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  1. The DNR(Do Not Resuscitate Order) is an interesting document. My Mother-in-Law had one and the emergency room did not want to treat her because they FELT Mom didn't want extra measures taken. Mom's heart was in a fast heart rate and just needed to be slowed down to resume function. I had to yell at the nurses to treat her. She lived for another two years. My Mother had a DNR which spelled out her wishes. 10 years ago, when her body failed, my father as her Durable power of Attorney executed her Living Will. My mom did not want to be kept alive on mechanical machines. It was a tough decision based on love for his beloved wife of 50+ years. I am updating my Will, Living Will, and Durable Power of Attorney now to make it clear what my wishes are when I get sick and/or die.. Irregardless, our loved ones that are left behind will continue to live with the grief that we all face now when our beloved loved ones died. It is a harsh reality of life that most of us were ill-equipped to face. I wonder if there is some way we can prepare them for their future shock. - Shalom
  2. My sister plans to make the Christmas meal. So Dad and I will be there but it is just not the same. Family dynamics is different. It is the game families play and we each have our role. This is my afterlife now.... I preferred my own family(Rose Anne and I) - Shalom
  3. Busy work week. I accidentally overbooked work for Saturday... about 12 hours. It was our wedding anniversary so it is better to keep busy. Not much to celebrate now. Christmas and special days don't have the same meaning and excitement as they used to. My Dad does not celebrate Christmas because of his religious beliefs. I'm planning to work on January 1st. - Shalom
  4. My dad just passed a month

    roxs, Welcome to the place many of us come and stayed to make sense out of death of our loved ones. I asked and wrestled with those questions for many months after the sudden, unexpected death of my wife. We try to make sense of something that is just not in our control. I searched for anything that i could account for that would somehow make this outcome different. You are fortunate to have a supportive, loving, and caring husband. At times. this all feels like a bad dream. Please feel welcome to come and share your heart. The people hear understand, care, and support each other in ways most of the "outside" world just doesn't understand. MartyT, has some great resources her to help you on your journey through grief and healing. I will pray for healing, and Peace for your heart and soul. - Shalom, George
  5. Videos Worth Watching

    I watched this last night and I have been pondering this and how to apply it to my life on a daily basis.
  6. Season of Grief - Is this "A Thing"?

    Kay what is the deal with the sisters this year? It must be in the air!
  7. Three years coming

    Butch, I sensed that when I read your post this morning. as men we are taught to be strong and fearless, don't cry and don't show any vulnerability. The level of loss and grief you have experienced is huge. I have thought at times that God was testing me through this but I have discovered that he is along side of us helping us to walk this path. My mother died 10 years ago and my best friend in the same year. My brother died 14 months later. My wife consoled me. My precious wife passed away 2 years and nine months ago. This group consoled, cared, and loved me at my lowest depth. I found that the best way for me to deal with grief is to do the opposite of what I feel like. I wrote, journalled, cried, shouted, etc... and just felt what ever came up and however painful it was. I discovered by actually facing the grief, expressing it in constructive ways helped me to get through the most initial intense Shock and Awe of my wife's death. I'm still not over it. But through writing sharing, expressing and learning the tools to deal with grief has helped me to gradually move forward. Each of us goes through our own grief journey yet the people here "get" and understand this side of grief and eventual healing. Discover what will work for you. We are all praying, and thinking of you and how we can help you and lift you up through your grief. You and your family are precious to us and we care about you daily. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life. - Shalom, George
  8. I ate everything we usually have for a "traditional" Thanksgiving dinner. However, I did not gorge myself with food as in the past. The bread dressing cooked in the turkey was so delicious. It was the most carbohydrates I have had since starting this KETO way of eating almost six months ago. Everything tasted wonderful. It was one meal in my life and I have no cravings or desires to return that way of eating. It was a good family day with none of the usual stress from my sister. Today, 10 years ago, my mother was taken off of the life support machines and all of the family was there to be with her. She died within two hours. It was difficult to experience and I was haunted by the memories for several years. It is surreal that it has been ten years now. I found out later my best friend had died in his sleep on May 7th (the same year as My Mother's birthday). Then my brother, Patrick ( 3 years younger) died in his sleep 14 months later on February 1st. He was only 50 years old. So much death in a short span of time. Fortunately, my wife, Rose Anne, was with me to comfort and console me through the grieving process. Alas, she also died 2 years and nine months ago. Life is a mixed blessing. Through this grief healing journey, I am learning to take each day as it comes; Grief, hope, healing, and loss. It is all part of life. What I chose to focus on is the hope and promises of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Since we are still among the living then I chose to move forward and grasp for my hope, dreams, and goals. And at the same time, acknowledging, and feeling the pangs of grief and loss in the midst of this (my afterlife). She will always be in my heart, mind, and soul. I am learning to accept life as it is and striving to do my best each day as it unfolds. It is okay to pursue goals and dreams for the future meanwhile remembering the love and lessons from the past. - Shalom
  9. It is such a blessing to have found this place and be able to share, care, and grow through this grief healing place. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Shalom
  10. Physical symptoms?

