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  1. Older Cat Dies Following Rabies Vaccination

    Monica , I'm sorry for your loss its sad as we trust our vets to do approopiate care for our furrybabies as we can't tell how they are going to react or be after a shot, medicine or even during a operation or come out of the operation like as for example I had this one guinea pig in the past who needed to get his back teeth trimmed which his other regular teeth trimming vet wasn't going to be around for another few weeks well so I took this piggy who I had rescued from a very bad place put all my effort into trying to make his life good to end up taking him to the vet a rescue in a different town recommended . I couldn't believe that rescue recommended that place it was a horrible looking dump of a place I should had walked straight out there right then & there but instead they told me they took all their rescue piggies there so I was like ok it must be fine as remember looks can be decieving so I had my special patch go to the dr to get his teeth trimmed to end up having patch come out with a huge blister on his lip turns out the vet clipped his jaw nerve which ended up paralyzing his jaw so he couldn't eat on own and he would have seizures ever since after that place which I was like Why ?? Why ? I put so much into getting him so well after his hard life with a very bad owner he was gaining weight , getting his fur back and he looked great Then to have that vet take away all of my effort which led me to have to be putting him down . So then I thought I was done with dental issues but instead our cat needed a dental cleaning along with two of his teeth pulled that were causing him major pain becaue they were highly filled with cavities it was absolutely terrible oh how I didn't want to put him thru a dental procedure after what happened with Patch but I had too put our cat thru this because his teeth were so filled with cavities that it was causing infection into his gum line which could be fatal if it isn't properly treated so then I took him there to have him get it done . The night before I was having nightmares fearing that I would lose him on the operating table or during the recovery time but I still took him there and while he was there I couldn't relax until I got our special cat back home he made it thru that one which I was thrilled about after all it was his 2nd real surgery as his previous last surgery before that was when he was being neutered. In ways I think humans are the same way besides rather they be young or old dealing with shots, operations and reactions afterwards . One of my friends he had to go thru a surgery and it took a bad turn for him that he's been in the hospital ever since July which he's finally just starting to be on the more of road to recovery. Also, like how this one of my other friend who was in the hospital was put on this medicine for her pain it caused her to have allergic reaction that she went into a coma from it and then passed away . So then when a family member got on the same medicine it was making her seriously sick but then she realized it was the medicine after she had a weird reaction from it so she requested a different one . Also , I had taken this one medicine for yeast issues for many years with no issues ever since my son was born in 2004 but come to 2015 I end up with a serious side effect from it which I couldn't understand why but it has messed up the way I speak ever since the last time I took that medicine so the dr put that on I'm allergic to that medicine now . I also wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you find some peace & comfort thru out this upcoming year .
  2. Season of Grief - Is this "A Thing"?

    Laura, People like that all you can do is just be there for them and try to bring postivity in their life like a homemade treat , get a movie to watch together , bring some meal over either homemade or from a restaurant etc . I dealt like that with former neighbors who were like that it's tough witnessing the try for independence of being on their own but in reality some of them do need to be at a nursing home to see one of my family members that ended up in the home had hung onto hope for postivity of that he was going home soon but to have him think even a year after being in that nursing home that he was going home but then he realized he wasn't going home the depression hit him big time that he at times just shut down which is why you seem to see people in there sitting in wheelchairs looking like they are sleeping instead they just trying to shut the world out as its a spot they don't want to be at or to see which is really sad .
  3. Ausma I am sorry for the loss of your mom and the way you found her is a terrible way to find your mom then to lose her so soon after finding her like that. It's like almost what happened to my SIL but my brother found his FIL like that but sadly he was already gone by the time he was found he didn't want his wife to see her father like that it gives you a horrible flashbacks after you witness that stuff . Your also pretty young as I'm for sure you had more dreams you wanted to share with your mom as Jimmy Fallon just recentely lost his mom and he did a tribute to her on the Tonight Show it touched me deeply because he said he and his mom do the 3 I love you squeezes when holding onto the hand then when he did the last I love you squeeze on her hand and she didn't do the three I love you squeeze back he realize he was in trouble and it made me think since my mom and I do the I love you squeezes like what Jimmy Fallon mentioned it made me go wow that is something that I would miss with my mom also . Also, why did your father move back into the house when he was kicked out two years ago ? With a father being emotional abusive like that around your mom and knowing that your dad did that to your mom for many years it would definetly not help your grief any so is there any way you can get him out or is he helping with finances if not then maybe find a place of your own so you could start healing properly ?
  4. Lost of indenpence

    Starkiss sorry for the loss of your parents . Did you try out for the church play ?
  5. Physical symptoms?

