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  1. Beautiful song Darrel to pair with lovely memories... The book of life is brief How true - Glad to hear from you ... Music is definitely one way to bring back a memory... send us back to a moment ... like the song Trisha Yearwood sang.. The ding remembers welll... Hugs from Marie
  2. Thank you Janka ... Faith does help. Yes, loneliness.. seems to be a constant companion ..hugs
  3. Tried doing yard work a little bit today ... ended up so overwhelmed with the 100,000 details ++++ trying to sort out all of the stuff in my messy garage ... Did get a couple of things done... wondering when the emotions will become more manageable and not so overwhelming... Thought about you all... I know y’all get it.. Hugs Trying to think happy thoughts ......
  4. Yes - hand raises- it’s 1:47 am.. struggling to sleep here... not much else to add...
  5. I love you all....sorry we are all on this journey ...but I am glad I met you all.. Sorry about your sis Kay ...
  6. Love reading about all of your traditions, memories and the small tokens to celebrate love. We made it through another Holiday- hugs!
  7. Thanks Kay... I guess the biggest lesson for me may be remembering the value of relationships. hugs
  8. Hi Kay - Thank you :-) I do have a great counselor.. his specialty is insight counseling and he has been wonderful in regards to grief and other “ stuff” I am working through.. I can’t even imagine what your sister has been going through... so sorry she and your son have had those experiences.. sometimes I just feel as if maybe we are all in some sort of journey with a lesson to learn... i dunno - thank y’all for your support!! xo- Marie
  9. Aah the wonderful beauty of love and sharing sandwiches ... high fives.. and inside..silly jokes.. all the wonderful ...wonderful things that enriched our lives... love the mental pic that brings Gwen..thanks for sharing your traditions. Big Hug Gwen.. and sending a pinky swear to you girl to girl.. just because.. won't do the high five.. so a pinky swear will have to do. I wish I could make all our pain go away.. Kev always like Reubens =)
  10. Good evening all.. It has been a while since I have been on here.. but I think of Kev every day.. as you all know. Feb 12 will mark the 20th month since I lost him on that tragic day. I am doing fairly well at piecing some sort of a life together.. still processing much. I am amazed at the correlation of my body and my mind when it comes to healing.. and my emotions as well. I have started acupuncture for my nerve damage as a result of the accident. I had my first one today.. and it was an odd sensation.. I am hopeful it will be beneficial. I have also started PT for my neck area. That has been the biggest correlation of my mind and my emotions from the accident. So much has come back to me emotionally speaking. Allowing myself to process and take the time to process... has been very helpful to me. I am still attending therapy.. as I am one to talk out problems.. and not everyone wants or needs my emotional dumping.. lol Today I was visiting a friend and he said something about the five steps of grieving.. he was trying to be helpful.. but I didn't receive it well.. lol. I went to a website to chat and play a word game.. someone posted this song.. The first time ever I saw your face.. and of course.. more emotions today. Why does it take losing someone to realize how much you loved them? Even more than you knew... when you had them... for me anyways.. I am still trying to process the fact I lived and he didn't. I don't know how to feel about it. I know no one does.. I know that.. but I have to find a way to have some measure of peace w/ it. So..here I am again.. stopping by to say Hello.. and i wonder how you all are doing... Please take care. Hugs/ Marie
  11. Holidays

    HI everyone.. Yes, the Holidays are once again.. coming up too quickly. I have no motivation to roast a turkey. It was Kev's fave thing I made. He is not here to rave about it.. I won't get to see his eyes light up... he isn't here to carve it. I think I need a new tradition. I have been sick this week and have not gone to the store. I can't even say I want to- lol.. Everything everyone says and posts says it all... I love y'all... may we all get through these days the best we can. Just dropping in to say HI.. and yes, I am still here.. and no, I am not feeling any Holiday Spirit... Sigh.. Big Hug.. let me go get something done.
  12. Aaaah Cookie Indeed ..I feel like a stranger even in my own land I think.... I don’t have any words to add ... just dropped in to say hi and show my love and support.. Yes - Another Holiday season is here... Love to all. Marie Lee
  13. Dear Mares... Your optimism is inspiring .. your son will surely be a beautiful blessing in your life.. So very sorry for your tragic loss.. I am in Indiana visiting my daughter and her family. About 16 mos ago I lost my husband, her father. This morning we were talking about life and tragedy.. it's so hard to understand why one person experiences tragedy and another may not.. We all experience loss...eventually.. Perhaps it is simply a reminder for us as to what truly is important. Hugs to you and your sweet baby.. Please take care of yourself in every way... he needs you. sending much love - Marie
  14. Happy belated birthday Kay!!🎉🎉🎂🎂🌺🌺
  15. I would be lost without my iPhone calendar - it was the only way I kept up with all my doc appointments after the accident and now making plans moving forward.... and yes grief has heavily impacted my memory.