    Kevin, thank you for sharing your heart. My wife was totally disabled for the last six years of her life. Still the day I came home from work and found her dead it was such a complete and total shock to me. Nothing in my life prepared me for this. Being a caregiver adds another dimension to grief that I didn't even realize at the time. I searched the internet and finally found this wonderful place. I have been coming here ever since for 2 years and nine months. The people here have compassion, love, and acceptance of who we are no matter what brought us here. You are welcome to read my post from the beginning ( and many others) to discover that most of us have gone through or are going through what you are dealing with now, the utter Shock and AWE of the passing of our most beloved. This place with MartyT's professional wisdom and experience have helped each of us immensely in our grief healing journey. Many other people like Kayc, ENNA, KATPILOT, so many others have helped me and gave me hope in a very grim time of my life. There are tools and resources here to help you and all who want help are available. I listened, wrote, journaled, prayed, cried, etc.. and discovered what helps me on my grief healing journey. This is a SAFE place to share your heart and be accepted as you are. I pray you will continue to come here and share, listen, and learn as you are able. We are blessed to hear from you and look forward to sharing our grief journey with hope, love, and grace. - Shalom, George
  11. A great book that may help you sort out your dilemma is "Boundaries" By Dr. McCloud and Dr Townsend. In my humble opinion, your daughter should not be allowed to exert such negative control over you. You are the parent. Your daughter definitely overstepped her bounds. My family has boundary issues too! This book has helped me to sort out what I need to do in my situation and hopefully it will help you. I would apologize to Bill and ask him for some suggestions as there are still feelings for each other. Praying... Shalom
  12. Here is the calculator I use: https://www.timeanddate.com/date/durationresult.html?m1=1&d1=1&y1=2015&m2=11&d2=18&y2=2017 Shalom
  13. Because It helps me to cope with it. You do what works for you in your grief healing journey. - Shalom
  14. 1,004 Days! That's how long it has been since I have seen my beloved wife alive. It's hard to imagine I could live one day without her by my side and yet... here it is. -Shalom
  15. Season of Grief - Is this "A Thing"?

    This used to be one of my favorite seasons of the year. Now, not so much. Family drama with my sister, Dad's declining health, and the reminder that life is not like it was before. The Shock and Awe of my wife's sudden death seem to be slowly transforming to "this is how I deal with life today". It's not what I wanted or planned for but it is what it is. I am learning to integrate (accept) both grief and hope in today. My passion to learn to fly is still strong and I have shed over 100lbs with a healthy way of eating and living. I still have moments of sadness and tears flowing and I just allow them to flow. The loneliness of single life is still something I'm learning to cope with. When the sinking and breathless feelings come, I remind myself how far we all have traveled on this grief and healing journey. I am thankful for the many people here who share their wisdom and experience with grief and how we cope with life and death. Few people in the outside world understand this world we live in. I am grateful and blessed to find such a sanctuary of safety, love, and peace. - Shalom.