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  1. I have been waiting for a visit for over 2 years and have not gotten one. Maybe tomorrow.
  2. Butch, Thanks for sharing a pic of your beloved. They are always in our heart, even though we want them here with us. Gin
  3. Marg, Sciatic pain is bad. Going for MRI on Thursday.
  4. Marg, Thinking of you today. These days are so hard for us all.
  5. Been fighting with sciatica. Can barely walk..have to lean forward a lot. Record rains here and just looked and the basement is flooded. Son-in-law goes in for surgery early tomorrow. Am on Tylenol 3 and do not feel well. I can not even think of anyone that could help me. Afraid to go into basement because I am not sure what is plugged in down there. I have to get an MRI this week. I am so very tired of the pain and problems. It is such an effort to even get dressed!
  6. Tom, i think that often. How could I still be alive without Al.
  7. Doc prescribed prednisone for me, but not working. Can not stand up straight. Have to walk bent over. My friend and daughter are coming tomorrow. Maybe somehow they can get me somewhere. Will call doc in morning and see if I should go to ER or ortho guy, if I can get an appt.. This stuff is so hard alone. It hurts so bad.
  8. Agreed. I have a soft spot in my heart for AOL. I met Al online 18 yrs. ago, so I love computers...most of the time.
  9. Kay,. You got to love them or we couldn't have this forum and all these great folks! They can be very frustrating, I know.
  10. Others do not realize how hard it is to make friends. Someone told me, "When you go to the health club, just ask a group to go out with you for coffee". First of all, that is not my style. And maybe I do not want to be friends with them. And, these folks are busy and not necessarily interested in me. This new life is sure hard to navigate!
  11. Gwen,. Know how it is. I hate weekends. I feel so jerky wanting to "kill time". Before we did not have enough and now.....This weekend is particularly bad since this sciatica has confined me to the house doing nothing. All the anniversaries you are facing is so hard. Thoughts are with you.
  12. Marge,

    since my back is killing me, I have been watching Heartland ALL day.when I am done with this, you will have to give another recommendation.

    1. Marg M

      Marg M

      Longmire..............We watched all of Criminal Minds.  We have watched every season of The Golden Girls.  It is on Hulu.  There is a new season of Longmire that I am waiting for..  We get a kick out of Frazier.  I love Grace and Frankie, but you have to be really open minded and it definitely is not Heartland material, but it was the show that got me laughing when I didn't think I ever would again.  

  13. There are lots of days we miss. I would take the old ones back immediately, even with the pain if I could have Al back. Just like all of us.
  14. Marge,. I go to the health club 4-5 times a week. Exercise at least an hour. Guess I need to do different machines. Maybe I would be worse off if I did not go. I need to do specific things for sciatica. Project for today.
  15. I got a bad case of sciatica this morning. I did nothing that I can think of to bring it on. In bed all day. Taking the limit of Celebrex and Tylenol. Can barely walk. Assume it will gradually get better. I will look for exercises tomorrow. These setbacks make the grieving worse. If only he were here.........