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  1. Butch,. Thanks for the pics. Hope your whole family feels better. 3 months is a long time for Katie, but that's what she has to do.
  2. Mitch, I do not think that I am even hoping for happiness. Just less pain and misery. Al and I were two old folks trying to enjoy the rest of our lives. Now it is just me struggling through. Everything is so different. I had problems with the phone company today and was wishing so bad that Al were here to take care of things. I think I will just lose $150. Just do not have the energy to fight them anymore. So many areas in our life where their loss is felt. More important is their absence. Want to see, hear and touch them.
  3. Gwen This life sure is lousy most of the time. I miss Al so very much and you are one understands what we go through. I try to be positive, but it sure is hard. I tried to volunteer, but that fell thru. So many times I just want to talk to him and ask him what he thinks about things. Some days I go thru the whole day without seeing anyone. Thank God for the phone! I have 2 sick friends, so I try to see them every week. Wish I had more encouragement, but just know that I am thinking of you and hoping things get better.
  4. Al had 2 good friends, who were also very handy. They liked making and fixing things. I had one of his friends come over a few weeks ago and take some of his tools. Today the other one came. He took a fancy ladder, heat gun, sander, planes, tree saws, canning jars, other canning supplies, TSquares, pipe bender, etc. I am glad they went to Al's friends, but I felt bad that I gave it away. It felt like I was giving Al away. There is so much more to do, but at least it is a start.
  5. Good to know things are improving. Welcome back.
  6. Mitch, Lots of work, but it sure looks great! Good job.
  7. Marg, I am much more selfish. I do not want to outlive the dog. Can't go thru that pain again.
  8. Mbbh, T his is such a hard road we are all on. Please know we are here for you and will listen to you and truly understand. My Al has been gone for 20 months and it is still so hard to carry on without him.
  9. Gwen, It is so hard to switch doctors after many years. I expect mine will be leaving soon since he is at least 68. And all those things that we now have to do alone. I was trying to get rid of some of Al's tools, but only one friend came. The other one never got back to me. What brand of Alert Button did you get? My brother said he has a paper comparing them but I will not see him for a few weeks. It is very interesting that all I wanted at first was to be with Al. Now I am afraid and want an alert button and care about my doctor. Strange.
  10. Kaybee , Great to feel useful. Have not felt that way for a long time. I doubt at my age that I could get a job.
  11. Great news, Kay! I went in to the doc yesterday for ski things, also. On face, around waist and on chest. AND generally itchiness. He said mine were ok, also. Switched blood pressure med and gave me ointment and pills for itch. Now we are ready for the next challenge.
  12. Such a beautiful tribute! Thanks for letting us see it. Gin
  13. Kevin,. Somehow I missed the picture. Where can I see it?
  14. Patricia, Glad you found your way to this site. Hard to find "me" and not "we". Sorry you had to come here, but we are welcoming and understand your pain. We are all there.
  15. Thinking of you Marita on this special day. My previous husband took his life and it took me at least 5 years to get back to living. I wish we had a magic wand and could make the pain go away. Al was the best person I ever knew. I can not do things that were "our" things. Different things I can do because there are no memories. Thoughts and prayers are with you. Gin