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  1. Nightwinds, as if every day isn't hard enough, your special days seem even harder. Beautiful picture, thank you for sharing. I know what you mean about was that life I had a dream, was he a dream. I'm a little over 21 months into this and I still feel that way every day. The only things of his that I have been able to move and get out of the house was all his medical stuff. I haven't touch one other thing, everything is still where he left it and I'm okay with that. I'm being told all the time to give his stuff away or throw it out, but for me, it's not time yet and I'm not going to until I'm ready and don't care if it takes me the rest of my life. Take care of yourself and sending you hugs. Joyce
  2. That was me yesterday, so I know exactly how you feel. Not having someone to talk with or cry with is really hard, but coming here does help. If I hadn't found this forum, I would probably be in an institution by now, so keep coming back, keep posting, the people here do care and it does help. Joyce
  3. Darrel, I have days like that too. No particular reason just really miss my Dale. You are right, I don't think this grief crap is ever going to end and it's because we did love our soulmates deeply and completely and I guess for that privilege that is the price we pay. We just need to keep on going until we see them again. Joyce
  4. Maynard, this is a time when we can feel rejected very easily. Sometimes people just don't know what to say, especially me, even though we do know what you are feeling, the best we can do is show that we read your post with the reputation button, but that doesn't mean we don't know where you are coming from. Looking into a local support group is good, hope you can find one that suits you. Please continue to come here and post, this group has kept me going and even though I may not post much, I read everyday and appreciate this groups caring way. Joyce
  5. Darrel, my grandma use to say those exact quotes all the time too. The was another one that my mother used to tell me, since my mouth tends to turn down and I look like I'm mad or sad when I'm not, she use to tell me "just think that you are smiling and your lips will tend to go up, that you way don't look sad all the time". It was good advise, but right at this moment a little hard to do sometimes. Hugs Joyce
  6. Darrel, glad to see you back and so sorry you were/are having all those problems on top of dealing with this grief thing. It does seem to be never ending, doesn't it? Joyce
  7. Cookie, I'm so sorry for the loss of your fur baby. I can't imagine how hard that must be. You are in my thoughts and sending you hugs. Joyce
  8. Mitch I know exactly how you are feeling. I've been going through some major expensive things around the house and trying to make a major decision, so I get where you are coming from when you have to do this alone. Of course, if Dale were here, I wouldn't be having to make these decisions and he would have handled the things around the house. Hugs to you Mitch. Joyce
  9. I know exactly how you feel, your are in my thoughts. Hugs Joyce
  10. Kay, glad to hear your surgery is done and went okay. Take things easy and get the rest you need and hope your recovery goes quickly. Sending you big hugs! Joyce
  11. George so glad you and your family are safe. There is nothing more scary than weather situations. Take care. Joyce
  12. Gin, I'm so sorry you are having such a lousy day. Hope the plumber can get there today, you definitely didn't need that on top of the tooth. You are in my thoughts and hope you feel better soon. Hugs Joyce
  13. Kay, that sounds painful. You are and will be in my thoughts and prayers. Joyce
  14. Gwen and Kay, I feel the same way, that I must have made Dale up in my mind. I too, look at his belongings that says he was here and real, but yet it doesn't feel that way. It is so very difficult to get your brain and heart to work together and have the same feelings most of the time. If this was/is a dream.....I want to wake up!!! Joyce
  15. Marg - don't go, I need your word salads every day! Karen - I too am here every day, reading, but I don't comment much, but that doesn't mean I don't care and worry about every one of you. I consider you all friends that completely understand what I'm going through and I would be lost without any of you. I hope that we all can find some peace some day. Hugs Joyce