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    January 24, 2015
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    Whitmire, SC
  1. I do have family and friends nearby. Melissa was very healthy, very active and walked 3-4 miles/day. She was an RN and worked in a dialysis center. The only meds she took was Adderall for ADD. She had taken it for as long as Ive known her(16yrs). She was also living on the Monster Energy Drinks(3-4/day). She was at work on the 24th when at 915am she began having hot flashes. She went to the restroom and took her shirt off to try to cool off. At some point she collapsed and could not stand up. She used her arms to pull herself out of the restroom for help. As EMS arrived she began having a seizure(1st ever) then a heart attack. She died about 2 hrs later in the ER. The autopsy was inconclusive. The toxicology report showed a slightly elevated amount of adderall. So their conclusion was she died from a combination off the adderall and the energy drinks. The death cert cause of death was Respitory Depression caused by an Accidental Overdose. She was a beautiful person and my best friend that I loved dearly. In our 16 yrs together we had never been a part more than a few days here and there. God I Miss her so much.
  2. I Lost my 33 yr old wife Jan. 24, 2015. We had been together for almost 15 yrs and our 13 yr Anniversary is Feb. 23. We have 4 children ages 12, 4 and 3 yr old twins. I honestly can't think of a word or words to describe the level of pain, devastation and heartache I feel. I keep hearing/reading that this will get easier but I cant see how it will. I miss her so much my body physically hurts inside and out. I feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest. She was everything to me and our children worshipped her. She was the best mom i have ever known. I am scared to death when I think about living the rest of my life without her.
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