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  1. Not gone yet

    I did send a letter to her yesterday. I am willing to do anything she needs. I just really hope she reaches out to me and lets me be there like I have been all along. Thank you so much for your input
  2. Not gone yet

    My neighbor and very close friend is dying of cancer. She was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer in the beginning of summer. She went through a rigorous routine of chemo and radiation. She was so strong and positive and faught like a warrior. Her scans after treatment showed the cancer was gone in october. A total miracle. However it returned by november. She again started chemo but wasnt nearly as positive. Just last week the doctor told her there is nothing more they can do that it spread too far and its time to look into hospice. Since receiving this news, I have only spoke to her once. I feel like she is avoiding me because she doesnt want me to see her like this. I just want to be there for her until the end. I hope I get my chance to say goodbye
  3. Teddy

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I was so heartbroken after letting my Princess go that I stumbled upon this website after a google search on the loss of a pet. The wonderful people on here have been truly amazing and helped me so much in the time of my grief. Everytime I was hysterical and crying Id come on here and read stories or reply to others. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you find comfort in knowing that you are not alone! Just remember your Teddy will always be by your side in spirit!
  4. My Sweet Ruby

    Definately. Ckoeppel how are you doing? I hope Ruby is still visiting you on a regular basis
  5. My Sweet Ruby

    Hope had her first vet appt today and it happened to be the same room as we had to let Princess go in. I started to get tears in my eyes but then noticed that Hope went to the exact spot that Princess had her head laying. She kept sniffing and then stayed right in the same spot. It was so weird but almost like she knew. I still miss Princess so much and smell her around the house all the time. Then I look at Hope and see how she went from a super skinny pup to a little chunker in just 2 1/2 weeks. I love her so much and knowing that I took her from a dirty house to one where she is being loved and cared for makes it ok. I actually think her Princess would have loved each other
  6. My Sweet Ruby

    Doesn't she and when her ear lays flat is completes the circle for her patch. I am truly amazed at how much love I have for her while still grieving for Princess.
  7. My Sweet Ruby

    Thank you. There is something about the love a dog gives you that is really helping now. Plus I see how much she is growing and I know that she is going to have a wonderful life with us.
  8. My Sweet Ruby

    This is Hope. The sweet puppy who gave me hope. She will never replace Princess but is helping us heal.
  9. My Sweet Ruby

  10. My Sweet Ruby

    That is amazing I definately see her face! I keep trying to upload pics but it gives me an error message. I will definately watch the video
  11. My Sweet Ruby

    I did the unthinkable. I got another dog. I am still so devastated over the loss of Princess, but this puppy needed to be saved. I named her Hope because she gave me hope that I could love another dog. Her situation was almost identical to how I got Princess. She was from a litter in a bad neighborhood where she most likely wasn't cared for properly. She was dirty, and threw up when she came to me. It has been a week and I cant believe how much she is helping me heal. She is so much like Princess its kind of weird. She even sleeps exactly like Princess. While I miss Princess so much, I know she would want another little pitbull to be given a chance. While I wish I could have saved the entire litter thats not realistic. So now I have Hope. I show her pictures of Princess every day, I'm sure that sounds crazy but she always wags her little tail when I tell her about Princess. I dont think I would ever have been ready for a new dog, but it's like she was brought to me. Knowing that I saved one puppy from being abused or possibly even raised to fight, makes it worth it. She just wants to be loved. She will never replace Princess, but there is room in my heart to love her too.
  12. My Sweet Ruby

    I really like the ring and journal, they are beautiful! Ive been looking into having jewlery made with the ashes and will probably order an ornament. The day I had to send Princess to heaven, a random morning glory "appeared" in my front yard. If it was there before I never noticed it so I think its from her. Today the first flower bloomed from it. Even though this plant will probably take over my porch, I dont have the heart to tear it down. Plus theres no way it will survive the winter here.
  13. My Sweet Ruby

    I was just looking for an ornament and came across this t shirt. It looks exactly like my Princess. Another way her spirit keeps visiting me
  14. My Sweet Ruby

    That is a really great idea I am going to look into getting an ornament made
  15. My Sweet Ruby

    Ckoeppel, I also meant to tell you that I am sorry that your daughter was so harsh like that. Is it possible she is jealous of the bond you shared with Ruby? My older son, hes only 8, used to get so mad that Princess wouldnt ever lay with him on the couch. He would tell my husband " she only lays with mom". At the time I thought it was funny but I see now I was the one that had the strongest bond with her.