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  1. Thank you all. My guy and I are going on a mommy and son date. He had such a rough night.
  2. Your words very much help Marg. Thank you so much.
  3. May I ask that everyone say a prayer or light a candle or do whatever it is you believe in... for our Caleb. He is inconsolable and hysterically emotional. Allen has been laying with him for a few hours. It’s past 11 and he’s not settling down. We are thinking of taking him to the ER if he doesn’t settle and stop hysterically sobbing. He just wants his Grammy Mary and Grampy Butch. He’s nine and we are not sure if this is “normal”. Our hearts are breaking with his. Katie
  4. Allen and I just read all the comments in reply to his Dad’s passing. Thank you all again. We don’t even remember reading them earlier. Grief is high. Memory is hard and not as strong as the grief.
  5. I’m really questioning his love right now. I mean I know he loved me and all of us but it’s really a struggle to not question how much love. I just don’t know. But I appreciate your words. ❤️
  6. Six days before he took his life he was telling me he loved me. Why? 😢
  7. Shock.

    It feels like the entire world is going on and I’m just stuck stopped paralyzed with horrible reality. This is the worst feeling.
  8. Shock.

    I really miss these two gorgeous faces. Neither I nor Katie have truly mourned them before my Dad took his life. I wish this all wasn’t so overwhelming. 😢💔
  9. Shock.

    Thank you Marty and Kay. Katie and I will definitely be going to marriage counseling. We have out separate grief but we have the same grief as well. Caleb and Ryan are our reason for breathing.
  10. Shock.

    Our chubbers
  11. Shock.

    Thank you George and for the private messages as well.
  12. Shock.

    Katie and I are in shock and overwhelmed. Losing my Dad is like losing the glue that held the family together. We find ourselves short tempered towards each other. And for Caleb’s sake especially we need to not become unglued. Losing the three babies and Noah is weighing on both of us too. I am in therapy and Katie is in therapy but we aren’t in therapy together. I think we need that. Without fearing our marriage is falling apart. I miss my children so much it’s incomprehensible and I miss my Dad so much that it just seems so not real. And I’m waiting in essence for the next bad thing to happen because we’ve been hit back to back to back to back. I keep going to what would my mom do if she were still here. Even in grief she’d make it better. That was just her nature. Sorry for complaining here. Things are just so tough. Allen
  13. Ryan looking so much like Gracie