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  1. Darrel, it's good to see you are back and things are little better for you. Hugs, Joyce
  2. I don't blame you Mitch, I wouldn't want to another deck for a long, long time after working on that one!!
  3. Looks great Mitch, you want to come and do mine next??
  4. Mary Beth - so beautiful and you have said what I feel. Thank you, Joyce
  5. Marita, I know today will be hard and you in my thoughts and hope that you can find some peace today. Hugs, Joyce
  6. Gin, I completely understand how you feel. However, I am getting to the place (a little at a time) where some of my memories of Dale don't make me cry. Of course, more of them do than don't, but at least I'm getting very slowly where I can think of him and things we did and find some comfort. I'm sure that some day you will get there too. Hugs, Joyce
  7. Happy Birthday Tammy, I know today will be difficult Mitch, but I'm sure she is sending you her love. Hugs, Joyce
  8. Darrel, I am so sorry that this happening to you at this time, as if grief isn't enough to deal with. You will be in my thoughts and am hoping that things will change and get better for you. Hope to hear from you soon again. Hugs, Joyce
  9. Patty, what a beautiful letter and I know it will be difficult to leave and you are in my thoughts. I know with your move that you will do great there too, you show much determination and you will have wonderful support there. Sending you hugs, Joyce
  10. Happy Birthday George!! Also was glad to hear both your dad's and sister's surgeries went well and they are doing well. Hugs Joyce
  11. Good luck Gin, but I'm sure you will do fine. It is hard though having to do things without the support of our guys, it seems like everything I do now has become such a worry and a BIG task. Hugs Joyce
  12. You are in my thoughts and hope that you will find some peace and can find the good memories of your love today. Hugs Joyce
  13. George glad to hear your sister is doing ok and yes Happy Birthday Rose Ann! Joyce
  14. Yes Steve, I'm happy for both you and Patty. Joyce
  15. Ana, your are in my thoughts today, I know how hard these "special" days can be. Hope you can find a good memory that will bring you a little peace and a smile. Hugs Joyce