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  1. I am so lost without her. Most days I make it through and feel okay, but there is always a lingering feeling of helplessness. My mom passed this past march of lung cancer caused by a gene mutation. I lost my dad when I was 4 to cancer as well, I am now 19 with a 22 year old brother. Mom used a website to communicate with people going through the same thing as her and they became so important in her life, that is kind of what I am looking for. Just people to talk to who know what I am going through. I usually read these forums but never say much, most of that due to the fact that it took a long time to get the email verifying this account. Anyway, hopefully I get some responses from people who want to share their experience. My mom was my absolute best friend, we did basically everything together and I knew no matter what I could tell her anything, I still can. It feels like the longer she is gone (physically gone) I get scared I am losing her all over again because I don't have those moments that happened just yesterday or a week ago like I did right after she passed. I have to hold in my heart that she is with me because I know she is. Thank you guys for reading this! CC
  2. Both parents

    Hi Jason, Completely know what you're going through having lost both parents. I am only 19 years old trying to navigate the world (what feels like) alone. Also know what you mean when you say that some days you are fine and others you just lose it. All of a sudden everything doesn't seem to have a point and it aches. Hopefully I can start using this website more because I do feel like it will help me to speak with other people in the same situation.