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  1. I know that I will never "get over it". I don't want to. But I just can't imagine how I will make it through this pain. It comes in waves. When in the wave, it is hard to see that there is life without your child. But by the Grace of God, and because your brain has a defense mechanism, you come out of the waves of deep despair, if only briefly at first. And it is during that time, that you realize you made it through another gutwrenching storm. And there will be many more. But you are one storm stronger.
  2. Oh Kayc, the pain and deep yearning for his physical presence is all encompassing. I don't think I can ever get through this kind of devastation.
  3. Thank you Rick for your encouraging words. It is surely not a path any of us would have chosen, but one we now have no choice but to live. Where there was once so much joy, hope, and excitement for the future, there is now a void empty where it once overflowed with joy and happiness for what was to come.
  4. Marty, that is a truly amazing article. I can't tell you how much of it was right on point. Every single thing she said, is th absolute truth, and she conveyed it so articulately. Thank you for sharing!! The last month has been excruciating for me, as the reality sets in that my baby is not coming back in this lifetime. With the season change and all of the holidays he enjoyed most coming up, it pains my heart that he will be absent from our family gatherings. It's is going to be difficult, being the first holidays without him. Please keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers. Xoxo
  5. Oh Charlene, I am so terribly sorry for the loss of your beautiful little girl, Harmony. There is no greater heartache than that of a parent who loses a child. I have sent you a private message that I hope you find helpful.
  6. Thank you so so much for your response. I cannot even imagine the pain of losing two children. You really must be a very strong soul. Your message spoke right to my heart and resonated so deeply with all that I am feeling and thinking right now. I plan to message you privately.
  7. Thank you so so much Marty. I will definitely contact her directly. This forum really is a wonderful place with such kind souls.
  8. Thank you. It is very devastating, as is any loss of someone you love. I just feel so bad for him because he never got to experience so many things. My heart aches for him and all that he is going to miss out onion life.He was so full of life, so happy, so perfect.
  9. Hello. I'm new to this site, but I have found several of the topics and postings very helpful. I lost my 3 year old son in a tragic accident 2 months ago on July 12th. It has been a devastating time for my family and me. We are all grieving in different ways, so that makes it even harder. I do go to grief counseling and a compassionate friends group for parents who have lost children. I guess I'm looking for anyone else who has been in my similar situation, and experienced a sudden accidental death of their completely healthy, vibrant child, and how you have been able to pick up the pieces and go on with your life, when that child was your life. I was a single stay at home mom and he was my everything.
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