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    I lead a grief support group and I enjoy volunteering in my church (Treasurer & on Praise Team, choir) and the senior site, where I do the bingo prizes. I love stamping, hiking, nature, singing. I am a retired Office Mgr./Bkpr.

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  1. Healing

    Wow! I had that happen when my car was new too...only I hit the deer head on, dead center! No damage! Only a slightly bent plate, no big deal. I drove it to Honda dealership and had them check it over just in case there was something I didn't see underneath the car, they said it was fine. I couldn't believe it! It hadn't occurred to me that it was my guardian angel, but perhaps! I was blown away. I'm so glad you and your car are okay!
  2. Tom, I was gone all day yesterday and am just now reading this...I hope it all went well for you and I'm glad you have people that love you and spent time with you. What a lovely idea you had! Happy Birthday! My first birthday without George was terrible, even though around people at work and then church, no one remembered my birthday or called and said Happy Birthday to me. That in itself would have probably been okay except it was such a stark change from spending them with George, who always made a big deal of them. I cried myself to sleep, missing him...
  3. No, you don't have it wrong, but where we are in our journey makes a difference as to how things affect us. In the beginning it's painful because it brings up the fact that they're gone now and we won't be building more memories...later on when we've gotten more adjusted to life as it is now, the memories comfort and sustain us even though we're alone, we console ourselves with the fact that we once had this, and that person loves us still even though out of reach.
  4. Hello New To Site

    MemyselfandI, I am so sorry for your loss. You were especially close to your dad, so it's understandable that it hits you hard. I remember after taking care of my MIL for three years when she was bedridden with cancer, feeling at a loss when she was gone...missing her, but also feeling that emptiness after having been her caregiver for so long. I had a husband and little children, but I felt a void where she had been, and that loss of purpose when something drastically changes for us. It does take time to adjust and I'm glad you're getting help with your grief counselor. Marty has given you a great article, so I hope you find it of some help, it's one I've saved.
  5. Goodbye to my fur family

    I can imagine how hard it feels, I've lost all the animals George and I had. My son was here for a couple of them but in the service when I lost the others, it's hard to face these things alone, heck, it was hard enough when we had our spouse!
  6. My father's ashes

    That's how I felt spending Christmas alone last year. I'm sorry you have no one with you.
  7. George, I admire your determination and discipline, I think the hardest part is taking that first step. Congratulations on the weight loss and getting healthy, inside and out. You've asked for prayers for Easton, you've got it!
  8. Butch, I, for one, appreciate your opening up your heart and life to us by sharing Gracie with us. There's not a one of us that regrets your sharing her with us, she is our little angel. It's been a shock, losing her, our hearts go out to you in your loss. If I could take away some of your sorrow and bear it myself, my dear man, I would. You have expanded our lives by sharing this little bright spot with us and we are all the richer for your having done so. Hugs and continual prayers...
  9. Healing

    I think that any healing we get on this journey is a process, rather than something fixed to be attained. It's continual. Mitch, I'm so sorry for what your neighbors and their landlord put you through, it's so wrong! It seems the landlord could get in trouble with the association for what he told them! This life is exhausting. Yesterday I woke up to find leaking all along my new patio roof next to my house and my huge patio cupboard flooded with water...it's sustained enough damage due to the leaks over the last couple of years! Met with roofer, he came right out and fixed it...at least I hope. And now my dog pen has leaks all along the house as well, it's never leaked there before except one spot and when that was "fixed", that's when all the rest started! It seems like plumbing problems, you touch one thing and it creates another monster, I went through that a couple of years ago, can't tell you how many pipes had to be fixed, one after another after another! Now it's roofs. Going through life's crap without our partner is very challenging and exhausting. Even if they weren't the one to deal with this stuff, at least we could get emotional support from them...and in my case, George would have been the one dealing with it all. He was great that way, I only had to take care of him by fixing his meals and doing his laundry and he happily took care of me by tending to the yard and fixing things around the house. If he didn't know how to do something, he'd pay someone to teach him. God I miss that man! I know you feel the same way, Mitch. Tammy was your support, your cheerleader, you reason for doing everything you did, and your reward for having done so. So hard doing all this without them. But I know George would be proud of me for making my way through the struggle...
  10. For some reason, I never got the notification that there was further activity on this thread until Maylissa's post, so I'm sorry it's taken so long to respond to you. Of course you love your Baby Pearl and would do anything for her. I was surprised anyone read my story about Arlie because I removed it right away, thinking it inappropriate to draw attention away from your story at hand. I do apologize for that. Each of us here truly loves the one we lost and it's so hard to go on without them here in our lives, waiting until we can be with them again, at last! But I truly believe we will be...it's just hard waiting in the meantime. That's why I love this video, it helps me to think about it...
  11. In my family we heavily use humor to get by, sometimes when it even sounds sick. Sometimes others around us don't get it, it seems like it's a club my sisters and I belong to. We got that humor from my dad. I do understand your pain, it's not about the $, it's the slight from your own dad, the feeling you don't count. I got that from my mom, she left everything to my brother and nothing to us five girls. We didn't count because we were "just girls". My brother was the last, the youngest, he was adopted...amazing how us girls could be there for my mom all her life but we didn't matter. It hurts, I don't know any other way to put it. I have gotten by all my life without her help, I don't need her things and somehow I've made do without inheriting $ from anyone, but to be discounted because you're "just a girl" or because you don't have a wife and kids to leave something to, that's just so wrong! I know your dad is beyond getting it, just as my mom was, just know that someone out here understands and cares, and I think you're pretty terrific and you matter!
  12. Healing

    Mitch, I'm sorry you're going through such annoyances and that no one seems to care to do anything about it. I know the police don't care, they're busy solving murders, etc., but maybe hounding the landlord? It's not lright that you should be driven out of your home that you shared with Tammy because of other people's inconsideration!
  13. My father's ashes

    We had ours professionally done, it really did look nice on the car, especially since it was black.
  14. Goodbye to my fur family

    Marita, I'm so sorry. It has to be tough. I imagine the emptiness of your barn and how hard that must strike you. I, with you, hope your dogs have a long while with you yet, we need that companionship. It's amazing the bond we form with our animals. You're in my thoughts and prayers...
  15. I'm sorry, George. I haven't lost my siblings yet, nearly lost two a few years ago, but I'm sure when it's happened those dates will be hard for me.