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  1. Both parents

    Thanks to all for your replies, is great to have that extra support. Yes Kayc, i'm an only child, so can be difficult not sharing with siblings. Although I've recently visited my great uncle and cousin in the UK and shared feelings, so that was good. Some days good, some emotional. Is nearly 11 months since my dad passed and the fog is clearing a little. I'll keep in touch. Best wishes Jason
  2. Both parents

    Last few months ive been reading through the forums trying to make sense of grief experiences. I feel the right time now to express the loss of both my parents that past away 12 months apart. I live in Ireland, but both my parents while not living together lived in North Wales. My mother passed away suddenly, aged 62, from a heart attack 17 Dec 2014. I received the news by telephone call from her close friend. To say I was gutted wasn't the word, the grief journey was/has been a roller coaster, although is now been nearly 21 months. Then 16th Dec 2015 my father passed away, again 62, from a heart attack. (bit of a coincidence. They hadn't seen each other for 20 plus years either). My fathers girlfriend didn't have my telephone number and had to email me to call her early on the 17th. As you can imagine both experiences were shocks. My father has now passed nearly 9 months and some days i'm fine and others I may find myself emotional and with a range of emotions. I think i'm feeling more emotional about my dad now then the early months. The fog could be clearing? Not being in North wales has kind of helped to compartmentalise the grief in ways, but as we all know, sooner or later no matter where you are I've found myself becoming emotional in a variety of situations and with my energy being sapped. On a few occasions I've felt like I was losing it, but this forum has been a safety raft where I've known what to expect, so thank you for sharing your experiences. best wishes Jason