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  1. My heart is with you today Gin, sending you hugs. Joyce
  2. Maryann, glad to hear you are safe. Having been through many hurricanes and tropical storms (none with that amount of rain though) I know how scary they can be. Stay safe. Hugs, Joyce
  3. Healing

    Mitch, that sounded scary, glad you are okay and yes Tammy was watching out for you.
  4. Healing

    Mitch, I am like you, everything is still here and in the exact same place that Dale left it. Seeing his things gives me comfort too, so I know exactly what you are saying that if you removed the rack how much that would hurt. We all deal with this in different ways and whatever makes you feel better is what should be done. There is no right or wrong way to get through this journey, just whatever is right for you. Hugs, Joyce
  5. Sean, it hurts all over again because it's just another reminder, unfortunately it won't be the last. We understand and my heart is with you. Hugs, Joyce
  6. Today is Dale's birthday. Happy Birthday my love. Even though this is his 3rd birthday without him, it is still very difficult to get through. Any of our "special" days, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays don't seem to get any easier, not that the regular days all the rest of the year are easy either. It's like it has been said many times before, I thought I knew what grief was, with already losing so many loved ones in my life, but this one, losing the love of my life and my soulmate, well you can never be prepared enough for it. I love and miss you Dale and I always will.
  7. Brad, you will be fine and do okay. Believe me though I understand what you are saying about how much this grief has shaken my confidence. Good luck and Deedo will be with you cheering you on! Joyce
  8. Brad, wishing you good luck in your teaching adventure. Please do come back and let us know how it is going. Hugs, Joyce
  9. The Car

    Maryann, so sorry about your car accident, but glad you are okay and I'm sure Mark was watching over you. I understand your feeling about losing another connection to your love and how much that hurts. Sending hugs, Joyce
  10. Kay, glad to hear you are doing better, hoping for more improvement for you. Hugs, Joyce
  11. mbbh, so beautiful and well said. I can relate to it all. Hope you can find some peace. Joyce
  12. Amy, wishing you some peace on this special day. We all know how hard these days are to get through. Sending hugs, Joyce
  13. Kay, I'm so sorry that happened to you. When you are expecting and wanting help and some relief and you can't get it, it can be devastating. I hope you can find some help soon. Sending hugs
  14. Good luck today Kay and hope they are able to help with the pain.