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  1. TomPB, I went through these thoughts and feelings at about the same time.. Grief is not linear. I found my life drastically changed whether I wanted it to or not. Losing my identity, husband,best friend, mate, caregiver, etc... It didn't seem to affect other people as much as it has my life... a tearing of the heart and soul. As I continue on this grief journey, I also discovered some tools that helped me deal with this new and changed lifestyle. I still don't like it but I know I don't have the power to change it. Gradually, after sharing this pain heartache and grief, it somehow helps to get it out of my head. I have learned many things along this grief journey as you will to. There is a reason and purpose to all of this but I don't know what it is for you. My prayer is that you will find you path through the grief. You are welcome to read my earlier posts. I don't know if they will even make sense. I hope it helps someone else in this grief journey. - Shalom, George
  2. Season of Grief - Is this "A Thing"?

    When you are ready, look into a rag-doll cat. My client had one and he followed us around like dog, play catch,... very lovable. The reason they call it a rag-doll cat is that when you pick them up they go limp like a rag-doll.
  3. it's 85 with high humidity all week! I woke up this morning to find my refrigerator is NOT a refrigerator anymore!...It's more like a warm moist cave with a light. Thankfully I have another refrigerator to transfer all of the food to so I have not lost anything. I have picked up a couple more jobs to rebuild my emergency fund. Tomorrow I'm cooking a pot roast and vegetables to share with my Dad. Life definitely has its interesting moments and continues to move forward. - Shalom
  4. It is stressful.. You will need his 2017 W-2's. 1099's. or however he was paid. On the year of death you still file as a couple and when you sign the return write (Deceased and the date of death.) In 2018, change your deductions to just yourself if you work. and payroll will adjust the estimated tax withdrawals accordingly. (...my bachelors Degree was Business Administration and concentrated in Accounting). You can get good help from the IRS in filing your returns. My heart is with you. None of this grief work is easy. But I offer help if you have questions, I can usually find some good answers or lead you in the right direction. - Shalom, George
  5. unexpected loss of our beloved dog

    There is just no way to know everything. You are in shock and trying to figure out what you could of or should of done had you known. Many of us go through this feelings on many different levels. Your pictures express how much you loved each other.. completely and unconditionally. One of our beloved shelties, Simon had, congestive heart failure and told us that there was no predictor of how long he would live. We watched him and cared for him and he told us when it was time to let him go over the Rainbow Bridge. We were with him, looking into his eyes til his last breath. My wife died, while I was at work. I went through all of the same thoughts, "If only I knew, I could do something". I have learned that there are events in life that we do not have control over and that I need to accept my inadequacy of not knowing. It FEELS like GUILT but it is more like helplessness for me. I pray you will find Peace, Comfort, and Assurance in knowing that you did everything you could do at the moment and you both loved each other as best you could. You have a great heart to open your home and life to such special dogs. - Shalom
  6. Yesterday, I was invited to a couples home for lunch after Church. She made a low carb meal and had a good visit. She asked me," Tell me about your wife, Rose Anne, what was she like?" What a profound question in the two years and almost eight months since her death, NO ONE has every asked me that question. That is such a great question because no body does talk about our departed loved ones anymore! Good news... Stepped on the scale and weighed 250lbs... down 95lbs. Not so good news... My air conditioner broke and cost me $450 to get it fixed. Thankfully, I have an emergency fund for items like this. It is always good to plan for a stormy day even when it is hot and sunny. Shalom
  7. I agree. Saturday, my wife received a bill from one of her kidney doctor's collection company. She has 30 days to respond whether the bill is valid or it will just be assumed that it is. Two years and eight months after she died just how is she supposed to answer this inquiry. I dealt with all of the billing issues and death certificates as the bills rolled in. I really don't feel like dig out all of that paperwork again. I should have called them today but my air condition went out and it cost $450 to repair it. Temperatures are still 85-90 this week.
  8. I just lost my identical twin sister

    I am saddened by your loss. This is a safe place to share, grieve, and learn. The people here listen and care about you. Most people simply do not understand what you are going through. I'm praying for you comfort, healing, and peace through this. You are welcome to share, ask questions, rant, whatever helps you to deal with this grief. MartyT and others here, have some great resources to give you the tools you need to help you. I am sorry. My beloved wife passed away 2& 1/2 years ago and i'm still dealing with it. I was in such shock for a long time. This place listened and has helped me and many others through the grief and healing process. - Shalom, George
  9. Happy Birthday, Kay. I hope you can get your computer fixed soon. Have a blessed day! Shalom, George
  10. Mary Beth, Praying Peace, Comfort, rest, and restoration for you - Shalom {{{HUGS}}}
  11. I understand... My beloved wife and I met when we were both almost 33years old. My dream of living "happily ever after" into the sunset years of life with her were dashed to pieces on the hard rocks of life the day she died. There was no planning, thought, or preparation for this after life. The reality of this still sucks and I can't change it. I had a dream two nights ago... only the second dream I can remember since she passed. I dreamed that I was anxiously rushing to pick up my sweetheart from the airport. I hadn't seen her in awhile and I was so happy to see her. She was flying in on NATIONWIDE Airlines. I saw her glowing face and those beautiful eyes happy to see me... Then I woke up and realized there was no NATIONWIDE Airlines. Puzzling dream.. I still miss her deep in my soul. - Shalom
  12. I went to a preliminary meeting with the functional doctor. 1/2 hour drive, 15 minute consult where he recommends I get scheduled for a mass meeting (1 hour on Monday) where he explains what he does, etc, he may be able to help/maybe not?, He may accept me as a patient or not? Then another 1/2 drive back home. I didn't sleep well again last night. I am too familiar with the Funnel theory of bringing new clients to your business. I'm not just a number on a list. I don't have peace about this so I will continue my search. There is still more I can do on my own. I have made the dinner for my Dad and I to eat this evening and made deviled eggs for him. He is struggling more with short term memory. Yes KayC, the Las Vegas news hit hard. I worked with my uncle in Las Vegas for six months in 1993. One of my Aunts used to live there. It is hard to imagine a person is capable of such death and mayhem. The news media and politicians don't help either. Somber times. Butch and Gracie still on my heart and in my prayers. - Shalom
  13. Kevin, I am not a doctor nor do I play one in this Internet world. However, there are a few things I have learned in my studies and research. Grief affects me now even after 2 and 1/2 years. I make a lot of lists and sometimes forget to check my lists. I find I do better with regular time sleep schedule and allow myself enough time to wake up before my alarm sounds. I have also added 1-2TBS of Coconut oil to my food intake and it seems to help. Research the effects of low fat diets on memory loss. - Shalom, George
  14. A great website to learn about the thyroid is: www.stopthethyroidmadness.com. A plethora of information to understand and treat the disease. Environment, bread, water, chemicals, etc ... It all affects us in some powerful ways.