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  1. iPraiseHim

    To Let Go or Not?

    It is difficult to give you a clear answer because none of us can predict the future. I know the death of your beloved mother, your Father's soulmate probably changed him in ways that is difficult to comprehend. I always have hope that He will change and restore your relationship with him. Only time will tell. For myself, I always wanted my father to be a different way than he treated us children. I have slowly learned to accept him as he is and that I may never get the Love and affection that I so wanted from him. As a Christian, I learned that I was not able to receive from my earthly father yet I am able to receive from ABBA (another name of God- Daddy). I accepted my father as he is and continue to love him. I know he loves me but he was just not capable to express it in the way I needed and wanted. What is interesting is now, many years later, my father has mellowed and become very loving, affectionate, and appreciative of his children. I don't know or predict that this will happen for you but it is humbling to experience. When I was finally able to let go of my expectations, I believe God and time changed his heart. I pray you will experience that too. Please, continue to have hope and expectation because none of us knows what the future holds, But we do know who holds our future. - Shalom
  2. I understand, we all do here. Three years ago my beloved wife died suddenly and the words you express mirror my devastating vacuum of loss devoid of my wife. I had other losses too, my mother, best friend, younger brother.. each one hard to deal with but nothing compares to the overwhelming lost of your beloved mate. My phrase, "SHOCK and AWE" summed up my indescribable loss. This place is a safe haven and a nurturing place were the "other side"(survivor) truly understands and cares about what you speak. Life will never be the same but you will learn in time, how to cope, deal with, and function on this grief journey. There are plenty of us here to listen, share, and care. I was were you are now and thankful for the kind souls that have helped me and many others here along our grief/healing journeys. Welcome to the group none of us want to belong to, yet we continue for ourselves and to help others to navigate this after world. We are not "OK" or healed, gotten over it, or moved on. We are all on the same path. We simply are learning to move forward one day at a time and hope we can help you on your journey. - Shalom
  3. I answer, " I'm okay, but I will get better" 😎 - Shalom
  4. iPraiseHim

    Funnies: Things That Make Us Laugh

    Just saw a lab (Therapy dog) making rounds where my father is staying now (skilled nursing care for physical and occupational therapy recovery). The dog reminded me of when my wife and i took both of our shelties to the nursing homes and assisted care facilities in our area for several years. Great memories! 😁 - Shalom
  5. I understand. After three years, I still have my beloved wife's Netflix Profile. I don't know why I haven't deleted it yet. She will never watch it again yet it is another piece of her preferences of movies that she will not view again. I am just now getting the courage to go through her clothes closet. We all have unique journeys and travel this grief/healing journey in our own time. Life is an adjustment to the reality of NOW (Today). - SHALOM
  6. iPraiseHim

    Simultaneous Grief and Love

    I studying and watched many videos and got confused as well. I had already lost 45 lbs on the traditional American diet reduce calories and move more. I lost 45lbs and than stalled. I was determined to lose more weight because of my passion for flying. When I watched this video and how I could make a SIMPLE and easy to follow plan. I decided to go for it. I broke my plan down into small baby steps that i could accomplish and build upon it. This is the way our bodies are designed to eat, store excess fuel and then use pour own fuel (Body fat stores) LCHF ( Low Carb Healthy Fat). I chose the KETOGENIC because of the very low carbs will switch the body fuel source from sugar burning to fat burning (called Nutritional Ketosis). There is an adjustment period and helps to know what happens in the body. Mainly your body will excrete excess water and electrolytes (salts) They need to be replaced daily. It is not difficult except my whole life everything i was taught about food and health was wrong. I keep my plan very simple and doable each day. I find the foods I like to eat and just KETO-ADAPT them. I'm not perfect at them but I have learned much about what works for me and how I can be successful. I can eat this way naturally and comfortably the rest of my life. If you are interested, I will share what works for me and you can discover if it is right for you. This way of eating has been around for over a hundred years do some research and also check out dietdoctor LCHF and KETO. Here is Butter Bob.
  7. iPraiseHim

