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  1. Gwen, do not feel like a loner. I stopped making progress a long time ago. I am simply resigned to the fact that this is probably what my life will be until the end. I suppose my only goal remains moving out of this area to the mountains someday which will be sad , in a way, because Ron loved the mountains. I guess that it is good to have a goal of some kind, but it doesn't help the loneliness or emptiness.
  2. Had a semi exciting afternoon on the way to the doctor for new scripts. A huge cargo van pulled out from a side street and sideswiped us. My son swerved to avoid the collision and we almost made it, but the van just kept coming across three lanes and caught the right rear quarter panel of the truck. The young man was very apologetic and said he just didn't see us. Robert took pictures and insurance info and we got a $2,000 estimate from the body shop. Called our insurance and the man's insurance and are awaiting a call from his adjuster. Nobody hurt at all, but it was a bit hairy seeing that big van coming at my door. LOL I do live a dreary life, but that isn't how I want to liven it up.
  3. Gwen, at a quarter a burden, I think we would need a bigger coin box.
  4. Marie, that is one of the hardest things to overcome. The "not having anyone to care as much". Although my son, grandson & I can recall & express our memories of my Ron, there is no one for me to recall my daughter with. My son was a baby when she left home & although he loved her because she was his sister, he barely knew her as she lived so far from us. Every time I see the cute little frilly girl clothes in a store, it reminds me of her, even though she would be 54 this year. I think she will always be my happy 3 yo in my heart.
  5. I am flipped upside down. I forget the things I need to remember and remember the things I want to forget.
  6. I watched "Justice League" last week. Loved it! I think we are reverting back to our childhoods. Maybe not a bad thing. Way less complicated.
  7. Marg, I wanted to watch this movie and also "Grace and Frankie", but discovered they are only on Netflix which is another expense I can't afford right now. Oh, well. I lean toward the older actors when I select a movie. Some of the new ones couldn't act their way out of a paper bag. Of course, there is Channing Tatum(now there's a hunk). Ditto for Woody Allen. Not my cup of tea. Politics aside, Redford & Fonda are excellent actors, IMHO. I love documentaries also. We are never too old to learn new things. Watched one at 4 AM about a couple who raised a polar bear from infancy. First one ever. Very interesting and entertaining. Sure beats staring at the ceiling reliving bad memories.
  8. KarenK

    My sister, Donna

    Kay, I am so very sorry. Thinking of you. Karen
  9. Fae, It is so nice to hear from you. I think of you often always with a positive note in your voice facing whatever life has burdened you with. You are a true inspiration. I hope you are well. I am still wandering in my own darkness, but a bit of sunlight comes through now and then. Peace to you, my friend. Karen
  10. Linda, What a handsome couple you are, and your little dog is precious! I am so glad she is there for you. I also adopted a Shepherd-Lab-Husky after my Ron left. She is mostly glued to my side. I lost Ron on 5-6-2013 and my daughter Debbie a year later, both to cancer. I still wander aimlessly through each day and night with a small hope that the sun will shine once again. Many people seem to work their way through this grief maze and resume life. Some of us have just been so blindsided that our pace is much slower. Some of us adapt less easily to this new, empty way of life. We are not yet able to "hitch up our britches" and get on with it. My hope is that some day we will be. Welcome to our group. We understand and we care.
  11. Gwen, it has taken me a very long time to not constantly relive Ron's death and worse yet, Debbie's. It is always worse at night, of course when all is relatively quiet. I cannot shut my brain off without medication, which bothers me to no end, but I cannot survive without sleep either. I spend all day every day in the family room where he died, but his spirit is no longer there. I have come to terms with the horrid fact of removing his life support, but there will always be those niggling doubts as to whether that would have been his choice. I know in my heart it was the only choice. It is more difficult to rid myself of the horrible visions of my daughter's death because she suffered so. I can never forget those words she said to me a couple of days before she left, "I just love life." That a higher power that she loved could hear those words and then reply with "Gotcha" is inconceivable and cruel to me, but that's another bag of worms I won't open........... I hope in time that you are able to find a small measure of peace that will grow. It is all that some of us have to look forward to. Love, Karen
  12. Fries would be good too! You don't realize how much you miss meat until you can't chew it. lol
  13. Son made it to the dentist and got antibiotics prescribed. A gum infection, all right. Will get cavity fixed next week. Grandson doesn't drive. We have no close friends or neighbors, just the two of us for driving. He is tough like his old man though and does what he has to. Have graduated to oatmeal. Would love a cheeseburger. lol
  14. KarenK

    Maui Pasta Arizona made it at last

    Congratulations, Patty & Steve! Menu looks delicious. Will try to make it in once I can eat again. Karen
  15. Kay, "drat" on the UTI! Not a strong enough word, I know. Have started getting those a couple of times a year. Hate it when our old parts start wearing out. I am alive and fairly well. Only needed stitches for one of the extractions. Only took about 3 hours for bleeding to stop. Am still in a lot of pain, but Oxy helps some. Have managed to eat pudding, milkshake, & yogurt. Looking forward to mashed potatoes & gravy later. lol Never fails in our crazy Murphy's Law family. My son has an abcessed gum, but was able to get a dentist appt. tomorrow morning. I know he is in a lot of pain, but can't take pain meds because of bad reaction. I believe I have mentioned that before. I can't even be much help and drive him. Am too groggy and can't drive. Life goes on.