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  1. Kay,. Nice pic. Thoughts are with you today. Hope you are also feeling better.
  2. Kay, . Hope you start feeling better soon!
  3. Tom,. Al and I used to go to LOTS of plays and concerts. We were fortunate because we lived in an area with lots of theaters. We went to over 600 in the 16 years we were together. How many have I gone to since Al died?? Zero. That was OUR thing. Have no desire to go without him
  4. Kay,. Thinking about you this week. I know you have George's birthday, Father's Day and more. Plus you are not feeling well. Hope you feel better.
  5. Thinking of you today. These days are hard!
  6. Tom, Cookie, I am also reading the same book. I think he understands what a special relationship we had with our soulmates.
  7. Marg, Sounds good to me. Al is mine!
  8. Marg, Al and I were both married before. And widowed. He always told me that I was his soulmate and he never loved anyone as much as he loved me. However, what if his first wife wants him as much as I do? How is God going to decide? Crazy? Absolutely, but that's what I am thinking.
  9. Thinking of you today on this hard day, Marie.
  10. Cookie, same here. It will be 3 years in October. Nothing interests me. Hard to get thru the day. My friends have just about given up on me. I wanted to get a dog, but wonder if I can even take care of one. Thinking of you especially tomorrow. Gin
  11. Mitch,. Thinking about you today. These days are sure hard ! Tammy sure was too young.
  12. Gwen, i have the tendency to look at the cards Al made for me. He was so good at things like that. Always had a special picture and beautiful poem that he wrote. I read the last one he did for me and end up crying. I have not gotten to the point yet (doubt that I ever will) of finding joy instead of sorrow. I just miss him so much and it is so painful to know that I will not have those good times anymore. And the loneliness is sure a killer. Have not found any answer to that either. Gin
  13. Gwen, my Al would have loved your joke. He had hundreds of goofy jokes....groaners
  14. My friend and I went out for lunch today with the minister who married Al and me. I saw her about a year or so ago and she knew I was having a really hard time. She greeted me with, " So, how are you enjoying the single life?" I replied, "How do you think?" Her reply.-. "I guess not that great". I told her she was correct. I had a hard time engaging with her after that. She knew Al for around 10 years. We worked with the homeless, were greeters, etc.. Were in church every week. She has since gone on to minister at a different church. I was really offended...THE SINGLE LIFE!! ENJOY?? She did not ask how I was doing.
  15. Mitch, Al was the only one for me. He had so many medical issues, but together we faced them and stayed optimistic. That optimistic spirit has escaped me. I hope some of it will return. Hard to keep going like this. gin