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    September 8 2017
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  1. Just so sad today . I miss my jordan so much . He was my everything. My best friend and my partner. I miss him so much I don’t even want to get out of bed . I’m trying my best but I can’t see my future without him. I know holidays will be hard so I’m hoping it will pass .
  2. Pining

    I know how you feel and I am so sorry 😐🙁 IT really is so hard
  3. Sorry For Your Loss

    I agree people that act as if they know you or relationship should just back off . It is hurtful it has happened to me with Facebook as well . So I can totally relate. Like who the heck are you people. This is such a hurtful thing to have strangers comment on such a personal thing
  4. I’m sorry for your loss also . THank you I can use the prayers.
  5. I believe it thanks for sharing
  6. I keep hoping for a visit too
  7. My husband of 6 years just died of cancer and sometimes when I think back at those last days . I am so heartbroken that I could have done more. Even though I took him to every doctor appointment and loved him . I feel like I failed and miss him so much .He was my best friend and would light up a room when he stepped in. I carry his ashes around if I go away I can’t bare to leave him alone . I know it’s crazy but I do it anyway . I talk to him when I walk into my empty apartment and before I go to bed . In the hopes that if there is another side after death he will hear me tell him I love and miss him
  8. Ashes

    I just read this and it gave me comfort knowing that I am not the only person carrying around their loved ones ashes . It has been a month now that I lost my beloved Jordan and I don’t like to leave the ashes alone when I go visit my sister I take them with me .He is in a beautiful wooden inlaid box like a jewelry box . I put his picture and some of his jewelry in it . I miss him so much a piece of my heart died along with him. Tony