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  2. I'm so sorry for your loss, I'm also quite young 23 and lost the love of my life and my best friend. It's pretty isolating. My partner passed on november 1st. It's now the 12th and I'm finally not crying every night. I really hope you're finding some comfort and support from this site. I found the thread I made to be quite helpful. Wishing you all the best ❤️
  3. Kay C , beautiful pictures.......Went to Grandson's 3rd birthday last week end(5 of the 6 brothers were there).......all high energy in my mind or I've really slowed down...Still winter full time up here....Check out Christmas Lights
  4. Codie is going through separation anxiety, quite natural as he is adjusting to a new environment. Just give him lots of love and cuddle time. Crating seems cruel to some, but it is really a healthy thing for your pup. Stephen and I both worked when we brought Louie into our home. Until he was potty trained, one of us came home every day at lunchtime (changing wet towels in his crate - using towels is a great idea, by the way - then we'd take him outdoors to potty. Puppies have a baby bladder. That will develop in time when they can hold it longer. We are older, more settled in our ways, less patient, and have more want for a steady stream of our days. Yours is turned upside down for a while. A new routine in both your lives will develop. You have the opportunity to work with a clean slate with a puppy. The outcome will be grand as you two move forward. Miniature husky, how cute is that! You're doing great! Keep up the good work! Hugs, ~Shirley
  5. I am just so tired, at this point I'd trade cuteness for a good night's sleep! I held him last night and he woke up at one crying, wouldn't stop no matter what I tried. I finally resorted to putting him in a crate at the far end of the house, I'm so desperate for sleep after 2 hours the night before and four hours when he woke me up last night. I got a couple more finally but still am so tired. He hates the crate but I have to watch him every minute so if I'm to get any sleep, it's necessary. Codie is a Kleekai which is bred to be a miniature Husky. I chose the more mellow one for what that's worth.
  6. I agree that a good grief counselor is essential here...and if you don't fish, walking also relieves stress. I like to go out in nature, it helps me restore, even just screaming can get some of it out. I've probably scared off a bear more than a time or two. https://www.griefhealingblog.com/2011/04/what-is-complicated-grief.html Note: there are articles listed at the bottom of above article as well.
  7. @Nix I am so sorry for your loss. While it's good to know what happened, it can add to your feelings of loss all the same. You don't say how old you are, I went through it in my 50s, also in high stress situation.
  8. Meant to be, I suspect! 🥰
  9. Wow, Gwen, that's a profound analogy if there ever was one.
  10. Congrats Kaye! I remember when mine (a Westie) was a puppy. He is my first ever dog. We crated him when we brought him home at 9 weeks old, and for two weeks, Stephen and I took turns sleeping on the floor on couch pillows in front of Louie's crate. Stephen warned me the unbelievable sound that comes out of a puppy at night. We also were so blessed in that our pup never chewed anything other than his toys. I am sure baby stage in all things is the cutest and most challenging. You will do fine! Hugs, ~Shirley
  11. Gwen, pictures are in Loss of Pet Section, living with Loss thread.
  12. Thanks. Yes, an answer definitely. I don’t see, from her perspective why she would not just be pleasant, it baffles me
  13. Organizational skills. Good to have. You worked in finance and accounting and handling money, if I recall. Yes, organizational skills are necessary in that field. I think Kodie is really beautiful, with those symmetrical and pronounced markings.
