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  1. Having felt a post I wrote awhile back was found to be offensive by a member, I just read now and stay mute.
  2. Recently I read something about finding a balance in one's mind of what was good and what was not so good in a past relationship. The idea was that remembering only the good can make it harder to come to terms with the loss. And they used a term for finding this balance. Marty, are there any articles you could suggest on this topic?
  3. I wasn't saying the author had any insight that grieving lasts a magical seven years. Of course it's different for each person.
  4. From Martha Whitmore Hickman's Healing After Loss - Meditations - for today, July 2nd - "Someone once said it takes seven years to adjust to the loss of someone close. So there's no need to apologize if after many months we are still finding grief a major preoccupation. And there is nothing to be ashamed of if a particularly poignant moment reduces us to tears a very long time after our loved one has died." This is reassuring. Marty, do you know who the "someone" is who once said it takes seven years?
  5. "Acceptance sounds like a passive stance, but it's become the hardest work of my life." Written by a woman who died of ALS days later.
  6. The ads on tv and on the radio -- the cards and Valentine's Day gifts in stores -- they're everywhere and will be for another two weeks. Really hard to deal with it.
  7. Kay, Can't Arlie come back to you? Rita
  8. fae - Thank you so much for thinking of me. I'm doing alot of crying. Still feel like I haven't made any progress in the past six long, lonely months. I had 4 sessions with a grief counselor but I don't think I'll go back. He keeps wanting me to talk about any previous losses in my life (parents, pets, etc.) and how I handled them. I tell him I handled them fine and they were n-o-t-h-i-n-g like what losing my life partner is like!!! We keep going over this again and again, so at this point I feel like he's not helping me. I tried 2 different groups and just sobbed and sobbed through the meetings, saying nothing, and they left me feeling horrible. I've been reading Joyce Brothers' book about becoming a widow which she wrote 18 months after his husband died. She describes her intense grief in the early months very well and I can relate to what she wrote. But after she passed the one-year mark, she started thinking alot about finding a new partner and getting married. That's where our paths part. Much of my reading materials relate to the hope of an afterlife which I want to believe in but have doubts. The doubts just bring me down further. I'm so sad Steve's life was shortened. His parents both lived to be 88. Why did he have to leave? And now I'm alone. Ok, I'm rambling. Thank you for asking about me. Rita
  9. Thank you, Kay. I had started out with "members" instead of "forums." You described it perfectly. Thanks again, Rita
  10. Kay, Could you explain that again about how to read old posts of people? I tried but failed. Rita
  11. When VP Biden spoke at the police officer's funeral yesterday in NYC, he gently referred to his own loss by saying to the family, I have some experience with this (pain). He certainly knows what they are going through. His young wife and child died in a car accident years ago. R
  12. Arlie will work off those extra calories with his lab buddy. Rita
  13. Fae, Thank you for your words of comfort and wisdom. It does seem like this excruciating pain will never let up. Rita
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