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  2. kayc: Yes, the feel of wood heat is great, and I love to hear the cracklin noises. I'm going to miss a fireplace in my new place, not enough floor space for even a small one. My son heats his house with a fireplace but also has furnace when he can't burn wood. He is still young and strong enough to cut firewood. Like everything else in life, there are trade-offs. Sometimes life forces us to make those changes whether want to or not. Take it easy on your back shoveling. Dee
  3. I’d love to press a button and have heat if I lost power. I know the blower wouldn’t work, but it’s at least some heat. We did duraflames when we moved in in 84. Neither of us ever had fireplaces so it was fun. Couldn’t use real wood because the crackling bothered the dogs. Wow, Kay, Kodie was a chewer to the full extent! They all do it and what they focus on is always a mystery. My coffee table legs were hot spots. Would wrap them in duct tape during several puppy hoods. Thankfully never the floors. As I babysat for months, it was only the house training to be vigilant about.
  4. Part of Melody’s routine is chasing the ball. There are days that just isn't in the cards. It’s great Kodie gets exercise with Jazzie. Wish I had an outlet like that for Mel. Great news you will have medical help and RX's! Hope your get your hair done, that always feels good. I’ve had mine cut twice. Getting shorter each time. Too old for the longer I had. I should get it really lopped off, but not ready for that shock. Dee, that heating pad sounds great. I just have a standard little one that covers my thigh. Too small to sit back against. Don’t think I have any more pl
  5. I wanted to thank you both. I've read lots of the discussions that happened here before my registration was complete and you help so many people in so many ways. You remind me of the group of women i grew up with in my extended family, I was surrounded by warm, strong and insightful women who always gave me hope and good advice. I miss my mom everyday, I grieve her absence everyday, although I'm still convinced that she's there and helping me through it like she always did, that's why I write to her every night. Some moments are very hard, but I don't want it to be just about
  6. I picked up Suki’s ashes yesterday. My sister drove me to the vets, they handed me the bag and I could barely hold back the tears, by the time I was back in the car the emotions just exploded from me, great hearty sobs, which I think had been building up inside me for some time. She is home now, we still don’t know what happened, I have to be patient for those results, the pain feels different, a different kind of emotion now.
  7. Not really, it's part of his routine, I'd have to hire someone and things are tight financially. I've been taking him for play dates with the husky puppy down the street, Jazzy, and that gets a LOT of energy out of them both, a win-win for them and for me! I may try the Halti on him again, haven't for months, it was too big, but maybe since he's grown? IDK Dee, that heating pad sounds great, never heard of one like that! Good news! I switched doctors!!! Starting Monday I will be with the local clinic. I will switch insurance and pharmacies when open enrollment allows...I have a
  8. Not always, just sometimes, he cuddles with me on the couch before bedtime, I love it when he cuddles, but he doesn't every night, sometimes he moves to the other couch, I think he sees it as his. I got him started on the kennel because he was so young when I got him, not housebroke, chewing everything, and I frankly needed a break, I'm not young anymore! It's like watching a baby/toddler 24/7! Now we are more down to routine, he's been housebroke nearly a year, finally stopped chewing on MY stuff and limits it to HIS stuff, fortunately. I have rugs everywhere to protect what's left of my
  9. My little sister missed our dad's funeral, she had moved to TX and his funeral was the first day of her new job. She cried all day, they must have wondered what was wrong with her! But fortunately, she kept the job. I think it was real hard for her to not be able to be with the rest of us or view his body or say goodbye to him. I am so sorry you weren't able to go to her funeral. I hope you are able to connect with family by phone or zoom, and thus feel part of them as you're all going through this.
  10. Volunteering is wonderful! It's something positive we do for others but it benefits us the most! It's not merely a welcome distraction, but you won't be volunteering 24/7, your grief will still be with you. I've learned to coexist with my grief. I lost my husband nearly 16 years ago and not a day goes by but I think of him, it took me years to process my grief, years more to find purpose, years more yet to build a life I could live. Covid kind of blew that up but I am confident I'll build it back again when things have settled down. I learned to take one day at a time, and I do that stil
  11. I am so sorry for your loss. Loss of our mom involves not only loss of the person who raised us, our friend, the person we shared traits with, the person who taught us in life, but also our connection to our family history, the one who carried the torch, so to speak, and now it's passed on to us...it can all feel overwhelming. I lost my mom 6 1/2 years ago, lost my dad when I was young. All my adult life I focused on being there for her, listening to her, taking her to appointments, making sure I spent time with her. But now suddenly I wanted to talk with her and she was gone. Something c
  12. I can assure you that there is NO "right way to grieve" ~ there is only YOUR way ~ and from what you've written here, it seems to me that you're doing just fine! YOU are the best judge of what feels right for you, given your unique personality, your own personal values and beliefs, what you were taught and the way you were brought up, your past experience with loss and all the rest. What works for one person may not work for another ~ It's a matter of trying lots of different things (like joining a Facebook group) and if something doesn't seem to fit your needs, it's okay to move on to somethi
