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Do Your Emotions Scare You? Mine Do:(

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I have always had a fear of my emotions.  They are rather overwhelming and it turns into anxiety and sometimes it turned into depression.  I was terrified I would become depressed after mom passed but it did not happen. 

Thank goodness....I am having anxiety again.  I cannot seem to break thru the fear and maybe have suppressed grief.


How do you stop being afraid???????????????  Hugs

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It was C.S.Lewis who wrote in A Grief Observed, "No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear."  Much of the fear stems from not being familiar with the intensity of grief and not knowing what to expect. Learning about what is normal in grief can help. Grief produces all kinds of thoughts, feelings and reactions, and it takes more energy to avoid it than to experience it, armed with the knowledge that it is normal and that over time it will change. I invite you to read this article, which contains some useful suggestions: Anxiety Attacks in Grief: Tools for Coping. Be sure to see the Related Articles listed at the base. See also Grief: Understanding the Process 

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Well, I am one who has a anxiety & panic disorder along with depression.  Well, when fuzzy was around he would help me out and calm me down to help me feel  better now he has been gone for like 9 months already hard to believe.   The shortness of  breath  and the chest pains are scary  too along with feeling like your never going to stop crying.   As , I am not a person  who cries in front of people as I rather cry by myself .  

So when the death was recent  with fuzzy and I had to go out into public which I just felt like I was going to break down in the store that I would get a frappe  from Starbucks  and suck on it  so I didn't go  crying like a maniac in the store while reading a archie comics !!  Also, I found that  doodling or coloring helped me relax my  anxiety a bit more.   I do know that some people do painting.

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