciousness, God. Whatever you want to call it. I am a weak vessel but God can use weak vessels to display His great power. There is a reason and purpose in each of our lives and we affect people that we are not even aware of. I ask myself," What am I supposed to be learning from this grief?" I am learning to take care of myself, physically as well as I took care of other people in my life. I review my gratitude list often. What is my passion? How can I live fully in today? Today's Scripture... "Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything of praise, think about these things." (Phil 4:8) Seek out your hope that is greater than yourself. - Shalom
  3. KathrynIrene, My heart goes out to you. I remember that first month of grief so well. I was in a state of shock for a long time. Fortunately, I found this safe haven were other people understand and help. It felt like my entire stable world was all shook up. Writing here, reading different posts and learning about grief and how to cope with it. Seek out a grief counselor, ask questions here, share what is going on. I find journal-ling helps me to write down my thoughts. I encrypt the files so only i have access. I listen to suggestions here like get more sleep, eat healthier, move, breath and take care of myself. Your role is to find what brings you peace and learn tools about how to deal with the sudden loss, "Shock and Awe" of your mom passing. I pray for you the peace that passes all understanding and that you will find it. - Shalom
  4. Darrell, What you share is common and I notice that it happens to me from time to time. I just passed twenty two months and find myself in deep reflective thought. I still cry, have grief bursts, and my heart aches for my beloved. This month it seems to be deeper, more subtle, and private. I find my moods also affected, by sleep, food, exercise, work, interactions, and just the daily singular frustrations of life. disappointments, reducing income, hostile people, and losing hope for a newly rediscovered passion. Life continues to march on but it seems more challenging and I seemed to have lost my rudder and guide. I know this is a temporary setback but it FEELS bad. I do have hope for tomorrow for we are promised new grace every morning. "It rains on both the just and the unjust" ... common grace... - Shalom
  5. Hi, BethAnnF, All that you write and share is normal in grief. I was in shock when my Mom died and now over nine years later I still remember vividly her dying. Your Mom's passing is so new and fresh. I am sorry for your profound loss. Your thoughts and feelings are normal and understandable. This is a safe place to come and share. MartyT, and many others will come and offer suggestions, and hope. You are not alone in your grief. We are all on this journey. - Shalom
  6. I can relate in that my wife went through some challenges with PCOS ( Poly Cycstic Ovarian Syndrome), Hashimotos,etc... missed periods, etc. She was put on Birth control in her teens to help treat Acne?? In her mid forties. We lost insurance coverage so we couldn't buy the medicines. Within three months, she had regular cycle until her menopause in mid-fifties. I am doing some personal health research that may be of benefit to you. Check this out and do a search for Peri-menopause. You are welcome here. This place is a safe haven for all of us who grief our love ones. Feelings are not always FACTS but they do have a purpose and can point us toward what we need to learn, heal, and grow. - Shalom
  7. I couldn't find the post so I don't know if I could relate or not. Even if I don't I can still listen, share, and care. We all proceed on this grief journey differently and at our own pace. It is not a marathon, or even a race. In my early months, I was in such utter and complete shock that I couldn't fully comprehend what happened. as a caregiver and my wife sudden and unexpected death sent reverberating shock waves through my soul and psyche. I miss my beloved wife, Rose Anne, each day. I am physically alone most of my work day, evenings, and weekends. That is just what life is now. I hope you can share whatever is on your mind and heart. This forum has helped me in so many ways to learn, deal with, and manage grief... a moment at a time. I pray you find peace and a safe have for your grief and loss. People here understand the profound loss unlike most of the outside world. - Shalom, George
  8. Maryann, great news. I am glad you can pursue your goals and dreams. Good boundaries are a challenge, especially with family. My sister is trying to pressure me to do something that makes her feel better but is not really necessary. It feels good to say no. Keep on keeping on. - Shalom, George
  9. Truly magnificent words. yes, this grief is an ongoing process. - Shalom
  10. Welcome back. We missed you. I pray your health and financial situation improves. - Shalom
  11. Yes. Most people do not grasp the severity of your loss and grief. Fortunately, people here do and share with each other to help deal with the grief and loss. It is okay to cry even though you may not be accustomed to it. Tears are a release valve and actually aid the body in some relief. There are no set rules for grief. We each discover what works for us. I have cried many times.... it's okay. Some do some don't. Praying you will be comforted with peace. Come and share as we help each other on this grief journey. - Shalom, George
  12. beyond words,... praying. Shalom
  13. Welcome, Maynard. This place is a welcome respite in dealing with grief and loss. My wife died suddenly 2 years and two months ago and this place has helped me tremendously in dealing with it. Loss of identity, self, us,... widowed, single,... all labels to try to describe who we are now. MartyT, has great resources, and many people here on various levels of their grief walk. It is not a race to finish or master but rather to learn to deal with and cope. I am glad you found us and hope you will stay and share when you are able. - Shalom, George
  14. lightworker506, Welcome. your sharing helps other people in your situation that may not even be able to express> Growing up is hard. I blamed my father for many of the problems in my life growing up. It took a few years and some counseling to unravel some of life's complexities. The definition of guilt is ... a remorseful awareness of having done something wrong. But at the time you did not know what you do now. We tend to put such undue expectations on ourselves. when we did not know what we did not know then. It is okay to ask forgiveness now to her and also forgive yourself. Please be kind to yourself. This experience will change you. Death changes all of us in ways we couldn't imagine. Relax. Breathe... and notice your other relationships in your life. And determine what you learn from this experience and apply to the other people around you. Grieving is a normal and natural process. Much of the world ignores it. Here we embrace each other, share the grief walk and how we can support each other as we move forward each day. It is not easy to deal with grief at any age but there are tools, articles, that MartyT, and many others will come in and share to help. Please know that you are not alone- Shalom ,
  15. Praying for peace, comfort, and forgiveness for Todd Heap and his wife... Shalom