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  1. LostmyHoney

    I Don't Trust Long Friendship

    teeek, Im so sorry for your loss. Many of us on this site have had many of the same emotions that you have been feeling. I just wanted you to know you are not alone. Rachel
  2. Hi Harry, On Thursday Aug. 26th, I was bringing my Honey home from the hospital. He proclamed that it was time for us to get married. We had thought he would continue to get better at home, but by Sunday night he had the EMTs take him back to the hospital. On Thursday Sept. 2nd he was gone. I dont think I will ever take off my engagement ring! For Christmass I bought 2 rings, in mine it says "Till we meet again" in his it says "In the hereafter", my plan was to get a chain and wear them around my neck but when I set them on his urn (mine on the left his on the right) it just felt right. He watches over them. I told one of my sons that when I die I want them cremated with me so I will have them when we do meet again. Rachel
  3. LostmyHoney

    Home But Not

    Well my car made it finaly and I have a job to start going to on Tuesday. (Thank God!)I was going stir crazy. Thank you Susie for the gentle reminder. Gods Peace to all! Rachel
  4. Absolutely wonderfull post Harry Thank You! Loved the pic Marty thanks to you too! Rachel
  5. Happy Birthday Carol Ann ! Wishing you quick healing. Rachel
  6. LostmyHoney


    Carol Ann, Im so glad to hear from you, was beginning to worry... Rachel
  7. I am sure we all wish there were some magic words to help you stop the pain but there just are not. Most of us here would agree that you must just let the tears flow when they may. You have found a very safe place here and very caring people. I am so very sorry for your loss, that you have found a need for this site, and I hope you find some peace in our words. Please continue to come here to post and read all you want. Rachel
  8. LostmyHoney

    Mom's Birthday Tomorrow

    When I go to work, I all ways put my hair up in a ponytail, I do a lot of bending and my hair would block my view. My Honey would often coment on how he wished I would leave it down sometimes so that everyone could see just how pretty it is. When my Honeys B-day came around I left my hair down in his honor. It seemed as though my Honey was standing right next to my customers, whispering in there ears untill they were compelled to say something to me about how pretty my hair is. If that makes any sense or not it is how I felt, and there were so many I was very suprised! Carrying out a wish of my Honeys was really very satisfying! I wish you peace! Rachel
  9. I too am so very happy for you! You must be very proud of him, give him my Thanks for his service! Rachel
  10. Hi Pink Im so very sorry for your loss. At just over 7 mo. I know what you mean about the numbness wearing off. I found this site about a mo. after my Honey past, it has been a great help! I hope that you find some peace here as I have. Rachel
  11. Hi Anne, My Honey was a jokester too. Happy Birthday! May you keep the happy memories flowing today! Rachel
  12. LostmyHoney

    Home But Not

    Well I have my new apartment all set up and I have been here 2 nights now. It feels cozy. I now live close enough to my middle son so that he can walk here to visit with me, this is good. On the down side, my job transfer fell out. I am now praying for them to fix it, but am also seeking out other options. I really wanted to stay with the company I have been with, I have 90some hrs of sick time I will loose if they cant get me into something. Im not even sure if I would be able to claim unemployment in the event I am unable to get a job. I am begining to really worry that I may be loosing my job on top of everything else. Im also begining to realize that the numbness and shock of loosing my Honey are just now wearing off. To think I had thought I was doing so well... Rachel
  13. LostmyHoney

    Putting Dad In Hospice

    Hi Frannie, The "what ifs" ext. are something we have all done. It has been 7mo. 6days since I lost my Honey and I still go through it. Not as often or as strongly but those thoughts do still invade my mind. Its like my mind knows there was nothing wrong with the way things played out but my heart keeps grasping at straws. I wish you peace in the months to come. Rachel
  14. Den Im so glad to hear that you are learning to deal with all of your loss. May God bless you! Rachel
  15. I am just so very sorry for all of your loss ! I wish there were some magic statment that could heal all of our wounds, but there just isnt. You may want to try the loss of a parent or grandparent section of this forum, it seems to get more action. I really hate that your post has been sitting out here not responed to for so long, sometimes just getting it to the right place will help. I hope you havent givin up on us, there really are a lot of very caring people here! I really do hope you find your way through all of what your going through, I will be thinking of you and I hope that you return to this forum it can be very helpfull. Rachel