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  1. Gin

    Gin    enna

    Hi Anne,

    i received art work from the auction today.  I received your painting of flowers in a vase.  I am proud to hang it in my home and I thank you.  It is beautifully framed. You are very talented.  It will also remind me of all the wonderful people on this forum.


    1. enna


      Oh, dear Gin, I am happy you have one of my colorings. I took this up a few years after my Jim died. Marty introduced this type of coloring to me and it has helped in my grief journey. When I color just as when a real artist paints it causes me to focus just on that. Thank you for helping to keep our forum open. I believe we do have some very special people who come here. It really is one day at a time ~ sometimes it's one hour at a time.


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