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  1. You are in my thoughts today Kay, (hope you are feeling better) Hugs
  2. Hope you feel better soon and hope the meds start working. Sending you hugs!
  3. Cookie, I know exactly what you are feeling and saying. Sending you hugs and will be thinking of you. Joyce
  4. Marie You are in my thoughts today as these "certain" dates are so hard no matter how long it has been. Hope you find a little peace and comfort today, Hugs!, Joyce
  5. Your in my thoughts, sending you hugs.
  6. Gwen I completely get it and understand the pain and how it feels when you see things like that. When I unpacked my evacuation boxes (that I had packed a month after Dale left and was still numb) here at my new place, it was very difficult and even though I was crying looking at everything (cards, letters, pictures) I couldn't keep myself from doing it. Sending you hugs, Joyce
  7. Robin, you are in my thoughts today as I know it is a day you don't want to remember. Hoping you find a little peace today.
  8. Mitch, I know today is hard and I really don't feel I can say "Happy" birthday, but I do hope you find a little peace today and can find good memories to dwell on. Hugs!
  9. Gin, I can totally relate. It's been almost 6 months since I moved into my new place and I have almost gotten everything unpacked and put where I want it. The past couple of weeks though have been the hardest, I've been unpacking my evacuation boxes that I put together the month after Dale died. I put all pictures I had of him and other loved ones that are gone in one box, the other boxes had our "stuff" from when we did things or went somewhere, plus important papers. I wanted to make sure that I had all those items with me if I had to leave cause of the weather (which I did have to evacuate 3 times in 2 years by myself). When I put those boxes together it was so soon after his death that I was still in shock and numb and it wasn't that hard. Well going through them this time, almost 3 years later, has been some of the hardest 2 weeks I've had, a lot of tears. I still have one more box, but I'm putting it off for a little bit, I'm just plain worn out. Hugs to you
  10. So sorry Gin, that had to hurt. It's bad enough when we are still getting mail for them and I can't believe that I'm now getting mail for Dale at my new place, his name is not on anything here, so I guess the post office gave out the new address as if he is still alive! Like was said above, I'm sure the man didn't mean to hurt you and had forgotten that Al is no longer here, but even that hurts. Sending hugs!
  11. Oh my Mitch and Kay, so glad both of you are ok and made it through your scary day. Sending hugs your way.
  12. Thinking of you today, Tom. Hope you can find a little peace today.
  13. Mary Beth, thank you for sharing, it's absolutely beautiful.
  14. You are in my thoughts today, George, hope you can find a little peace today.