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  1. My husband and I started off just being friends..neither of us expected to fall in love-nor did he expect to ever marry again.
  2. That is how I get by..keeping busy with what needs to be done at the house or caring for my father. But you do need time to grieve for yourself. Doing nap time or bed time perhaps make a small memorial in honor of your father someplace in or outside your home so you can sit and talk to him..or just be with him.
  3. When we visit my mother at the cemetary I see so many couples who have passed near each other..it is like they can not live with out each other. Thankfully my father is being stubborn and sticking around as long as he can with me!
  4. ALl I would think you can do at this point,is just let her know you're here incase she needs a friend or an ear. And that when she is ready you will be around.
  5. I could describe it as thinking you had a bad dream-but then realizing it wasn't a bad dream that it really happened and relieving that horrible time again But then you force yourself out of bed to do what chores or work etc that needs to be done..we keep on living until we can enjoy doing so again.
  6. I'm sorry for your loss.I'm sure your sister regrets what has happened as well. My mother always told me how each of my two siblings had a twin who didn't make it and then she lost a child and then I popped into the world-no twin,just me. We send our best that when the time is right that you will have a healthy child
  7. It was years after the dog that whom I had grown up with had to be put to sleep,that my folks decided to get another dog. We had April Dawn for many many years and after she grew so sick and had to be put to sleep-I didn't think we would ever get another dog. But both my folks-elderly and not well,both wanted nothing more than another dog-so christmas 2008 Santa left my mother a certificate for an dog from the humane society and ironically the night before my mother had asked me if I thought santa was going to bring her a dog-and he did! So,no matter the pain I think in time you may find that you want to help another alone dog out there and give them a home for as long as they can have one.
  8. I'm very sorry for your loss as well,but it is a very good thing that you have found this forum! They say time heals,but I find that our loved one who will always be watching over us wants us to go on thes best we can. That takes second by second to pass the time-doing what needs to be done,keeping ourselves pre-occupied,but going on. Step by step
  9. I know the feeling..I can't delete my mothers email account and it has been over 3 years! It would be like losing part of her again. She was so proud of when she was able to use the computer by herself too!
  10. This is such an important place.. No matter how much you're hurting personally,you can help others by posting about your pain or by lending advice. Guess we could say we are ALL heroes here because we try to help others even if it is just by lending an ear or two
  11. Perhaps your daughter is grieving more than you realize-in her own way.SHe wants to confront her father/yell at him etc,but can not and this may be building up inside of her? But no matter that,you do need to be able to grieve yourself. It is up to YOU whether you forgive your husband for not confiding in you completely or not..he had his reasons and perhaps those reasons may never arise,but you loved him in your way and those are the memories to remember.
  12. A lot of people have told me I need to move on and get involved with another man.My husband died back in 1994 but in my case I know he was my soul mate and I do not need to look for another and will always be devoted to my husband. But that is in my case,each person needs to decide for themselves when the time is right-don't let others push you into getting involved/moving on just because "so much" time has passed. There is no clock/time limit. If there is another person out there for you,then they will come along when the time is right for you.
  13. Valentines day is an important time for me,because my husband and I met by first writing for 3 months before actually meeting in person..and one of my first letters to him included a penny valentine because it was at that time of the year
  14. It is good to share your grief/your thoughts here! People always say when someone whom is ill dies that they are no longer in pain etc..but I don't find that helps (in my opnion) It is the same with me,that to get by I have to do what needs to be done-caring for my folks or our home..but then over time,I find things that I enjoy doing besides and time passes-life goes on but we never FORGET out loved ones.
  15. Especialu at your age and losing a parent it has to be harder than some other losses. I too had to take each second as it came.You may not be able to "go and hug your father" physically be with him,but even if you make a small memorial in a room or in your yard for you to sit at and be with him mentally.Write him a letter an read it out loud. Some people attach notes to a balloon and release it. There are STILl ways to be with our loved ones.
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