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  1. Wishing you and Steve only the very best. We care about both of you. Don't be strangers to us.
  2. George, Thanks. I really believe this but sometimes I need to be reminded.
  3. Wishing you well, Kay. Are you having cataracts removed? I am putting off having mine done. There is some issue with the cornea and I do not want corneal implants. Have an appointment in a few weeks. I will have a list of questions after I investigate this condition. Glad your pets being taken care of.
  4. Marty, I so want to honor Al's life, but I honestly do not know how.
  5. Ana, so very hard to accept the loss of our loved one. And YES we are so different now. Hard to recognize our old selves. As sick as Al was, I never expected him to die. He had been thru so much and always pulled thru. It is a hard road we are all on. Thinking of you, Ana.
  6. Patty, Thinking of you and hoping things go well for you in court next week. This whole grief thing is so very hard, along with legal issues!
  7. I was thinking today that Al was "luckier" than me. He had me to dote on him and take good care of him. I have no one like that when I need it. I guess "lucky" is not the right word.
  8. Gwen, I think flooding is not unusual. I go thru days where all I do is cry. Every place I go reminds me of Al. Everything I do we did together. My big outing this weekend was going to the drugstore. I had cried so much that I had to wait awhile so my eyes were not that puffy. It sure is hard, Gwen.
  9. Karen, I am not a southern gal, but I am old. Does that count? We all have to stick together to survive this horror.
  10. Gwen, sure hope things turn around for you soon!
  11. Marg, I am not doing too well today, physically and mentally, so I am not too clear on what you are saying. Are you thinking of leaving this forum?? Sure hope not. We care about you and sure enjoy your word salads. My thinking and feeling are certainly in line with yours. Billy and Al left within a few weeks of each other and you are one of the first I spoke with here....about guilt. Tell me that I am all messed up and that you are staying with us. Your humor gives me much needed laughs. I told someone the other day about your concern for Billy being in the hot car. Stay with us.
  12. The weather here is getting better, but I can not get excited about it. It is still dark and gloomy around me. All the tv weather people seem so happy and think everyone feels the same. I could care less. What difference does it make when you are alone and really do not care to go anywhere? I wish I could be happy about anything. It just isn't happening. I am grateful that I do not have to shovel. I think I need to get knee shots again. Sorry, I just seem to be grumpy about life right now.
  13. Another garden being neglected here. Al loved to work in his garden. We had so many beautiful flowers, lots of veggies, a flower tower and lots of moon flowers. Notice I said HAD. Why bother.
  14. Butch,. Praying for you and your family.
  15. Gwen, Understand how rotten you feel. I have so little people contact. It can be such a lonely life on top of not having the one person you yearn for. Hope you are feeling a little better physically.