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  1. Kevin, Sorry you had to put your cat down. That is always such a hard and sad thing.
  2. There are so many things that Al and I did together that I do not like anymore. My latest weird thing is Daylight Saving Time. Crazy? We used to be happy when we got the extra daylight hour. We would sit outside, weather permitting. Now it does not make one bit of difference to me. I stay in most of the time, anyway. The darkness fits my mood. We would start plants inside, which needless to say I do not do anymore. Because of eye problems, I do not drive at night, so I suppose I should appreciate the extra driving time. Nope. Just a grouch today, I guess.
  3. Karen,. Hoping for a very quick and easy recovery.
  4. Karen,. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I had to go for a carotid artery test today and have to see the doc tomorrow since my blood pressure shot up way too high. This medical stuff is sure hard, especially without our mates.
  5. Gwen,. I feel a lot the same. Life seems so pointless. I have very little reason to keep going. At my age, it is one physical problem after another without the most important person in my life to share it. My church closed this last month. I have not been there since Al died. I tried really hard to try a new one this week. I am not good at going to new places alone. I did it. Came home and decided to visit my brother about an hour away. I was feeling ok. Five minutes out and all of a sudden I felt like I was passing out. It passed and I pulled over and phoned my brother and told him I could not come. Went home and it happened again in the house. Never actually passed out, but felt I was. Went to doc and he wants me to get carotid artery ultrasound and test blood sugar and blood pressure. Part of me says, "why bother". But, I go along with it because I am scared. Facing these things without Al is very, very hard. I stay up half the night watching tv. Keep the light on. Usually finally fall asleep with everything on. Nights are rougher, but days are not that great, either.
  6. Cookie, I do not think I will ever be at peace with this condition. The loneliness is terrible. Adding physical problems to advancing age makes it difficult to get out to try to socialize. Sorry you are hurting so much. Gin
  7. Kay,. don't be too casual about ibuprofen. Right after Al died, my knee went out! I took ibuprofen for a few months and became very tired. Ends up the drug evidently caused stomach bleeding and I became extremely anemic. No stomach pain. Now, the only pain killer I take is Tylenol, which does not help that much. Too much Tylenol is no good, either.
  8. found him in Hinsdale, a suburb of Chi.

    1. Marg M

      Marg M

      Dr. Jason D Griffin, MD is a Doctor primarily located in Hinsdale, IL. He has 26 years of experience. His specialties include Internal Medicine. Dr. Griffin is affiliated with Holy Family Medical Center and Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital. Dr. Griffin has received 3 awards. He speaks English.    

      I do not know anything about the area up there Gin.  My cousin and her husband lived in an antebellum home they had built down here in Louisiana.  She was a Prof. of English at La. Tech and her husband sold insurance.  They left the warm south for Grand Haven, Michigan and built a house off of Lake Michigan.  She is into antiques and it is a huge house filled with them.  After Billy "left" it kind of made her see that all these things are not really worth anything, as we get older they are a lot of trouble to take care of, just as you and I have found that we are alone a lot.  Well, we have our kids.  But, they get to see all four of their grandchildren grow up and have enjoyed all the activities, etc.  But, like me, (they are older than me), they have the same things we all battle.  You know how to handle the cold, I'm afraid I don't.  Take it easy Jen.  

    2. Marg M

      Marg M

      And I meant Gin......I was distracted.  Sorry.

  9. Couldn't find Jason Griffin in Chicago area.  There was one in Georgia.

  10. Good, I know you are ok.  I am reading a book about Rosemary Kennedy...the hidden Kennedy daughter.  Parents tried so hard to make her "normal".  The lobotomy is coming.

  11. Hey Marg,

    you OK?  Have not seen you lately.

    1. Marg M

      Marg M

      I just posted Gin.  Are you doing okay?  Honestly, the north has the snow and the south has the floods.  We have had rain every day.  One of my friends is putting sandbags up around her house on the lake.  Hope things are okay where you are.  My cousin's son is an internal medicine doctor in Chicago. (is that where you live?)  Jason Griffin.  He trained at the school where I worked.  He is a sweetheart and so good to his mom and dad.  His brother is an ER doc over around Lake Michigan on the Michigan side.  (I've never been there).

  12. Hope you will be home soon.

  13. Thinking of you today, Kevin.  Hope you are doing well.

  14. Tom,. I am afraid I still feel only sadness when thinking about all we did together. It has been over 2 years and I am still so very sad. I will never go to another play. That was something WE did.