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  1. Physical symptoms?

    Thank you kayc
  2. Physical symptoms?

    Well its been seven weeks today since Marjorie passed. Every Sunday is tough to deal with. I try to keep busy but I break down often. I do to any group meeting I can find during the month and they do help just talking about it. I know its early in the grieving process yet but I sometimes wonder if I’m wishing my life away just to get at least a year in to feel better. I thank God everyday that we were together for 21 years. I miss her so much. It’s so hard to be alone in the house especially in the morning. Sometimes its hard to have hope that things will get better. Maybe some of my problem is that I’m just feeling sorry for myself. Marjorie would pray for the Lord to take her and cry for a few seconds and then say she was just feeling sorry for herself and then stop. I wish I could do the same but its very hard.
  3. Physical symptoms?

    Thanks Kayc. I’ll have to look for volunteer work somewhere
  4. Physical symptoms?

    Today is a tough day. If I don’t have anything to do during the day, I just stay home and cry. It’s so hard to snap out it enough to get up. I have to try and work out. Just to stop this crying. That’s all l think about is my wife and cry. It’s like torture.
  5. Physical symptoms?

    Oh Janka you have been through so much. Your story is beautiful and yet it hurts to read some if it. I also hurt from the loneliness. Thank you Janka for taking the time out to help me. I really appreciate it.
  6. Physical symptoms?

    Also, what signs have you had from your beloved man Janka? I wish I could get some signs from my wife.
  7. Physical symptoms?

    Thank you Janka. Yes, my belief in God also helps. I go to mass everyday. I have help from family but I worry that I’m bothering them too much. They tell me they don’t know what to say anymore. So today I’ll just stay home by myself and somehow get through the day even though it been so awful.
  8. Physical symptoms?

    Thank you Janka. I’m sorry about your loss also. How have you dealt with your loss for six years? It’s seems almost impossible to do.
  9. Physical symptoms?

    I’m just doing so bad today. I can’t stop crying and thinking about my wife. I get so bad I pray to God to just take me so I can be with her. I don’t know what to do anymore
  10. Physical symptoms?

    Thank you so much for your help everyone. I will continue on this site. What a wonderful place where I feel I can get help. I have make it through Thanksgiving now my next challenge is Marjorie’s birthday on 12/13. Not sure what to do. I have talked to my wife’s children and suggest just going out for dinner. I’ll take anything so I don’t stay at home all day. Thanks again
  11. Physical symptoms?

    Thank you MartyT.
  12. Physical symptoms?

    Thank you so much Kayc. I will keep reading your post over. I am grateful.
  13. Physical symptoms?

    Thank you for the input. I have just been to the doctor and I’m ok physically. I have been given anti depression medication and I have been taking anxiety medication already. I try to work out every day and I also go to mass everyday. That’s what my wife did so it makes me feel good to be there and pray. I sure do a lot of praying. I have a good support system with family, friends and at church. I go to a Hospice Counciler every week and most of their Bereavment groups. It all helps a little but i just go back to the belly aches and a lot of crying. It’s been a month today since my wife passed. I have been a caregiver since March of this year and it has taken its toll on me. Marjorie was in hospice for 15 days till her passing. I just miss her so much and just want her back even though i know that’s not going to happen. Sometimes when I’m really bad I pray to God to just take me so I can be with her. I can’t believe how painful this is.
  14. Physical symptoms?

    Marty thanks for the info. I have terrible pains in my abdomen whenever I think of my wife who just passed away October 22. Sometimes I can’t take it. What an awful feeling. I’ve read it could take at least 7 month for it to subside.