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  1. My Dear MBBH- I am so sorry to hear you have reason to join our group. The emotions you feel are so raw and so new. Seven months is such a difficult time. I understand you being there at this moment and will be there for a very long time to come. It sounds as if you are doing all you can at this time. Grief is such a challenge. You wrote of "We" and, for me, that was a difficult challenge. Since 1978 "we" were "BradnDeedo". It's been nearly twenty-three months for me and I am just starting to learn how to become "Brad" again. I can tell you this: It does get better. Someday, you will realize you went an hour, a few hours, maybe a whole day without crying. Someday, you will find yourself smiling or even chuckling for a bit. Someday, you may even find a modicum of peace with where you are and where you are heading. Until then, hold on. Until then, understand that the sorrow will never end, but you will find a way to find a future without him. I wish you peace. I wish you comfort. Brad
  2. My Dear Janka - I am so sorry we weren't able to get together. You live in a spectacular part of Europe by the way and I would have so much enjoyed meeting for lunch. I love your poems and choice of music. Brad
  3. Hello All, I'm back and am starting to settle back in. The trip was better than I ever hoped for. It was a journey Deedo would not have enjoyed as it was centered around all of my interests and passions like operas, concerts, museums, history, and churches; and walking and walking and climbing and more climbing. It was wonderful for me and allowed me to put my life in a different perspective; I hope. I met many wonderful, kind and caring people everywhere I went; eleven countries, seventeen cities. Once I catch up on my sleep and doctor appointments I'll participate more. Hope all is well and know that more than once I lurked in when I couldn't sleep. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
  4. Ana - I can't imagine going through what you face daily. You're right; the thirties are for building for the future, not facing the end of dreams. I want to believe that you will someday be strong enough to find genuine joy in what your friends are finding but then I also believe that it will always be tainted by what you lost. Espero que usted encuentre paz mi amiga. Brad
  5. Gin - What a nightmare. I personally believe that those of us who are struggling with intense grief should be exempt from all of the other miseries of daily life. I am so sorry! Brad
  6. Oh! Butch - I am so very sorry. Please share my condolences with your family. You and they have been through so much.
  7. AB, It has only been a few months for you. You are still so early into this journey. If I may, I'd like to caution you about second-guessing the past. What you did, you did because you were looking ahead. Your fiancé had health issues and you knew that the best thing you could do would be to create a stable environment. Otherwise, your actions were based on love and the best information you had. What was lacking was knowledge about the future. I don't know if "those things" are meant to bring us happiness but they are meant to bring us security. Happiness is found in sharing with others experiences that enrich our lives. At least that is what I've always found for me. Now we are missing that one special person life does seem empty and lonely. For my trip, I booked various operas, concerts, and musicals in the cities I will be traveling to. For each event, I booked two tickets with the hopes that I might be able to find someone on the tour who would like to go to an event with me. I did this simply because going alone sounds daunting. I want to share this with someone. My hope for you, today, is that you can be kind to yourself. You spent time concerned with your future and that isn't a bad thing. My marriage was about as perfect as any I have ever seen. We sailed through thirty-seven years without a hiccup. Deedo loved me and I her; unconditionally. And yet, if I allow myself, I regret the times I spent on the computer, reading, working in the yard; times that I wasn't worshiping her. But then these times were all part of who we were; they were also what made our relationship so unique.
  8. Cookie - Of course, you adored him and everything you did, you did out of love. I know from experience how difficult it is to watch someone you love so deeply suffer. Those last months, weeks, days, we were caregivers. We were doing everything in our power to provide love and comfort. You were providing CPR to keep him with you longer. I have guilt from those last days because I knew Deedo was dying and I hated so much to see her suffer; I hoped that she would pass in her sleep. It wasn't that I wanted to lose her, it was I wanted her pain and misery to end. The fact that you were fighting for his life indicates the depth of love and adoration you felt for John. Be kind to yourself, you did all you could and loved John deeply.
  9. Maryanne - My children are very protective of me but they don't call me when they get to work. My youngest son calls every day, either on his way to work or on his way home; depending on his schedule. My daughter will call most days, but not always, on her way home. My oldest will call sometimes weekly, sometimes a couple of times in a week. I would feel smothered if any of them called twice daily. I don't think Deedo ever called her mom twice every day. So to answer your question "Is that wrong?" In my opinion: nope; I think those feelings are fully justified, I do think that your relationship with her is more of a crutch for her. I understand your need to "stand on your own and face grief". If there is one thing I've learned is that although we all share this common denominator, each of us needs to face grief on our own. There is no consigning it to anyone else.
  10. For myself, it seems to be a bit of a conundrum; I maintain a sense of devotion and commitment to Deedo and yet I miss human contact. This forum is wonderful but it does not meet my need to have face to face interaction. As with many things I play mind games. I have a friend in the Valley. We go out for dinners together, we attend concerts and musicals together, we hike together; we are not dating. We are doing many of those things dating couples do but we are not dating. She is still married even though her husband left her in all ways but body over the past several years. He has Lewy Body disease and is in the final stages where he rarely knows she is there. In my mind, I am still married to Deedo. I still wear my wedding ring with hers on the pinky finger next to it. For me, it isn't as much a sense of betrayal. In Deedo's final letter to me, she wrote that she wanted me to grieve for a short amount of time but that she wanted me to find companionship. It is companionship I now find myself longing for. I am not looking for romance. I have no desire to marry again. I simply want someone to have a meal with; someone to share travel with, someone to go to a movie with.
  11. I've written before how I choose to believe I will be with Deedo again; it brings me comfort, and what that afterlife will be I haven't got a clue. I do know that my idea of an afterlife is not remotely close to traditional Judeo-Christian ideology regarding Heaven and Hell. I know this is a choice. If this life is all there is then once I die I will not know anything more, hence, I will not realize I was wrong. If Deedo and I are not together then I assume I will understand why and will be okay with that: or else I will not have any memory of her, not dissimilar to being born here on Earth, assuming there were possible prior existences. In either case, it is what it is and I will be okay. So I choose to believe that we are destined to find each other and travel together come what may.
  12. I was impressed with how compassionate Erin is. More than once she asked me if I needed a break to compose myself. I was concerned that my tears would make her uncomfortable but she was very warm and accepting.
  13. Marg - I leave in two weeks and will be gone for two months. I'll check back in when I return.
  14. I had a conversation a little while ago. I was talking to a couple and when asked how I was doing, I replied: "Some days better than others." He said: "At least you're on the right side of the dirt." My reply was I wasn't so sure. She then came up with the platitude about life being a gift to be treasured. For me, life was a gift right up until July 29, 2015, and since then it is a challenge. A challenge to find enough distractors to make it from the time I wake up until the time I fall asleep. And then it's a challenge to try to find a way to sleep. I do have times of joy and happiness. I am getting better at finding distractions: still, the time during the day is mostly spent in solitude when it is easier to remember why things feel so empty.
  15. AB3 and Dave - I've felt this way since I lost my wife. I would have fought tooth and nail (and did twice) to be there for my wife and kids. Now the kids are grown and my wife is gone so in many respects death is a respite and the next great adventure.