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  1. Thank you Shari, that is a good quote to share.
  2. Thank you for your kindness and support MartyT, kayc, sharirouse, seachelle I have tried therapy in the past but haven't found it helpful. Thanks again
  3. young adult grievers

    Hey Amy. Yep, I'm from the South West :-) I'm really sorry that you lost your Mum at a young age too, it's so hard. I am glad to meet other young women who lost their Mum's when they were kids too, as I don't know anyone in real life my age who has. xoxo Edit: MartyT thank you for adding this list! I will take a look at the links xo
  4. young adult grievers

    My name is Ella, I'm 21 and lost my Mum at 16. xxx
  5. My Mom passed almost five years ago of Cancer when I was 16. She was ill since I was 12. was an incredible Mom, I am so proud and grateful that she was mine. Since her passing, I have felt an overwhelming amount of guilt as I wasn't there for her when she was dying. I was so afraid - I hid in my room on the computer. In a sense, I still do. I experienced deep, overwhelming depression and agoraphobia. It spiralled out of control. Every time I get a job, for example, I become deeply depressed and spiral into suicidal thoughts and actions. I do not know how to stop this. Since my Mom's passing, I have continually dropped out of schools, jobs and relationships. I struggle with keeping my word and struggle to accept myself. A few days ago my Dad told me he is at breaking point and struggles supporting me as an adult. It is not fair to him. In a few weeks, I am starting school again. I really do not want to fail and drop out this time - I want to succeed. Please help me