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  1. Losing more than a friend

    Thank you both for your responses. I will read the articles/stories you reference. I appreciate your kind words and your support. I will continue to use this site and it is helpful.
  2. Hello, I am new to the group. I have grieved before, but this is different and unique and I am not sure how to mourn this loss. I have been going through marital difficulty for a few years now. While on a summer weekend away with friends three years ago, I met someone. I received a facebook friend request from him after we met. I accepted. By chance, we saw each other again at the same location for the following three years. During that time, our correspondence on facebook/text was ocassional until recently. However, it was obvious that we had a connection or mutual attraction, although we never acted upon it. Last month, he admitted in a text that he did have feelings for me. As I'm seeing the end of my marriage, I was not only happy to hear this but responded that I did, too. We both talked about how we were looking forward to seeing one another this upcoming summer. He was there when I needed him to be. As I was feeling the neglect of a loveless marriage, I had someone in my life, even remotely, that made me feel loved. Sadly, only month to the day of his admission of how he felt, he suddenly passed away from a heart attack. He was reletively young, too, so this was a complete shock. I cannot believe that he is gone. What went with him is the thought of what could be between us, as well. HIs loss was huge to so many; he was divorced, but had two children. He left behind many close friends and family. I am definitely not alone in mourning him, but I cannot mourn with his loved ones. They don't know me, probably don't know that I existed. Only a few of his friends know who I am, but they don't know of "us". I was not able to attend the funeral as his home is 15 hours away from mine. I have told some of my friends that know him of our shared feelings, so when they are available to me it does help somewhat. But I can't openly mourn in my home. How do I grieve? I'll return to where we met this summer - I can't stop thinking of how hard that will be, or great it would have been...