    Kevin sorry for your loss of your wife . Abdomen pain is a painful thing to go thru as it makes it even harder to eat with that kinda of pain but I do agree with marty go to the dr to double check your health as when I lost my Uncle like 2 yrs ago I thought the tummy issues were just part of my grief instead it turned out I had way low thyroid levels.
  6. Season of Grief - Is this "A Thing"?

    Laura I'm sorry for the horrible events for your friend Gloria . I do hope you all find a way to help out her friend Herman. I do think you do great paintings those are beautiful !! Kay C we are going to mom's house for Thanksgiving . My brother, sil and my nieces are going to be there along with my son but we are like at times ho hum about it but at least this week we r better than we were last year as last year Brendan was having nasty coughing episodes and the grieving we were dealing with last year not good at all. I had read online somewhere that sometimes health habbits create the stuff of sickness so then when my son slept in all the time over the summer 0 coughing then since this school year I been getting him to have longer sleep which helps with the no coughing but if he lacks sleep he starts coughing so then I go Brendan you need more sleep because I think your body is to wore out and your force to put energy into it when you lack sleep which triggers coughing episodes for you because your not able to breathe properly when your tired .
  7. Suffering Days After losing My Dog Daphne

    Love4Daphne I'm sorry for your tragic loss of Daphne. When losses are so traumatic it's so hard to not fight guilt and grief with those but we never know what the outcome could be especially when its a regular activity as we can't predict the future even tho we wish we could so we could prevent the bad events or go back in time to stop what happened but we can't . It wasn't your fault you were just letting your dog have her usual outside fun that she always had before
  8. Saying goodbye to a large chunk of my life

    Shari I'm sorry for your loss . I hate good byes and losses . I'm glad your lab didn't suffer and she was able to go peacefully .
  9. Laura I'm sorry for your previous loss of your siamese cat and of your recent loss of your gecko with issues . Many years ago their was this guinea pig on the craigslist ad which the owner wrote her guinea pig needed vet attention but she couldn't afford to give him vet attention so she was giving him away for free so I said I will take him and said drop him off at the vet where I had taken my previous piggies too so then when I saw the piggy in that terrible shape as in seriously neglected in ways so then three days after I got him he went downhill so then instead of euthanizing him then. I decided to try to see if he still had chance rushing him to the vet and the vet didn't sound hopeful but that piggy pulled thru but then after a couple years this piggy needed another tooth trim so then a new vet did the trimming clipped the nerve which made this piggy I rescued so hard to get well to end up being put down because he couldn't eat and he was having seizures . I know one thing for sure that the furrybabies that we tried so hard to help with special needs due to whatever cause I'm for sure they are grateful for the love we gave them and that they won't think bad of us at all as they know that we try to be the best fur parents ever which is probably what they think we are the best even if we feel we let them down and they know how much we loved them.
  10. Euthanised our family dog

    Chrissie I'm sorry for your loss of Jesse and Jesse is such a beautiful dog as I don't think I ever seen a black toy poodle before and its sad when vets are cold as some of them are so money hungry it's like they go oh we gonna get you charged for this and that even knowing the furry was passing on then they go oh after learning of the death going ok pay this amount for cremation and then this much for the urn or box of your choice which could likely run altogether up to 1,000 dollars so its like Ugh when their are too money hungry vets or even cold vets . I'm for sure your dog Sasha will be fine as our cat Mr. Blackie was best buddies with Fuzzy our guinea pig so then after fuzzy had to go outside after he passed away Mr. Blackie always went to the door to go get Fuzzy back go get him back n he would wait at the door meowing and meowing he would do that daily then it went to weekly , then every other week then monthly and now after 12 months now you don't see him at the door and I don't think he's been at the door since June of this year . http://www.veterinarywisdom.com/single-post/Helping-a-Pet-Grieve-for-a-Buddy
  11. Upcoming 1 yr Angelversary of Fuzzy on Sunday

