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  1. Heartbroken how do i carry on

    Thankyou i would of done absolutely anything for him and have to accept the ultimate act of love was to end his suffering im hoping time will do this Mothers day was hard yesterday i think of him 24/7 feel guilty to eat of sleep its just so tough xx
  2. Heartbroken how do i carry on

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou my grieving is normal this pain that cripples is out of love because boy did i love my Dixie i believe more than anyone in this world The ifs buts whys torment me why did i go on holiday how could my proud athletic boy deterioate so quick should i of tried harder before pts ???? These are things i will have to find peace with I plan to speak to the vet see if she can ease some of it I am indebted for your replys xxx
  3. Heartbroken how do i carry on

    Thankyou so much for your reply i feel like only fellow animal lovers understand and i need their reassurance at this moment I have no one who fully understands he was and is my baby i will grieve for him forever this pain is unbearable i am looking for answers and questioning did i do enough ? Im just heartbroken x
  4. Nagging 20/20 guilt over loss of dog

    I feel your pain ive just lost my soulmate bestfriend and constant companion in similar circumstances sunday lethargic to wednesday and gone had to be pts (suspected brain tumour) I hope your and my pain dulls and we can both learn to live with our memories xx
  5. Heartbroken how do i carry on

    I had to make the heartbreaking decision yo put my 13yo staff to sleep just a few days after he fell unwell from being his normal bouncy self and im overwhelmed with guilt and heartache its a physical pain that no pills will help I was on holiday the previous week he stayed home with my son on the sunday he was slow getting up and didnt eat much same the monday i arrived home and he came to great me with less enthusiam than normal i gave him steak water and painrelief incase his joints were aching and took him the vets first thing tues morning . He was kept for the day had bloods urinalysis fluids and an ultrasound some of his bloods were off but not drastic and there was free fluid in his abdomen again not much some blood in urine i brought him home with abs and tramadol to return friday However his condition worsened significantly and he began fitting she made a home visit and he was very poorly so we decided pts ( she suspected brain tumour but i guess we will never know now) i am devastated beyond words not eating not sleeping riddled with guilt iwas on holiday could i have done more etc etc I had him cremated but cant look at the casket my majestic soul mate companion best friend it doesnt feel right how could he go that quick ? Im really in a dark place with it all has anyone else felt this down dark and empty when will ( if ever) will i be able to cope ?? Please help