  13. I am so sorry for your loss. My dad was an alcoholic too. We can feel love for them while not liking the parts of them that caused pain and anguish to us and our siblings. My dad was a weak man, my mom in control, my dad ineffectual, so I looked for men the opposite...ended up with a controller for 23 years! Nope, not good either! Learned from it, sometimes we go completely the opposite from our bad experience, but then learn to find something more aligned with what we truly need, honoring ourselves. I miss my dad, the good parts of him. Not the dad that stood me up for the father-d
  14. Greetings, My mother died suddenly and very unexpectedly of a heart attack on february 8, 2021 (worst night of my life). It was so sudden and heartbreaking, and I felt so lost that I tried to help myself out, I read books on grieving, I contacted a counselor to help me (I've had one session so far and it went good) and I've joined two facebook support groups. At first, some of the posts seemed to help me, I found people who were going through the same thing I was but tonight I started to feel differently. Suddenly all I saw were sad posts about good people as heartbroken as me and some we
  15. Gwen: It is a sad life to think that we are so connected to a plug in electrical heating pad to give us comfort. Unfortunately, I start my day with it on my back and when I need to regain strength during the day I find myself longing for the warmth. My daughter bought this one for me - it is nice and long and has flaps that go across the shoulders which I don't use very often. A beautiful sight. LOL Sorry you are dealing with your constant chronic pain. Oh, how I hope there will be a solution for you one of these days, soon. I can't imagine being in deep pain continually. Makes me
  16. Last week
  17. Thank you so much...I wake up crying, and I go to sleep crying..In between I cry..I don't want to go outside, i don't want to do anything.. She died in another state and I wasn't able to go to her funeral, for fear of getting on a airplane and catching covid. I feel so bad
  18. Gwen: I might be lucky this year, but if I survive my move, my new place, will be all electric. When we purchased this house in 1997 it had a wood burning fireplace and was all electric. As soon as we could we converted to natural gas for hot water, furnace, and put in the gas fired fireplace. The wood burning fireplace wasn't efficient, plus our community limited wood burning fireplaces more and more. I do love the ease of pushing a button. At least Melody starts bedtime with you. Maddie would stay at the foot of my bed in her bed until she thought I was asleep. Then I'd hea
  19. Yeah, it does feel that way. More so for you, but I think when it gets to about 4-5 years it’s just a blur. Been a struggle for so long and beaten down in survival mode. Sounds like you are stubborn like me and do all I’ve planned even if I’m in too much pain. I’m getting better at limiting things. Can you go without walking Kodie for a day? So as not to overdo your pain? I often cut down or don’t throw the ball for Melody on really bad days. I feel bad about it, but I want to be more functional later. Dee, my heating pad is a good friend also for my thigh when sitting. I tried i
  20. My dad was a US Marine for over half of my life. After he had been honored into Major status, he was forced to retire due to being newly diagnosed with bipolar 2. For all of my life he had struggled with depression, anxiety, and severe alcoholism that would be one of the issues into our household. When he was deployed, my mom made the house feel as normal as can be. And for a while when he would return home from overseas, things would still be normal -- however, I would still find myself nervous around him due to the continuous pattern that eventually would occur. Once he would come home, thin
  21. Oh, you lucky woman! We contemplated a gas insert decades ago and I wish we had done it. Light is easier with candles. But cold is tough. I cant get Melody to stay all night. She’s gone after a couple hours and I’ve tried calling her but she won’t budge from her bed in my office til the alarm goes off and I call her. That means breakfast so I know HER priorities. I wish she were a cuddler. But just being in bed helps. Maybe it’s a Golden thing. I don’t remember Belle being much of one. She definitely dislikes being pet on the head. Don’t blame her on that, I don’t either!
  22. No kidding! That's what I hated the worst about that snowpocalypse two years ago, being all alone and hearing all the trees crashing down all around me, pitch black...
  23. It's been snowing and hailing all day, finally quit, electricity on & off. I know how to hook up my generator but don't have the strength to run the 60' heavy duty cable to the meter box, my neighbor said he'd do it if/when the power goes out for long duration. I start up my generator once a week and let it run so the battery doesn't go dead and also so it comes natural to start it up when I need it. Debating whether to take Kodie for a play date today as it's so cold & windy! It won't daunt him, I might have to wear thermals under my jeans! Freezers that are full of food
  24. Still not over this. Am going to look into new doctor, new insurance, new pharmacy. After what I've been through, I feel it's high time! May not be able to switch insurance until next year, but put a call in to the local agent, waiting to hear back. Called the local clinic and need to pick up a packet from them but right now it's snowing hard and very windy, so may wait until next week sometimes to go pick it up. Once I get new insurance then I can switch pharmacies, can't come too soon for my liking! My Arlie dog had Colitis, so did my granddoggy that lived with me for 3 1/2 years,
  25. hope your weather is better. We had strong rain last night and will again this weekend. 50s and 60. how ya feel? Hoping better, maybe it just take a bit. What happened with your carport and stuff? is the hand any better? Im just a load of questions today. Dad had his 'colitis' a couple days so we changed him to soup and sandwich for brunch. Also cut out the Boost. He is and isnt lactose intolerant. He just believes whats in his mind at the time. he wont eat safe, was eating bacon and milk products. At one point didnt eat bread. Now its all fair game. Except i sneak out the bad stuff
  26. kayc: Sorry to read you're watching snow fall and suffering with sore back. Try to let the Tylenol work and don't overdo. So far today, we here are ok in Tacoma. My BFF is my heating pad. It sure feels good in the mornings when I crawl out of bed and have my coffee. Take care, Dee
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