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  1. You have rec'd some very sound and wise counsel. This sounds like a household/family of hurting people and hurting people hurt people, sadly enough. I have to tell you a story as a prelude to posting my reply. Mrs. Garrison was a dear friend of mine's mother. Although I rec'd this story from her daughter it can be verified in her book-Mrs. Garrison and the Holy Ghost. Mrs. Garrison was on her way from Florida to visit her daughter in Ala. The trip took much longer than expected and this was before cell phones. When Mrs. Garrison finally arrived she explained that she had been driving along when the Lord spoke to her. He told her to pull over and go to a certain house, knock on the door and when they opened the door to enter and hide under the table. Mrs. G was instructed to pray for this household, as there was a family who were in great difficulty and hurting badly. Mrs. G prayed till the Lord told her to leave. Imagine that I am Mrs. G. I am going to be praying for your household until the Lord releases me. I pray that you and your husband will resolve the issues between you and that his pain will be eased so that you and he can find the beauty of your marriage and be prepared for whatever comes in the future. I pray that you and your daughters will find resolution and forgiveness with their Mom and Dad and each other. I especially pray for the daughter that is marrying soon that she would recognize the beauty of marriage and go into her own marriage prepared and ready for all that God has planned. I pray that respect for all will be maintained in every way. I pray for mercy and grace that the true joy of the Lord might be found. I pray that true love will fill this family and that that love will help them to overcome the difficulties in their lives.