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  1. No. They don't know and they don't understand. We learn to forgive them for that and we wish to them to never go through what we have had. The cruel reality in our culture is that grievers stop talking about their beloved ones, about their pain and their struggles. Doesn't matter if you're a public persona. Nancy Reagan admitted "it hasn't got better".
  2. I don't know how to explain it. It's a very weird feeling. It's not like the old way of being here. I just can't put it into words. It's a spiritual feeling. Maybe is what faithful people feel about God/Jesus. I know he protects me and I've proof of that. He guards me. It doesn't make things easier though. No matter what his ways are today, the life we were supposed to live together, our dreams, it is all gone. That's why I really don't care that much about my future. I may feel him but we won't have a conversation never again, to mention something. I won't see him getting old. And
  3. I lost my boyfriend 6 years ago and the time he has been gone is longer than the time we spent together. However, I feel I'm with him. I feel he's somewhere here and around I'm involved in a sort of strange relationship. I am in a relationship. I don't know how to explain it. I just let it be.
  4. Marty is right. We are all valuable. We can't give up even if there isn't a purpose.
  5. Even Christmas is subject of political purposes. In Europe there's a battle to champion Christmas and the need/right to gather with family who doesn't share the same rooftop. People were out buying Black Friday's discounts and Xmas gifts. Cause, who is going to be brave enough to cancel Xmas for the sake of NHS? The days of applauses and rainbows are over.
  6. I agree too. Marg, I understood the expression knocking on wood.
  7. I used to read a children's version of the Bible's Old Testament. My favorite was King David but, as every story adapted for children, the narration stopped when he defeated Goliat. What happened next? Was he a good King, did he live happily ever after? Thanks Marg!
  8. Kay, what does this passage mean? I'm not good at Scripture. I'm not sure about what's referring to. Oh, the world is full of fools.
  9. Thanks Marg and Gwen. It hurts because she is my dear friend. I understand her feelings. But I want to be left alone with mine.
  10. Not sure if this belongs here. A friend of mine has recently complaint that I don't open up myself about my grief, my feelings and frustrations and that I'm to stubborn and proud to admit I'm vulnerable. I know she means well, she's trying to shake me up. Still, I feel really uncomfortable speaking about my feelings. I made it clear to her that I won't discuss my grief with anybody (who hasn't touched THAT flames) and I won't justify my decision. She made it clear that this attitude is not of a true friend and what type of life and relationship I could build If I behave that way.
  11. Nothing like the rain scene on The bridges of Madison county.
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