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  1. Gwen, So do I. Terribly.
  2. DanyGreen, So sorry to hear of your loss. I can not speak from experience since I had no young children when my husband died. I would imagine that it would be very hard on your son because he has the added problem of going through adolescence. I am sure others here who have young children will shed more light on this. So glad you have a grief counsellor to help your family. This is such a hard road to travel.
  3. Marg, Your Daddy sure looks happy on his motorcycle....and he wore a helmet!
  4. Gwen, Marg and Dave, I think that is it. Some people just do not love as deeply as others and really do not get it at all! I am still amazed at it.
  5. When I was talking to Al's friend about taking Al's tools, he asked me if I was going to bars to look for someone. I never went to bars AND I am not looking. I told him that I had the best and did not want anyone else. He said he was just kidding. Before he hung up, he asked again. I sure do not think it is funny. Why would someone even ask that? He knows how heart broken I have been. Just do not understand some folks. And this was Al's friend!
  6. Al did a lot woodworking and had lots of tools. My son-in-law came over today and took a few things. Then he took other stuff out and photographed it. I the sent the pics to a friend of Al's and asked if he wanted anything. I need to send it to another friend. I am happy they will be put to good use by one of Al's friends. However, now I feel bad that I am giving his things away. He loved his woodworking projects! I am being foolish, but I still feel bad. This is such hard work!
  7. Marita, Your life with Gord sounded so special. I am sure your mare is so important to you AND a great comfort! I want so much to honor Al, but I honestly don't know how. We adored each other and spent every moment together. We were together 16 years and went to 600+ plays and concerts. A lot of time was spent in hospitals and doctors. He loved the garden, which I have given up. Maybe that is something I can do this year. I am happy for you that you have that bond with Gord thru your horse. Gin
  8. Marge, I can not do things, go places, etc. that WE did. I refuse to ever go to another play. That was what WE did. I joined a book club. which WE did not do. No more concerts. No more music. Great life I am living? I wonder how he would be doing in that regard if I had gone first. No matter. This is me and this is how I feel.
  9. Cookie,. So very sorry for another loss for you. We had our dog until he was 17, but I still mourned for him a long time. My dear Al was sick for a long time and suffered a lot. I think he went through horrible surgeries just so we could spend a few more years together. No matter how they leave, slow or quickly, it hurts so much. I wish you some kind of comfort in the weeks to come.
  10. Patty, Sorry you are going through so much stress!
  11. Nightwinds, This is the hardest thing any of us has to do. The loneliness, isolation, fear and having nothing to look forward to seems overwhelming. My husband was so sick the last year that I would not go anywhere if he did not come with. Poor Al had to go to my dentist with me because I was afraid to leave him alone. We are here for you and I know you will find this place a comforting and safe place.
  12. Maynard, So sorry for he pain you are experiencing. This is such a hard road for all of us. It is good you came here. I am sure you will find a lot of comfort and understanding here. I still feel like my husband died recently (18 mos) and it also seems like forever since I saw him. When you are ready, please feel free to tell your story. Gin
  13. Butch, Just to let you know we are thinking of you and the very stressful day your whole family is going through. My prayers are with you. Gin
  14. Kaye, So sorry to hear about your daughter's problems. I am sure she is devastated. And you, too.