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  1. Even after 6 years I still cry.The bigger is the love,the bigger is the pain.I still can´t watch the CD of me and him.I only hope that one day I´ll be able to do it. Janka
  2. Dear Tom! Lately I´ve found out CD with pics of me and my beloved Jan.It was fallen down behind the furniture in the bedroom.You can imagine what joy and pain at the same time it caused me at that moment.I was crying like 6 years ago. Hugs from Janka
  3. Dear Ana, I feel the pressure this time everywhere.Even after 6 years I feel anxiety looking at all of that.It still hurts me. Hugs from Janka 0 PS:There is no snow here,so send you a little bit.
  4. Dear Dave, I know the place very well.I often travel up north to the Polish border.There´s a bridge to the Poland.I can get there by foot in 5 minutes.Here are the pictures of the place.It was the last place that me and my beloved Jan were at...the most magical place for us...just like a dream... This is the bridge to Poland.It´s so amazing place to be.There is a monastery from the 14th century.In the 17th century it was rebuilt in Baroque style.Really quiet place for healing the soul... Janka
  5. Dear Bill! This is how it looks like here in Bratislava. Hope it may bring a smile on your face. Hugs from Janka The Christmas markets. The winter. The city at night. The river Danube. The historic center. The National theatre,castle and old castle. The view.
  6. Dearest Brad, this is for you... Atif Aslam-Kuch is tarah ( Something like this) Love song.mp3 With love, Janka
  7. Wish you all a peaceful and happy St. Nicolaus day today, full of the most beautiful memories of our beloved ones ! With love Janka
  8. Dearest Brad, this beautiful Indian song is for you...my favourite one...from the heart... Ankit Tiwari-Tu hai ki nahi (Roy)-long vers.5.33.mp3 With love Janka
  10. I stopped watching TV a few months ago.Everytime I see those Christmas spots,I must look at something else.Lately I just talked to one of my best friends how I dread a question what will be in my future.She replied to me:"Don´t think of what will be later.You must chase such thoughts away.Just do what is necessary for the time being,it´s enough.Everything will be done when the right time comes".She always knows to calm myself down and I´m grateful.My best friends are all I´ve got... Hugs from Janka
  11. Dear Ana! You´re right!There´s nothing else to do,because we must go on somehow...everytime...till the end... It´s missing someone who is irreplaceable forever... Hugs from Janka
  12. That´s how it is.There´s nothing like that anymore,on the contrary only.Anything that anyone shares on here,no matter how painful or desperate it is,may help another one to feel more acceptable and comfortable by all means. Hugs from Janka
  13. Dear Alina! I do understand how you feel.It´s hard to see the rest of the world looking forward to the Christmas and all about,when we feel terribly alone.It hurts watching them going hand in hand,smiling and joyful,because they don´t know the pain we all on here do feel.They´re happy,full of plans to the future and looking at them is tearing up the heart.It has been 6 years since my beloved man died and I still feel like this.I can´t look at those couples walking down the streets,because it still puts the tears in my eyes again.Despite of that I always talk to myself that I´m the lucky one,because I had the best man,met the love of my life,got everything that all of them can only be dreaming of. Thoughts like that give me a comfort in this miserable life I´ve got since my beloved one died and knowing that I´ll see him again may put a smile on my face despite of all the suffering I´ve been going through by now... We´re here for you whenever you need to talk or share anything you feel up to... I´m very sorry for your loss... With love Janka