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  1. Christine O.

    Music That Soothes Me

    Thank you all for the wonderful music! When I am starting to feel down about my loss, my favorite song to listen to is "See You Again." It is from a recent movie Furious 7. This song really opens me up to the fact that I will one day see them again, they are not gone forever. Another song I tend to listen to is Hallelujah by Penatonix. Both are wonderful songs that help me get through the tough times.
  2. Christine O.

    feeling a lot of guilt and regret

    I have recently lost two of friends of mine, and have the same feelings you are having. It is very tough to lose a friend, especially when you feel like there wasn't enough time spent together. Try not to hold it against yourself, it will be difficult but maybe try different hobbies that can help you with coping this loss.
  3. Christine O.

    Maybe I could've done more

    This is a typical feeling to have. I lost a friend to suicide in October and I still have the feeling of guilt everyday. I still think about him every single day and it breaks my heart. It is not easy but it is something that is now part of my life. I just think about how much of an impact he had on everyone around him and especially the good times shared with them.