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  1. This weekend was the big Air and Water show in Chicago. Al and I went to see it 3-4 times. He loved it. All the hype about it reminds me of the good days now past.
  2. Healing

    Tom,. I am not at that point yet, either. I can conjure up MANY happy memories, but it makes me so sad that they will never be again.
  3. Healing

    Tom,. Pointless is the word! I went to the health club this morning and had to hold back the tears several times. Al had to exercise because of all the medical problems he had and I always exercised with him. Came home and figured I have to "kill" around 12 hours. Made a list. Read for an hour. Knit for an hour. Balance my checkbook. Water plants on patio. All regular things, but without Al they mean nothing. Only 8 more hours.
  4. And I am in my late 70s and finding new friends is almost impossible for me. I try to be friendly, but you are right..People are comfortable in their own lives. I have a few good friends and I am grateful for them. I doubt I will increase that number.
  5. Joyce, i wish you some peace today. I know how hard these days are. As you said, even the regular days are so tough without our soul mates. Gin
  6. I have been getting rid of old VHS videos and realized our wedding video is missing. I have been panicky about it. I went through the bag of tapes that I was giving away and it is not there. It was not a great recording, but at least I could see Al alive and moving. I can not believe I could have lost it!
  7. Kay,. You are probably right, but there is SO much.
  8. Was trying to get rid of papers. Al had a bunch of stuff from the past. His late wife's cremation papers, old bank accounts and his cremation papers. Also papers from our last 2 trips to the Boardwalk and Nova Scotia. I saved a few, but shredded most of it. These things are so hard to do. It was like I was getting rid of Al. I am doing it to save my kids the trouble. Then again, maybe I should let them deal with it. Have to find something less sorrowful to do the rest of the day.
  9. Good to hear from you, Butch. Gin
  10. Kay, I am so sorry you are being treated that way. No more will I take my doctor for granted. If I say I NEED to see him, he will squeeze me in the same day. He is retirement age and I will probably be in your boat soon. Sure hope you find a good doc and get relief. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Gin
  11. Spent my second birthday without Al. He always made me a home made card and wrote a beautiful poem. I really got spoiled! He was unbelievably good to me. I was never treated so well. Did nothing special today...health club, monthly grief group and visited a friend in a nursing home. Going for dinner with some friends tomorrow.
  12. Marg,. It appears that Billy's birthday is the same as mine....only I am older.
  13. Kevin,. I am sure Atlas is copying you!
  14. Gwen,. I really relate to how you feel. I do not see many people and miss Al even more. He was really the love of my life. We adored each other and you cannot replace that. Cookie,. It is very hard to find new friends, especially some who will really care. I do not feel that I matter to many people.
  15. Eagle...so, so true. No one to throw anything to! Alone for everything! Gin