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  1. I also remember a previously told story about my friend's mini poodle, who believe it or not squeezed under the fence in the backyard and ran over to the road where he was hit by a bus. He would go on the sidewalk chasing after the hot air balloon up in the sky. I'm sorry for Lucky as I was for Jamaie, don't have the right spellings, french word. I am sorry too that under the distraught conditions it would be unlikely that anything could have saved him. Hope Lucky's soul rests in peace. Hope you and your three other souls live in peace. Kavish
  2. Thanks Jan, I do believe in life as a soul. As some one put it so nicely on this forum we are a soul having a physical appearance. And we shed the skin and though we can not see, because we believe what the eyes see.
  3. Hi Shelley, I understand it is so frustrating when you want to do something positive and it is not taken in the right spirit. I hope you keep this positive energy and every one else will get charged to do as well. Thanks, Kavish
  4. ShanN, Reading your story I had to take a double take and waded whether and how I can respond. You indeed are brave to acknowledge what has been so wrong in the past. I think it is positivism and hope in you which is asking you to move forward from the past. You are strong and you will prevail. Your heart is strong now and will be stronger and pour forth. For me all negativity was blocking in my mind and now I have tried to let my heart overpower the mind by listening to my heart for direction. Thanks, Kavish
  5. Hi Meceebe, I was also scared once. I wanted to make others feel good and tried my best to please them but ultimately they blew my trust by admonishing me for not listening to them. I withdrew and was depressed over it for a long time. But I had a friend who would make me feel better and she helped me see myself in a lighter way. Not to be serious but take one day at a time. I now am able to put my foot down if something is wrong or someone tries to blame me. I am sure you had your dad who helped you, but now since he is not here but he will look out for you when you help yourself. You will f
  6. Hi Lisa, Thanks for the post. It's great to laugh and smile with our loved ones because like you said they are always with us in our hearts. HO HO HO, We need all the laughter in our hearts to burst out open with all the love. Thanks, kavish
  7. Hi Shelley, I believe that Chelsea is always going to be a part of you, in your soul, in your heart and you will never lose her. Kavish
  8. HI Mark, I had marked Bicky's anniversary on my outlook calendar 2 Jan. I always wonder if there is more to life than life that we are seeing/living. Coming on to this forum, and reading to everybody's cry's from the soul I understand there is a language which only our heart understands and "our" forum helps us to understand that. Thanks. Kavish
  9. Hi Fraley Robert, I always think on those terms regarding my best friend, who was unquestionable in her support for me, no matter how I would lash out in my own way, she would let me come out of my misery in my own time and I now feel so much better about myself because she let me take myself kindly and not too seriously. I know I have always wanted to do things for her, maybe write her story for the newspaper, one of them has a special section for one story every day. But she was never the one to do anything for being noticed. Part of her independance. But I will definitely follow on her lea
  10. HI Shelly, God has given us a great way to preserve others memory. In our hearts and mind. Chelsea is with you and saying thank you. She wants you to be happy because today Jesus Christ is born. Chelsea says Jesus loves us all and no body is alone. Have faith, you are Shelly, who is loving to all of us here. Take care today on Christmas day and new dawn will arise. Kavish
  11. The love and goodness comes when we have faith. However there are few troubled souls who don't see the faith and the future looks bleak. The ease of access to things (guns) also does not help build faith. I hope to be strong in my faith to help those who are unable to help themselves. I am sure the good is stronger than evil. Thanks, Kavish
  12. Hi Mark, I don't believe in death. I believe the soul lives on and the physical world is only our imagination. What the eyes see we believe. Two books I want to share Deepak Chopra's Life After Death, though I don't agree with the Topic Death. And another recommended by him Concise Yoga Vashista. Mozzy is cute, like a child ready to hoodwink you. Thanks, Kavish
  13. Hi Mark, I think there is something of Bicky inside you. You will always have him with you. Thanks for all the adventures you have with him and hope you will have more! Kavish
  14. Hi Shelley, Don't doubt yourself. You are a God's child and God is always with you. Keep facing the challenges and they will turn into opportunities. Take care, Kavish
  15. Hi Mary, Thanks for the kind tone. I went to school to read and write, so I can do that. But I wish there was a school of emotions, like the school of thoughts where they would teach to be carefree and smile and be happy you are alive. O Well, I am learning the real know how now. Thanks, Kavish
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