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  1. Lillama I am sorry for your loss of your special bunny you should check out aplb they have a pet loss chat every mon,tues,wed and fri 8 to 10 edt. Sunday is 2 to 4pm edt. It is tough after a first close pet loss when i lost my first adult pet i was close to your age then and how it was like this feeling you didnt want to let go but you do even tho its so hard too. Even with losses and social you just go are people staringvat me more that you dont really want to go out. What helps treat yourself to a special treat or meal even if its delivery. Get stuff like a bunny coloring book write thoughts or letters to your bunny, dry erase boards could also do that ,getting canvas n painting is great therapy too. Including let your emotions flow. Make a flower heart out of petals where you buried him.
  2. This sat marks 1 month of poppy being gone. Its hard to believe and many times i wonder why and what happened you know. Many times after I lost fuzzy I thought maybe if I did all good stuff for them and gave the best of the best stuff for them that they woukd live longer. I feel so bad for leaving poppy at the vet trying to get him help abd they neglected him he couldnt handle being in new places on his own. I do miss him tons.
  3. So confusing thats for sure. Now with poppy loss i just start to ponder am i going to lose boogies this year or will i be healing from poppy loss to end up losing boogies after a year of losing poppy and then would the year after that be the lost of our cat and then i could also be dealing with my son being in college somewhere out of state or out of the city since he has only 3 more years of highschool.
  4. So far two weeks from today is when poppy passed. I still miss that big fella when he was a big boy at times i am still in shock and i start wondering what was it. I sure do miss heading into the cage to give him a pet with hearing the loud durring noise oh i loved that big boy. Plus my computer broke so if it was working i be playing wildtangent games to keep myself distracted as without it is like i am yawn bored trying to figure out what to do. We thankfully still have boogies and mr blackie but after the loss of poppy boogies gets scared so much easier even of brendan whem boogies would give brendan tons of nose kisses n face kisses now boogies gives me tons of hand kisses but cant relax on my lap like he used to be able to do as i think he doesnt like sharing the lap alone. Plus brendan always been so loud so i dont know why the usual sounds brendan made in the past with his phone or voice loudness of brendan is making boogies so scared of him is it because he more senstive due to the loss of poppy if so how long will it be until boogies starts relaxing again. Boogies is still eating n drinking n normal bathrooming
  5. I am sorry for your loss its pretty hard when we choose for it to happen and many times that decision is so difficult but the best one ever.. as i know its hard to see memories and just waiting . Along with expecting to see something or feel something that he is there with you which he is and signs show up when your not looking for them . When i lost fuzzy 2 1/2yrs ago it took like about 6 weeks for me to get a sign from him after his death. We just lost poppy nearing two weeks since he been gone and fuzzy told us poppy has met him. When fuzzy passed away it was so upsetting for both me and my son so we bought a balloon and my son wrote on it with my name, his name, and our cat name as we were going to release it in to the clouds in memory of fuzzy but it wouldnt fly up in the air so we have had this balloon with us for almost 3 yrs still with air and after we had lost poppy the balloon floated out from the back of the shelves onto the floor of my bedroom so i believe that is a sign poppy is with fuzzy. I also believe that our cat has seen poppy spirit at times . Your other dog will share signs berger is around you. Also what could help is get some flowers lay them outside and when its time for them to be delivered into the heavens they will be lifted away and no longer in sight knowing they got them. Write to your berger on paper or a dry erase board. As those stuff will help you during this difficult time
  6. I am sorry your dealing with a precious missing dog so quick it is hard to have really no conclusion. Maybe think of it like this maybe when she jumped god caught her n made her a spirit angel guardian for someone else in neeed so she had a calling of a mission.
  7. I am sorry for yor family loss cats can be so camoflauged as in to blend in with stuff. Even things like that can happen with kids when they do hide n seek at a young age. Oh how my son friends when they were under 7 they were doing hide n seek n one of the smaller kids decided they were going to hide in the dryer they actually took wet clothes out of the dryet n put them on the ground so i went to put them back in there n opened up the door if it wasnt for the wet clothes i may had just started the dryer without looking boy did i give that kid a lecture bout hiding in the dryer. Sadly unintentional accidents happen every day.
  8. I do in reality think poppy was more of a special needs piggy as we had thought of him to b blind n he had these twitches off n on thru out in his life n he was already a pretty jumpy boy. There is a possible chance maye he he had a huge brain clot in him that burst which caused his jaw to become paralyzed who knows but at least boogies is doing good still which i am glad about. Even tho i am pretty cautious with him since hes pretty jumpy at times after poppy passed so i dont want him to have a fly out feak out epusode like he did a few times just went into a scared panic motions .i am also aware boogies could b even possibly gone before he turns 4 yrs old as this oct is his 3rd bday. N fuzzy passed 3 months after his his 4th bday. Its like he could make it to 6 like my first piggy did but hardly any make it to 5 yrs old. So boogies is pretty much a strong boy n i thought that of poppy but after poppy death i keep an eye on boogies checking his health n fearing that his time is more shorter with us like fear he will b leaving soon also even tho he is well in eating drinking n normal bathrooming because i wasnt expecting poppy to get something mystery like n then he is gone after a short amount of time.
