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    Son husband brother
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    June 23, 2016 (Mom) June 12, 2004 (BIL) May 29, 2013 (BIL) Sept 10, 2013 (SIL) Jan 9, 2015(MyWife)
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    my son and grandsons and new granddaughter are my life. I'm missing my darling wife. And now my Dear Mother.

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I lost my soulmate and most beautiful life partner and wife on January 9, 2015 after a brave battle with ALS. She was 51. I've also lost two BIL's... Her twin brothers... In 2004 and 2013. And our SIL... The wife of my BIL that passed in 2013. She died 3 1/2 months after her husband. My beloved and I have a son and two young grandsons. They are my world.

My beloved and I lost twin baby girls at 27wks gestation when our son was three years old. Having them stillborn was immensely heartbreaking. They were beautiful little souls.

This grief ride is so much more intense and painful than I ever envisioned when I was losing my wife 9 days ago. My heart is utterly broken.

I lost twin granddaughters a year ago because they were much to premature.  My thirds granddaughter was born also premature on Feb 29, 2016 and is flourishing.  I lost my 77 year old mother June 23, 2016.  Life is hard.  But I'm holding on.  That's all one can do.  

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