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  1. Tonight was my friend's birthday. Six of us always went out for dinner. Now there are 5. I almost did not go tonight. My back is bad, but that was not the real reason. I just miss Al so much and these kinds of things emphasize it. Glad I went, but it sure is not joyfull anymore.
  2. Butch,. I can not even imagine what heartache you are going through. We are all here to support you
  3. Marg,. No music for me, yet. Al loved music and played his mandolin often. I see his mandolins right where he left them...next to his chair.
  4. Glad to know you are home, Butch. Our prayers are with you!
  5. Another day that has no meaning. Everything is so empty. No desire to do anything. Little hope for anything better. I will force myself to go somewhere today, even if it is just to the mailbox. My few friends have mates or are busy. Tomorrow is another day.
  6. This is my 3rd holiday season without Al. Doesn't get any easier. It would be fine with me if I stayed home. No joy!!
  7. Janka, i agree. It is such a lonely journey and I am not looking forward to the holidays without Al.
  8. Alina, i just passed the two year anniversary and it is so miserable without my Al. We did everything together and I miss him so much. Al loved the holidays, cooking, baking, decorating. Loved to entertain. I have lost all interest. I am a lot older than you. Any age or length of time together is the same grief. I wish you well on this difficult journey.
  9. Hey Marg,  

    took your advice on Grace and Frankie, Longmire, Heartland.  Now what.  I need more!.

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    2. Marg M

      Marg M

      Gin, I know neither of us were old until we lost our mates.  Billy would have gotten angry if someone called him old.  He never was.  I never was, till he left, now I am ancient.  We will all get through this together.  We all have each other even though we don't know where everyone lives.  I live in the deep south, but not as far south as New Orleans.  They actually call it the piney woods and I come from a former sawmill town called "Barefoot."  They later changed the name to Springhill because of the spring that flows through it.  Not picturesque like you think, in fact we found an eel that was in the spring.  Then the big papermill took it over and brought in people from everywhere (about 1937) before I was born, but my dad was always a railroad man all his life and the papermill kept the railroad busy.  My granddad owned all the land in the eastern part of the area and we all lived on that land.  Not rich.  We were just a poor sawmill/papermill town, but I would not change it for anything.   

    3. Gin


      Marg, I am from the big city.  Born here, raised here, went to school here.  Still here and will die here, unless I get moved to a hospital in suburbs.  It is getting harder to keep the house up, but I really do not care.  If kids don't like it, let them work on it.  One of my daughters comes most every week and helps me.  Right  now I have to go 3x/week to physical therapy.  Sure hope it works.

      My parents were divorced when I was 3 and my poor Mom had to work in a factory until she died.  Not much money here, either.  Had good grandparents and 2 brothers.

      No matter our living conditions, grief hits us all the same!!  Makes us old and miserable.

    4. Marg M

      Marg M

      We are all the same Gin.  Country girl or city girl.  The pain is the same.  Love you girl.

  10. Kay, have you heard anymore about Butch?
  11. Thanks, Kevin. Enjoyed your pictures and your adorable grandson.
  12. Thanks, Ana. Yoga seems to be recommended a lot. I will keep it in mind.
  13. Kevin, PT gave me 6 exercises to do at home. Most are stretches. One reminded me of what you said about pointing the foot. They are still hard for me, but I am committed to fixing this! She did a lot of massaging today and used a heat pad. Glad you got your computer to do your bidding. I fought with mine yesterday installing Norton. I always enjoyed Jim Nabors. Missed him a year or so ago not singing at the car races. Marg, my sunny disposition flew away with yours!
  14. Thanks, Cookie. I started Physical therapy today. She massaged the really sore areas. Of course it hurt more when I got home. I guess that would be expected. I will try this for awhile an see if it helps. I have exercises to do at home, also. It sure made the world of difference when Al was here and by my side.
  15. It is so hard to deal with stuff when you are grieving and having to do things unfamiliar. I had to deal with my son's issues today, get virus protection for the computer, find somewhere to get physical therapy and deal with the sciatic pain. I put off XRays until tomorrow. Al should be here beside me. When you are alone, you second guess decisions you make.