    Simultaneous Grief and Love

    Steve, I greatly appreciate you sharing your heart and soul. At three years + after my beloved wife died, I am learning to never say because I just don't know what the future holds. The wisdom you share with us helps me and others here. This 4th trip around the calendar, I find myself more introspective and working on the reality and finality of my wife's death. Each of us deals with grief and healing in unique ways. I don't know what I don't know. I know I am supposed to "Get busy living". Steve,That day we meet at the airport, I never perceived how it would change my focus and perspective. Watching you take off in that play rekindled a childhood passion and dream which gives me a great desire and hope for the future (flying). I'm not flying yet however I have learn much about healthier eating and living and have managed to lose 130+ lbs. Constant Hunger/food cravings gone and several health markers are improving. I have learned much about the foods we eat and how it affects our health, also, sleep, stress, medicines, movement, etc.. If you are interested PM or call. Praying for improving health for Patty. - Shalom
  8. Rldownes, I understand.. It's been three years since my wife died. I always wanted to love and be loved but it just didn't happen for me. At age 30, I prayed that If I was to be married that God would prepare me for her and if not I would accept being single and still have joy in my life. Almost three years later , I met Rose Anne and we shared our lives together almost 26 years. I planned for "Happily ever-after", but life rarely turns out the way we plan. I struggle with loneliness, lack of companionship, and missing my beloved everyday. I want to leave my heart open for Love but I am not desperate to just be in a relationship. All of the old nonsense of who will love me at my age, weight, finances, etc.. are all excuses for me not facing up to the reality of facing life on life's terms. I have to be willing to get out of my comfort zone and explore the things I like to do. Not just searching for a mate but rather discovering what are my dreams, goals and desires. Life is a learning process, if with the reality of Death and Grief. I didn't know this level of pain and heartache before yet for me, to fully embrace life I need to face and accept that this is part of living. I know I am supposed to live until the day God calls me home. I still have much to work on and sort through. This is not a race but a magnificent journey. How we view it will filter our perception of our life as we unfold. For me, I need to "Get busy Living each day" Feelings are not always Facts but when I examine them they do point me towards the TRUTH. FIND YOUR TRUTH. - Shalom
  9. Such a profound statement! The grief we all experience is another expression of the deep and profound love we shared together.... Only now we are NOT together. The month of May is one of my difficult months because of the memories, special occasions, birthdays, etc... On this my fourth trip around the calendar of "ARC"(after Rose Anne left) I have come to realize that this is the journey I will travel to the end of my days. ACCEPTANCE of life on life's terms is challenging. The hills and valleys are still here and this time around the mountain I chose to not give these feelings verbal legs beyond acknowledging them and letting them go. Life still plods forward but not with the zest and zeal of the past. Each of us needs to learn what tools will work for us as each year the tools we need change. I am grateful for this forum and share this place with people I meet who are grieving and seeking answers to questions that people in this group (tribe) has an intimate understanding and empathy. - Shalom
  10. iPraiseHim

    My father's ashes

    Follow what gives you Peace. Building your own clientele usually takes longer than we plan. You know your finances and also allow for MARGIN in your life. Busyness and lots of activity does not equal productivity. You know all of this. I find that when I focus more on PEACE then I can find the direct path through the work and life challenges. I definitely relate. I have been operating my own businesses for over twenty-five years and still there are changes that are challenging and can get my eyes off the goal. I'm going through that now. So I review my plans, see what has changed in the marketplace and adapt my plans to optimize my business. If I let my fears overtake me, I will freeze, slow down, or just stop. It is okay to stop temporarily. Just don't let that be a permanent condition. The secret to life when we get knocked down is to get up, dust ourselves off, evaluate what happened, what can we learn from this, and then move forward. Follow PEACE and you will find your PATH. - Shalom
  11. iPraiseHim

    Videos Worth Watching

    If you are dealing with face/body dis-morphia.... watch this. Shalom
  12. xmcll, You are not alone. My mother passed away 10 years ago. My Mom's birthday is May 7th and I am reminded every Mother's Day advertisement each year that she is not here. For me the first year of "Not Here" reminder triggers bombarded me. These feelings of Grief is your love for here that you can not seemingly express to her now, yet I sense that my remembering her and all of the good times and memories help to fill my days with expressions of her love. Feel the feelings, cry, write, scream, pray.. however you feel you need to express it. If possible, find someone you can safely express your feelings. My beloved wife was my best friend and companion then. The tools you mention using and MartyT, has many more resources available as well as many other people here who listen, share, and express. I will never forget or stop loving my Mom. She shared with me all of her wonderful traits that helped me to become the best person I am. I remember her well in so many ways. Her smile, laugh, sense of humor, always playing with us kids, made reading exciting and adventurous, cooking, cleaning, helping others, ... so many things. Her legacy shines in me as I express it to others. In time, you will remember all of those things with your Mom and those memories will supersede her passing. ((( HUGS))) - Shalom
  13. This kind of grief is not for the faint of heart! It is a daily endurance. Shalom
  14. iPraiseHim

    Funnies: Things That Make Us Laugh

    Humor from real life. People are amazing... especially millennial's.
  15. iPraiseHim

    My father's ashes

    Laura, you just need to chose to plow forward and do your best job anyway. There are forces against us that are beyond our control and life is extremely tough sometimes. I usually find that when I'm going through such battles that I'm called to pray for the people that are attacking me. It is not a natural reflex because I prefer to defend myself. Yet it is amazing to discover what God will do with the situation.. When all else fails just stand your ground, humbly, with meekness (restrained strength) and trust that God will work it all out for your ultimate good and God's glory. I had a kind nurse friend who battled similar persecution from her boss. When she shared with me her story and anguish, she thought I was nuts when I suggested this process to her. But after thoughts and prayers, she did apply the same principles. Eventually the hostile work environment was resolved and she found out later there was some intense trauma going on in her boss's life that contributed to the situation. Most of us are not aware of the trauma, grief, and challenges in other peoples lives. "Hurting people hurt people". Praying... (((HUGS))) - Shalom