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  1. Gwen, It is a bittersweet place we are in now. I too, experienced much of what you write about. I was lonely and alone, my adult life until I met my wife when we were both almost 33. We truly did complete each other in so many ways. Our lives and heart intertwined for almost 26 years. Now this, afterlife is different. I strive to remember the good times and to minimize the bad. Neither of us perfect but seemed close to perfection. I am blessed to know such love and to be able to share it unconditionally with my beloved Rose Anne. Her name is hardly mentioned anymore except in my mind, conversations, and heart. I have gradually grown to accept ( as best I can) her death as the reality it is. Despite the trials of life, I was happy and content in life with her. Now I have to strive hard just to live each day. It is the price we pay for such deep profound love. - Shalom
  2. Loss of grandmother and mother

    I am numb just from hearing your double losses. . This place has helped me in those hours when I was in such shock and numb after my wife's sudden death. I would call a pastor or a grief counselor, and/ or a trusted friend to help you in this moment. As you continue, there are many helpful people here with tips, suggestions, and open ears and heart that are keenly aware of your loss. Try to get some good sleep and take care of yourself. This grief takes a lot of energy. Taking care of yourself is important to help you now. Welcome to the place that none of us volunteered but we come to share, listen, and care for each other in a supportive way. Please let us know how we can help you. Praying for peace and comfort for you - Shalom
  3. Katie, Allen has a right to be angry. I was in such shock when I discovered my wife was dead when I returned home from work. I too would have been very angry if I found my wife the way Allen found his father. As men, we are taught that we are in charge, in control, and to manage the situations of life. This is beyond unimaginable. Also, each person deals with anger and grief differently. Allen will find his way through this grief. He is not angry at you but at the situation. It takes time to deal with all of this. Ask Allen how you can best show him love and support. Continue to be the loving wife you have always been. Tell him what you need. MEN cannot read minds. We do much better with exact instructions. Hints don't work. Katie, to take the blame for Noah's death may FEEL right to you but it is not the FACT. The Fact is that things happen in life that is beyond our control. Unless you purposely killed Noah it is not your fault. I went through all of the scenarios when my wife died trying to find some way to blame myself. If I could of blamed myself, then I could understand why her death feels so bad. Alas, I did not and neither did you. Grief is painful, hurts and just plain SUCKS. But as the mother you did and continue to do the best you can for your children and family. As you mentioned, you had no choice when your children came to term. So continue to seek help and learn some tools that MartyT gives us and all of the other great people in this forum. We care about you, Allen, and your family. Our hearts, mind, and soul are with you. - Praying... Shalom
  4. Yes, true. In the tax world we somehow "revert" back to SINGLE but I will never be single again. I have always wondered about the word "Widower". It seems like the word was made up later after Widow. er interjection \ ˈə , ˈä usually with prolonged vowel , nonstandard ˈər \ Kinda explains how I feel most of the time now.... nonstandard. I'm still getting questions about when am I going to start dating again. I don't like being alone at times yet I don't want to sacrifice my peace and tranquillity just to be in a relationship... Besides, I'm still pursuing my goal of learning to fly. - Shalom
  5. Mitch, I fell the same way about my beloved, Rose Anne. She died 16 days before. The grief and pain is real. Believe me when I say, I understand. - Shalom
  6. It has been three years, and I have not even begun to go through my wife's clothes closet. I admire those people who have the energy and mindset to do it. Each of us is different. I don't believe there is a magical or "right" time. It is when you are ready to do it. I was able to donate my wife's makeup (I'll never use), the medical supplies, equipment, wheelchair, etc.. I donated or returned within a couple of weeks as they were harsh reminders of her illness and disability. You will know when it is the right time for you. - Shalom
  7. A great book to read is "UNDOCTORED" by Dr. William Davis. He has been a medical doctor for over twenty years. When standard conventional medical protocol was not working with his patients, he began to do his own research. He also wrote another book, "Wheat Belly" which explains why people seems to have so many medical issues now. He also follows and recommends his own version of the KETO way of eating. After much research I have been following my own version of the ketogenic food plan and way of life for nine months now. It took me many hours of study and research to determine if this is a legitimate way to get healthy, shed excess weight that I have struggled with most of my entire life. I haven't done it perfect. I make mistakes and slips yet I am still making progress. What I have noticed is how my body is healing itself along the way. My hypothyroidism is gradually disappearing and my body is becoming more normalized. It is amazing how food affects our health, mood, and mental state. Good healthy sleep habits are another major component that affects our body, Stress, worry, anxiety, thoughts, grief, are all a factor. Even the water we drink, bath, and shower with. It all seems so overwhelming... however.. I have discovered a path. Dave Ramsey, calls them BABY STEPS. I applied them to my money challenges and even on a limited income I am now DEBT FREE (except my home.. that is next), and I have a six month RAINY DAY(emergency Fund) and I'm now saving for retirement. It is all a result of follow this simple principle. FOCUS on ONE thing at a time., with gazelle intensity. We can do anything for one minute, one hour and one day. I applied it to changing my way of eating and life style... one thing at a time. First, learn about your own strengths. What stirs you inside to want to change. I have a great gift of persistence determination, and I just never give up... If there is a will there is a way. SEEK WISE counsel... That is why this place is so GREAT for those of us who grieve the loss of our beloved. There is such love, help and support here. THANK you, MartyT, and everyone here. And my gift of always seeking the truth about everything. I love to study, learn, grow and help others to help themselves. Doctors mean well. When you find out how they are trained and WHO really trains them you will discover the challenge. The good news is many doctors are looking at the research and nutrition to discover what is really causing the health problems. You will be amazed and shocked to discover the truth for those who want to search it. "If you seek it with your whole heart you will find it". You can do this. - Shalom
  8. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 5 years ago. The Doctor just said," take these pills". I did research and found out that the prescription drug they prescribe just tackles one part of the SYMPTOM but does not HEAL the root cause of the issue. I chose the natural path route and the way I am eating now is actually healing my Hypothyroidism. The foods we eat, the water we drink and bath in, even enriched breads have changed so that most people are experiencing hypothyroidism. If you are looking for a solution check out this website. I have much more information and will share what I have learned and continue. PM me and I will help anyone who is searching and wants to KNOW the CAUSE and the solution. https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/ Shalom
  9. Epson salt baths and Magnesium oil (Equal parts of Magnesium Chloride flakes and distilled water) to spray on sore muscle areas. A warm heating pad also helps. - Shalom
  10. Articles Worth Reading