    Thanks Kay and Marty . Today is the 1 yr angelversary of Fuzzy passing and in ways I don't want to remember or honor the day that he passed away on a year as it was a horrible nightmare so now I decided that like on Nov 19 I will start putting up the christmas tree as in trying to put something good on a date to make it feel better and i'm gonna finish christmas shopping so hopefully by the 2nd week of Dec I will be done with Christmas shopping.
  12. Upcoming 1 yr Angelversary of Fuzzy on Sunday

    Kay I have a habbit of calling them pigs or piggies and that can be quite confusing to some even tho I do wish I could actually have a mini pet pig those pigs are so smart too besides but sadly apartment say nope and pigs are not allowed into our town unless your on a farm. I get jealous of how some Utah people can be able to have a chicken coop in their backyard to raise chickens and get eggs from them as in how lucky . Also, do you think continous talking of the losses as of the past beloved ones as does that make grief last longer because your still on the sharing of how they passed away and how it's been this long or do you think the continous sharing of the losses of the ones you lost helps you heal better as in to make you move on but if your forced to move on because some counselors think your prolonging your grief by remembering the past or being focused on the past ? As I learned when I was 10 yrs old it's better to share for as long as you can especially if your still grieving about your losses but when a counselor tosses you to the side saying oh your just prolonging your grief by talking about your lost beloved ones but I don't agree that it prolongs your grief because I think the more of sharing your feelings with people helps you hea as in to move forward especially when you don't have IRL people in life to chat with to be able to understand about the way you feel and you are not the type who share emotion around because of the past and without a online forum wouldn't you be stuck with keeping your feelings bottled up . Also, if you have bottled up feelings doesn't that affect your health, your attitude , your thoughts etc ?
  13. Upcoming 1 yr Angelversary of Fuzzy on Sunday

    The ones that were taken away from me 13 yrs ago and 3 months ago were guinea pigs !! Fuzzy a guinea pig also the one that just passed away a year ago on Sunday. Boogies & Poppy the guinea pigs we have now are 1 yrs 1 month old so they are 14 months old .
  14. Well, lately for the past few days I been being a emotional wreck as Fuzzy death is making me think of all the happenings in my past life and a bunch of regrets at times that I did after my first piggy Felecia passed away as when Felecia passed away she left her bf Pepe . In my mind afterFelecia death and Pepe was alone I assumed he needed to have a piggy friend to fix his loneliness along with somehow my mind was also on the search for finding a piggy just like Felecia with her personality because I yearned a piggy just ike but of course none of the other piggies came close to her personality but I go in my head now I should had just kept Pepe on my own after Felecia passed away then maybe Pepe wouldn't had ended up in a shelter along with the other piggies that I had gotten in the past due to my mom & former stepfather doing that after my son was born along with them tossing their cages away into the garbage of our apartment or I should just had went to the rescue place where I got my pepe after all Pepe was on the rescue contract . Now I know with the piggies that I have now of Boogies & Poppy that I'm not on the search for the same personality as Fuzzy had with me nor am I going to go on a hog wild search to go find one like him when I have two unique lovable piggy cuties here . Nor will I go overboard like I did when I lost my Felecia . I have pictures of my sweet babies and even tho it's been 13 yrs and 3 months I look at their pictures . I feel so bad for them still and I hope they knew in their hearts that I never wanted to lose them as even after mom did that when she did that when my son was a newborn then when I moved back to m hometown got our cat mr. blackie when my son was almost then she would be totally whining about him all the time then when we got Fuzzy whe nhe was 8 yrs then she's like your son is probably allergic to the furrybabies that's why he's coughing so why does he have a known peanut allergy when you keep on going take him to the allergy doctor to get a allergy test ? He had one when he was young un then she's like get rid of those "animals" so you can move into a no pet allowed apartment . I'm like i'm not gonna toss any of my furries away or abandoned them . Many times I don't ever want to allow her in our apartment due to my fear of her trying to decide herself & take away our furrybabies away since she did that before when my son was a baby .
  15. Well, I am one who has a anxiety & panic disorder along with depression. Well, when fuzzy was around he would help me out and calm me down to help me feel better now he has been gone for like 9 months already hard to believe. The shortness of breath and the chest pains are scary too along with feeling like your never going to stop crying. As , I am not a person who cries in front of people as I rather cry by myself . So when the death was recent with fuzzy and I had to go out into public which I just felt like I was going to break down in the store that I would get a frappe from Starbucks and suck on it so I didn't go crying like a maniac in the store while reading a archie comics !! Also, I found that doodling or coloring helped me relax my anxiety a bit more. I do know that some people do painting.