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  1. Yes, it would help if they actually knew what they were doing. I think most of us here are stressed enough without any more added in. I actually had a dream the other night that I was sitting in a restaurant and an old friend and her husband were sitting at the table next to me. We both got up at the same time to say hi and I just automatically gave her a hug. I could feel her kind of pull back and then I remembered - we aren't allowed to hug anymore! That's pretty sad, as far as I'm concerned. Now, I do believe in being aware and careful, but I'm not afraid of every person I pas
  2. I agree that the masks are definitely a controversial subject. Personally, I only wear one because we have to. I do believe the virus is real. I just don't believe it's as bad as we are being told it is. I think the liberal media is to blame for the constant attempts at instilling fear in everyone and also for not reporting any opinions that don't go along with their agenda. There are many, many experts that do not agree with Fauci and his buddies. I think keeping us all isolated has had a worse effect than the virus itself.
  3. B12 shots might be covered under Part B. Maybe look into that.
  4. Good thing you had made arrangements for someone to drive you home. I can't believe they thought you could drive. And then to have to sit over 2 hrs in a paper gown. I hope you're doing as well as can be expected. I know you mentioned before about someone helping you. I hope she's able to do that. Sure is hard not to have our guys around when we need them....
  5. I'm in a similar situation as you, Karen. I'm lucky to get reimbursed for my premiums by my former employer. My husband's company also gave a contribution towards his healthcare when he retired. Since his health wasn't good when he went onto Medicare, we choose the best Medicare plan that paid pretty much everything. Even with his many doctor visits, CT scans, MRIs, chemo treatment and two stays in ICU, we didn't have to pay a thing. My premiums have only gone up probably less than $20 a month for my Medicare supplement in the last 4 years. We have an Area on Agency group that is p
  6. Kay, I thought the insurance companies were required by law to notify you in the Fall about any changes. I know we always receive a letter stating any changes. It's hard enough wading thru all of this stuff without them then changing things up again. What a mess!
  7. Gwen, I understand. It's hard enough to make decisions without the added stress of it being close to a date filled with so many memories. If you're happy with Premera, I would ask them about a medigap plan to help cover the 20% that the rest doesn't cover and also about the prescription plan.
  8. Gwen, Ask about Plan G or Plan N. The plans are all the same no matter which insurance co you go with, but the cost will be different and the yearly increases will be different. I don't think all plans are available everywhere. If you go to Medicare.gov and put in your zip code and age, it will show what plans are available. If you click on "compare to other plans" in one of the plan descriptions, it will bring up a chart that shows the different plans and what they cover. That way you can see what each plans covers. My husband had Plan F, which covered everything but is the most ex
  9. Most doctors in our area accept Medicare, so that's one reason why we choose the original plan as opposed to an Advantage plan. Which plan you choose for your supplement really makes a big difference. Of course, the better the plan the higher the cost. Since my husband went to the doctor a lot, we choose Plan F for him and they basically paid for everything. Even with all of the MRIs and CT scans and even chemo treatments, we paid nothing. His premium was around $200 a month though. I know some of the Advantage plans have zero premium. Most of the original Medicare plans don't incl
  10. Gwen, I don't post here often but I wanted to ask if you were aware that there is help available in each state to help with choosing the best Medicare plan for you. I know you mentioned meeting with someone but wanted to post this in case you weren't aware. If I remember right, you mentioned you live in Washington. They should offer some help in choosing either the original Medicare plan or an Advantage plan. Also, they should be able to advise on choosing a prescription plan, if you don't go with an Advantage plan. What I was told is that it's better to go with the original Medicare
  11. Gwen, I'm so sorry. I hope you and Ally are both doing better this evening. As if the nights are bad enough - now something to make them even worse. I hope the meds help her and you both get a good night's sleep. And this on top of the anniversary date, I'm sure, was very difficult. Hugs to you... Mary
  12. Kay, What a pain to have to deal with ins stuff, especially a mess from a few years ago. I find I don't have much patience for things like that anymore. I wonder if the Dept of Insurance in your state could help. Seems like they're not making it easy to get it straightened out.
  13. Gwen and Marj, you are both in my prayers. I hope that things start to go better soon. It's so hard to deal with these things without our husbands. Will be thinking of you both. MLG, I don't really understand all of the breathing/oxygen issues when someone has copd, but I know that turning up the oxygen isn't always a good idea. What I don't understand is why the drs and nurses don't seem to know that. Before my husband passed away, they kept turning it up and when I questioned the fact that his 02 level was at 100% and wasn't that a concern for someone with copd, they said no, it wa
  14. So, he had bitten before? I wondered about that, but thought the owner would have at least told you beforehand. That was really irresponsible on her part. If I had a dog that had a bite history, I think I would keep him pretty close to home and not put him in a position to possibly injure someone else. Hope you're doing okay. Mary
  15. I've been a dog lover all of my life too and as I've gotten older, I find I'm a little leery of a lot of dogs - even ones that don't appear to be aggressive. Guess I've heard too many stories about incidents like this.
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