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  1. Glad they are cutting you some slack on returning home. Hope you'll be feeling more comfortable with the idea by then. Try not to stress too much over the changes in your house. They are most likely temporary. Any chance your doctor could write a script for a hospital bed if your insurance would cover it? Sending lots of good vibes your way!
  2. Gwen, glad to see your update. At least you have a better idea of what you are facing now. Although, I'm sure it's going to be hard, you'll figure out a new routine. In time, you'll be able to drive again. Maybe you can bring Mel home in a couple of weeks? Wish I had some suggestions for things to occupy your time. I spend my time reading and watching mostly mindless free movies on "On Demand". My son picked up 8 fairly new DVDs at the library for me. I had stopped getting DVDs because of Covid, but I guess we can't hide from it forever. Will just wash my hands a lot. lol I don't think anybody really knows how to escape it. It just seems to be the luck of the draw. I'm watching all 6 seasons of "Vikings". Full of plunder, pillage, rape, and kill. Funny how humanity hasn't learned a thing after all these years. Hope your horrible pain soon subsides. Ramble on, my friend. I'm right here with you.
  3. This is a bit of an ambiguous day for me. In addition to the general horror, my mother died on this day in 2006. My son was born on this day in 1978.
  4. Gwen, I wish so much there was something I could say or do to alleviate some of your suffering, both physical and mental. All it seems is that you have to keep moving forward, no matter how slowly it seems to you. I'm sure there will be compromises that you have to adjust to in your new lifestyle. I would think losing some storage is an inconvenience, but worth it if it helps you stay in your home. I am an organized person, as you are and it pains me to see my once spotless house and manicured lawn in less than pristine order, but it is what it is. It's really hard to accept that I can't keep up with it anymore. In another month, your muscles may be stronger and allow you to stand up a little better. Doctors sure don't know everything. That's why they call it "practicing". Keeping you in my thoughts and sending all the good vibes I can.
  5. So stupid, it's pathetic. Obviously you won't BE in pain until the surgery anesthetic wears off completely. What happened to taking the pain meds to stay ahead of the pain? Has nothing to do with the war against drug abuse. Simply another way for the government to exert control. I thought this was the land of freedom. Wrong! Don't get me started. I'll shut up now.
  6. So sorry, Marg. Not good timing at all with the move and everything! Of course, there's no "good time" to be injured. Since she's a nurse, I'm sure she knows how to care for it, but hope she goes to ER anyway. Let us know....
  7. That's another difference. I used to have to get a paper script from the doctor for Tramadol and take it to the pharmacy. Now he just calls in, or maybe faxes a new one when I run out. I have to get blood test 3 or 4 times a year. My dentist, on the other hand can't send in for pain meds, but my son can pick up the paper script and take it in. Guess everyone has certain restrictions.
  8. Kay, don't know about the law unless it's state law. I thought all the med restrictions were federal driven. Anyway, Robert picks up all of my medications all of the time, including the pain one. What do people do that can't get to a pharmacy, like you at the moment??? Remember karma is a bitch! Her day will come......
  9. Marg, good to hear from you! I'm sorry your kids are having so much trouble trying to move. As much as I would like to, housing prices have risen so much in the areas I might like that I'll always be stuck here. I'd probably be dead before I could get rid of the 50 years worth of junk around here anyway. lol I think the monsoons are over with, but we had an enormous amount of rain compared to the last few years. Lots of flooding, not in my area. Some areas got hit with fire devastation and flooding on top of it. Ron always said he could live under a rock as long as we were together. He's waiting for me under our personalized rock, I guess. Just not ready to join him yet.
  10. Kay, it's ridiculous for you to be in pain like that. Call and tell her you need something! A neighbor or church friend could pick it up for you, maybe.
  11. It surely was, Dee. I actually have an oil painting of the cabin hanging above my tv. It was painted in 1973 by a lifelong friend of my mother's who was an artist. It was one of the first built in the development which has become overrun with homes and rules and regulations. It still beats this lousy desert. Memories are sweet with a bitter hint at times.
  12. Gwen, don't be too hard on yourself. You're probably right on track with healing and progress. No doubt it will take a very long time to begin to get back to a semblance of normal. I hope they straighten out your meds and you can get in touch with your own doctor soon. Dee, glad you are finished with the moving and can maybe get a little rest. Your new place is surely beautiful. I felt a great sadness when I left our cabin for the last time. I just would not feel that way about this place I've lived in for over 50 years. I got an unexpected call today from one of Ron's aunts who lives in Va. Guess she just wanted to catch up on family news. Not sure how she got our number. I told her he passed away 8 years ago. He told me specifically not to notify any family when he died so I followed his wishes. She told me she had recently spoken to his sister in New York which surprised me. My BIL that lives nearby told me that she was dead. All in all, Ron was part of a strange(to me) bunch of estranged people. Wonder if I'll get a call from his sister next?
  13. Gwen, so sorry they have put you in what sounds like the rehab from hell. I know rehab was the last place you wanted to be, but it's pretty much a given with the big surgery you had. It sounds very poorly equipped and disorganized. I would think bed rails would be standard in a rehab place. Sure hope this all gets straightened out quickly, especially the meds. Do a lot of screaming if necessary!!!
  14. Marty is so right, Kay! You have no business driving the day after your foot surgery. Not worth chancing a second injury. You already do enough.
  15. Gwen, Have not heard from you for a bit. Has the pain let up at all? Sure hope so! Will you be moving to rehab soon or any possibility you will go home with full time nurse for a while? Hope you're able to get some rest.
  16. I think hefty pain after the surgical drugs wear off is pretty much the norm. Hope it subsides soon. I've had a C section and a hysterectomy. Not a happy camper afterward for a while. At least the first time, I had a little bundle to love. Sorry you're stuck with co pays. I chose higher premiums with zero co pays. Take care and rest if you can.
  17. Gwen, Have been waiting on pins and needles. So glad to hear from you. Hope they are giving you mega drugs for the mega pain. Check in when you can. We love you!
  18. Gwen, just my opinion here. I know how important your jewelry is to you, but you might want to reconsider taking it with you. It will be out of your possession for several hours and might be safer left at home. Sending lots of love and hugs to you in this trying time.
  19. So true Kieron! Can't believe Ron has been gone over 8 years. Some days I feel like the parade of life has passed by and left me in the dust. Making my bed yesterday, I was suddenly aware how big and empty it is. No more love and laughter. Sad thing is, that's how it will be from now on.
  20. Marg, a great big "Happy Birthday" to you! Sounds like the new med is not a good present though. Hope it levels out soon.
  21. Gwen, my heart is with you. I know how frightened you must be. I'm glad your friend will be caring for Mel. I hope he'll follow through with taking you to the hospital. How long will you be there and then in rehab? This is definitely one of those times, we all need to live closer.
  22. Kay, I had no idea the fires were so close to you. Keeping my fingers crossed! Take care.
  23. Kay, We are upside down, for sure! It has been in the 70's here since the storm system arrived(about forty degrees below normal). It's been raining intermittently since Thurs. night's havoc. Lots of damage, flooding and road closures. Unfortunately, there will always be a few idiots who think they can drive through the raging waters. They drive around the barriers and have to be rescued. I think this system is clearing out by Sun. night. Then back to the stifling heat.
  24. Crazy night here! Just had a real "gully washer" come through. Poured heavy for about an hour, non stop lightning, and the loudest thunder I think I've ever heard. Lost power. Probably commonplace for a lot of you, but rare for us in Phoenix area. Would bet there is a lot of flooding and damage. My backyard is a small lake. This is what is known as our "monsoon season". Doesn't usually produce this kind of rain.
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