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  1. 55 Grief Coping Strategies by Mark Hendricks This list is not to be used to grade the way you’re doing grief. It can help you identify coping strategies you are already using and suggest others to consider. You don’t have to use all or any of them. If something seems like it might help, you could give it a try. That’s all. Just something to think about. Read on here >>>
  2. Yes, Anne, thank you. My copy came in the mail on Monday, and I am reading Joanne's book now ♥
  3. Some suggestions: Tips for Coping with Anniversary Reactions in Grief Grief Rituals Can Help on Valentine's Day (or Any Special Day)
  4. And that's the truth ♥
  5. Lots of information here, Patricia, since you say you're struggling with fear: Anxiety Attacks in Grief: Tools for Coping (including the Related Articles listed at the end).
  6. Darrel, it's good to know that your practice of putting one foot in front of the other brought you back here to us
  7. Wise words, Steve, and I thank you for sharing them with all of us. You're right about time. It's not time itself that heals us. It's what we do with the time. As you say, we need to go to the tool store and figure out what we need as unique individuals. And if the tool we happened to choose didn't work, we can try another, because there are lots of different tools to choose from. That's why your toolbox will be different from mine ~ and no one set of tools will ever work for everyone. ♥
  8. Oh Karen, I agree with you completely: I think Ron would have laughed at your comment. It's one of those precious moments that only the two of you had shared, and only Ron would have understood and appreciated that comment. I don't think it's terrible at all ♥
  9. No kidding! What a job! But the results are awesome, Mitch!
  10. Holy Toledo, Mitch! Just look at all those STAIRS! So much more than just a deck! Beautiful job! Well done! Pix are worth 1000 words
  11. Hi dear Amy ~ It's wonderful to hear from you again! Your blog post is so touching. I hope the day will come when you can put that warm, comfortable sadness coat in a closet and leave it there ~ if only for a little while. I'm not sure you'll ever be rid of the hurt, but I hope you can let go of the guilt, because you deserve every ounce of happy you can find. ♥
  12. That's exactly how I do it, ladies
  13. You are a true gentleman, Mitch, and I'm sure that lady appreciated your kindness. As for staining that big second story deck with stairs, I hope you'll accept a pat on the back for a job well done from all of us. Not nearly the same as its coming from Tammy, I know ~ but we're still proud of you, dear Mitch, and we think you're terrific! (How about sharing some pictures of that deck?!)
  14. There is no comparison, Kevin, and no one here is trying to make one. Divorce, like death, is unique to the person experiencing it, and what is true for you in your divorce experience may be quite different for someone else. If you read the article I mentioned in my post above, you will find the following statement: First, it is pointless to compare one person’s loss with another’s, or to argue whether one type of loss is “deeper” than another kind. Better to say that the grief associated with divorce is different from the grief experienced when a spouse dies, but it is still a death – the death of a relationship – and it still engenders grief.