  9. For sure i know the risk of anthesia but i dont think they really understood what the matter was with poppy in the first place and they were not syringe feeding him either. After i spent time for poppy to make it thru. N to be a strong boy n heal thru this bad stuff even lit many candles praying to god its like after god having poppy pass its like i start to really feel like i am losing belief in god you know
  10. Back here agai dealing with another guinea pig loss which is way more confusing as sometime after june 6 Poppy started to rapidly lose weight so fast n wasnt able to chew his greens then all he would do would just lay down . Then he ended up with the runs . We took him to the vet they gave him a teeth trimming n health exam plus fluids but he was worse after the vet visit.. then he passed two days after the vet visit n i told the staff poppy passed n they were like what what you think happen n i am like thinking why dont you tell me i sent him to you guys to get help . So june 13 at like 1030 was when he passed as i am wondering what happened and how come the vet couldnt tell you know. Boogies his brother is still fine no weight loss ,eating ,drinking and normal bathroom duties. He is a bit more skittish after the loss of his brother. Poppy was 2 n half years old so pretty young as his n boogies 3rd bday us in october so poppy gets to spend it in heaven. Sometimes i wonder if poppy was pepe spirit coming to visit for a short time to gain the time i lost with pepe because when i said poppy it always seemed he responded more to the p sound . Who knows it sure is different and i thought iif i really protected them gave them the bezt of best they would last a longer time but poppy didnt. We thankfully still have boogies who is a eager beaver for food but in part of my mind how lobg does he have is it going to be soon or will it b more than a year left. Could he live longer than fuzzy as fuzzy passed on at 4 yrs n 3 months n boogies 3rd bday is in october.
  11. Abby I'm sorry for your loss of your Titus he such a beautiful dog !
  12. When Fuzzy our guinea pig was alive he and Mr. Blackie got along so well they could snuggle together , sleep together , Fuzzy would even chew Mr. Blackie fur and his claws without even a movement from Mr. Blackie. Here are Mr. Blackie and Fuzzy the guinea pig close bonding relationship with no issues with fuzzy 4 yrs and 3 months with us as it's been more than a year since Fuzzy passed away exactly like 15 months today since Fuzzy been gone . We ended up adopting Boogies & Poppy on Jan 4, 2017 . They turned 1 yrs old on Oct 4 , 2017 and been with us for more than a year and Mr. Blackie still tries to go after them when they are in their cage even when they are sleeping in their boxes or in their igloo with head sticking out the door Mr. Blackie will either try to stick his paw in the cage or totally go pouncing at the cage ! We continously shoo him away say No ! But he still continues so many times I wonder why ? Mr. Blackie is 12 now soon to be 13 . He will turn 13 in April . So Mr. Blackie knew Fuzzy since he was 7 yrs old up to 11 yrs old. They were total buds ! So now why does Mr. Blackie want to be so after Boogies & Poppy even when they are just laying there in their cage doing nothing ? Is it jealously , Is it grief ? Is it because before we adopted Boogies & Poppy we tried a cat which was an adult female cat who didn't like Mr. Blackie one single bit which Mr. Blackie never ever have seen an adult cat ever he saw a kitten awhile back that we helped until we got her off to a rescue place as she was only 4 wks very underweight . So then we had to tell them the adult female cat wasn't working along with the female cat being a Bombay my son was seriously allergic to that type of cat he had to take his inhaler 3 times a day !! Boogies & Poppy would never be able to be this close to Mr.Blackie even when we ended up with a Picture of Boogies and Mr.Blackie in the same picture it was a pretty big space which Mr. blackie was sitting next to my son and getting petted by him..
  13. I would say both as in actual situation that I'm just pondering about the actions of the cause & effect to relate in a belief of bad feelings still harboring and how can it cause problems with the DIL & SIL when the SIL doesn't have anything against the DIL even when the DIL is cold to her SIL . So then I start wondering in questionable ways like in the future like for example what if I ended up dealing with a relationship that gained step kids or if a similar thing happened with my son how would I be able to go oh the past is the past your back together with my son again so I'm happy that my son is happy because of that which is probably what I would think I would do
  14. I'm starting to ponder things about with relationships like when it deals with people who you date , who you are related too as with outcomes as for example like if someone son had a long term gf who dumped him down the road broke his heart which made that boy mother be so mad at the girl who hurt her son it's like with the feeling how dare you destroy my boy like that but then her son ends up getting back together with the gf who he marries down the road so is it possible to have a MIL dislike her DIL and still hold a grudge against her for hurting her son ? Is it possible that the DIL can feel that dislike of her and distant herself from her MIL that she ends up being cold to her MIL but also her own SIL who actually tries to be nice to her as in could the DIL assume that the SIL feels the same way as her MIL so she distant herself from her hubby family that she doesn't even want to connect with her in laws who are with her MIL side ? So could a change of relationship that had a bad beginning turn into a loss of having a positive relationship ?
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