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    Spirituality; Meditation; Nature; Bentley, my Golden Retriever Therapy Dog; People; Classical and Folk music; Watercolor; Reading; and most important-assisting others in many ways.

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  1. Hello mfh-I see you have a therapy dog...I have a therapy cat! They are amazing animals. I don't know how they figure out what their job is and how to do it, but they do. I also do watercolors, but I haven't been painting since my dad really went downhill and then died. I've been too flattened and disorganized. Hopefully I'll get going again once I get to summer break (in 47 days); it would be good for me to be painting flowers again. Meanwhile, Lena continues to see her people at both of her jobs, a SNF and an assisted living place; they need her.

    1. mfh


      Yes, Be tley is a certified therapy dog. He has cancer now and is on borrowed time so soon I will lose my buddy. I can not tell you how sad I am. As for watercolor, I started painting after my husbamd Bill died a d it helped me express my pain. I still paint but not as often. I am so very sorry about your loss of your dear Dad. I will hold you in my prayers a d heart. You will paint again, at the mome t that is right for you. In the mea time, take one day...one hour...at a time. I wish you peace on this difficult journey. Mary

    2. Clematis


      I am so sorry about Bentley-that must be so difficult to know that he is on borrowed time. Just imagining the anguish is painful. I love Lena so much-I cannot even imagine losing her, although I am very likely to outlive her.

      I had cats when I was younger, but became extremely allergic and asthmatic to cats and had to find my two cats new homes. When I said good-bye to my cat Mitten, I was devastated because I didn't think I would ever have a pet again. I would think I saw her out of the corner of my eye for years, and the sight of a pet store never stopped making me feel sad.

      But then I moved from polluted Tucson to a small town with clean air, and also had years of allergy shots. I was doing Twitter as a volunteer for the local humane society, sprucing up photos to make pets look more appealing-and adoptable. One day I was looking at local HSS pets to pick one or two to promote, I saw Lena's picture on the screen. I just knew she was my cat and I had to go get her.

      I knew in the 15 years since I said goodbye to Mitten that my cat allergy had improved, but I had no idea how much. It was definitely a risk, but without even thinking, I grabbed my car keys and set off to adopt her. I was a little worried in the first few days together, but it was fine. When I realized that I was actually going to be able to keep this marvelous animal and live with her, I was so ecstatic I wanted to share it-and her-with the world. That was the start and the core of how she became a therapy cat. And now, I am her primary client. I need a lot of therapy...