    Good tips to dealing with loneliness: https://lonerwolf.com/how-to-survive-loneliness/ Shalom
  11. Yes, the year of "Firsts" without my beloved wife were so tough. I felt like I couldn't make it, yet I have. I was in such shock the first year. Give yourself credit for the accomplishments you have made on your grief journey. You are acknowledging and learning to cope with this grief that never just disappears. This is no casual stroll through life after loss. We share your pain and loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Tom. - Shalom
  12. D.

    Pioneer up, Your S.O. gently explained his situation after his grandmother passed. Death and significant grief is not something someone can just get over and move on. It affects everyone differently. He is doing well just to be able to function after such a devastating loss. He is right. Few people truly understand the depth of grief, pain, and the hole left inside. There will be others to come soon and help you with specific resources to help you deal with the change that happens when your S.O. has to face this grief. Please give him grace and space to sort out what he needs and does to cope with this devastating loss. I hope you can also find relief in your pain as you also deal with this change. - Shalom
  13. My father's ashes

    Happy Birthday, Laura. Yes we do care and pray you have a wonderful day. Praying for a healthy resolution to your challenging work conditions> Keep doing what is best for your students. - Shalom
  14. Videos Worth Watching

    This inspires me. Never accept loss as the end. Miracles happen. Even when you don't see how. Shalom
  15. TomPB, It is actually good of you to recognize these grief moments as they remind you of your time with your beloved wife, Susan. It took me quite awhile to travel through this process the you describe. (I still have not arrived) The transition from US and WE, to just me and who I am now. It is a slow process and it is important to recognize it for what it is. You love and miss your wife everywhere in your life. Most men just ignore, stuff down, drink, or do anything to ignore these feelings. I have come to discover that it is both a Grief and Healing journey. People told me this when I was early in my grief but i couldn't fathom the concept. I was just trying to make it through each moment after my wife died. I am glad you found a safe haven like I have to travel this journey with kindred spirits. We are here to help, share, and lift each other up when the unthinkable happens and we all learn to deal with the grief and loss of our beloved. - Shalom