  14. Dear Marjorie, You have what is sometimes called complicated grief. I think if you look around this site, you will find more information on it. Can you find a good confidential grief counselor, someone who will understand the client-counselor covenant of confidentiality, if you have a legal action pending? You really need someone to talk with about this. You might want to try a trauma counselor. You might try both for a couple session to see if the two of you "click" . I hope you can talk with your husband and let him know that you welcome his support, but that you might also want to get some counseling. This pain and grief are still fresh and new to you. I went through a hard time when my dad died, and I only recently lost my mother. She had a long life, living 93 years. Until fairly recently, she was enjoying her days, although she had some mental issues. Please see about a counselor, and also look around Marty's site for information on complicated grief. And I want to send you all good wishes and assurance that you will feel better, but grief healing just takes time. I hope you can get away and go fishing. have always found fishing to be a calm and meditative process. And Merry Christmas to you if we don't talk again before Christmas. *<twinkles>*
  15. Canine soulmate. That sums it up nearly perfectly. I used to ask her regularly, particularly when I knew she was starting to decline to make sure whatever it is that makes a life personal, in my case I called it “our energy” (some would call it a soul, etc) to make sure that her energy finds mine when I leave this place, that I think explains my hope and I think my greatest ability to cope with her loss. That said, even though I am hopeful beyond expression, I don’t know it for sure, so round and round I go on the yin and yang train of grief and hope. There is truly nothing worse than a logical person overwhelmed by emotion, it really doesn’t work well. At any rate, thank you for pointing out the article on what a heart dog is. She truly was mine. 🙂
  16. What a cutie Kay! Nature makes them that way to melt our hearts for the training and mishaps. Any idea how big he’ll get? Love the name and a shared birthday is coincidental in a mysterious way. I can’t imagine a home with dog energy. I have a magnet on my fridge that says.....a house is not a home without a dog. 🐩
  17. I lost my mum in 23.6.19 . she was neglected in a nursing home and the social services have stated this in the conclusion. I am a nurse and was with mum for the 3months that she was thereby what has occurred but I did not realize that she would have died the way she did . she was treated worse than a dog these are the memories that I have for mum I cannot talk about the case in full as yet . I should have protected her but I failed to , she should not have gone there . she did not want to be there but I ignored and she sufferrd because of it . I was denied saying bye to her on the day she died. I am trying to cope . I have posttraumatic stress because of it , no longer want to work , no longer want to nurse . I feel so betrayed I have a husband and two children but I feel alone . I am trying to fight the cause to get justice but I believe what is the point . people think I am ok but I have to pretend I am when I am not. if she had died with dignity and no pain and it was natural death I would have accepted it . however because of the nature and what I saw it is very difficult to go pass this . I am exercising attending the counselling but this is all a cover up for me as I am in pain every day and have vivid memories of the torture she endured . how do I get past this point . living for me like this is taking its toll . the pain is too great sometimes . I do not know how much longer I can bear this feelings I have been insulted by everyone the police ,coroners, social services Cqc , CCG I have evidence but they choose to ignore this
  18. Where are the pictures? Since I’m having problems navigating, I haven’t seen them.
  19. Marg: My Great Aunt, was like a Grandma to me, made handmade quilts for my Mother which I still have. My favorite is the one she made from sewing scraps from clothing that my Mother had sewn for me. Another favorite is one of Sun Bonnet Sue design, each embroidered and pieced by hand. Sweet memories of a sweet lady. And yes, I know what a Big Chief tablet of paper looks like. I learned how to write on one with a #2 pencil. Dee
  20. Johnny: No, I can't even to begin to imagine such a brief time spent with someone you loved so deeply. It never seems fair when some are given long, happy lives together, and others like you and Rene'e are allowed a few months. How heartbreaking for you. Dee
  21. kayc: Kodie is so cute. That face is too lovable. Have fun. Dee
  22. Last week
  23. Hi everyone.... My brother died 2 years ago then 6wks later my mum died and iv not had a period since and was told today after blood results that I'm fully passed menopause now, I have been so ill, so yes 100 percent the shock had messed my body up, sad face xx
  24. Saw the pictures. What a cutie! Is he a Husky? Boy, you're in trouble now! Remember to put up anything you don't want chewed. What a nice early Christmas present! Your son is very special.
  25. Congratulations Kay! Truly wishing you good vibes, patience and massive energy with a pup! Tell us when he gets a name. And yes, thy are all one of a kind.
  26. That sounds like a great way to spend the day...my husband loved fishing. I'm allergic but used to go spend time with him while he fished. I really enjoyed it before my allergies but love being outdoors regardless.
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