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  1. My 6 year old niece died suddenly a month ago. She was a completely healthy strong little girl, and then all the sudden she wasn't. She had been suck for a few days with a low grade fever and a headache. Her parents thought it was just the bug going around. One morning she woke up still complaining of her headache, but asking her parents if she could still go to her cheer competition the upcoming weekend. She was so excited about it. She fell back to sleep. When her father went to wake her an hour or so later, she started seizing. He rushed her to the hospital, where she continued seizing until at one point she stopped breathing And was intubated. She never woke up from that point. Once many tests had been run we were told that she was brain dead and she died from bacterial meningitis. That was a month ago. I know people who usually post in this area are parents. I'm looking for guidance on how to support my sister. She has been completely devastated by this, understandably. Her children are her world. She has another son who is 12 and she's trying to be there for him, but I can tell she is in complete agony. I've never seen someone in such pain and agony. Her and her husband are dealing with their grief in such different ways and I think she feels very alone. I have been with her for this whole month, since as soon as we found out my niece was sick, but I live far away and need to return home soon. Does anyone have advice on how to support her from afar? I think eventually she may wNt to do a sort of group therapy but right now she says she isn't ready. And it think she's come around to the idea to talking to a counselor for herself. She has ready set her son up for counseling. I know she needs to grieve and get thru it herself. But she is my big sister and my absolute best friend and it kills me that she is I. Such tremendous pain and I can't help her. Any bit of advise wod be greatly appreciated.