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  1. This might be a repeat post or I deleted something...I've been told the Meth Amphetamines of the past and the Chrystal Meth today are totally different...I think today they a "sprinkled" with an Opiod and it is almost immediately addictive...Whatever it is it really screws up the right and wrong function in your brain.....I heard this will find the basement in rock bottom.......
  2. Thanks Marg and KayC, this drug thing just is something I've dealt with for over 30 years and my solution is cut off the head of the snake . Chinese type penalties for dealers and Pill Mills........
  3. LAST TEN DAYS A NEW KIND OF HELL, got a call that my youngest Child was being air lifted to the University hospital......Call was from my x wife and the news only got worse......My daughter(37 years old)who just broke up with her boyfriend , went on a Party Binge, and somehow got in a psychotic state and walked out in -40 weather....This state was Crystal Meth induced but that is ongoing issue.....I thought,and the burn unit concurred, she may loose a leg/feet parts........These drugs, as most of us know, foster a paranoia of the highest degree.....that was recognized by the health care personal and she was on an anti psychotic drug day 2......she was not a nice person to be around. Day 5 got the word from head nurse, case worker, and shrink progress was good (no amputations) and an assessment was done.(got a prescription for the antipsychotic meds).........Entire family involved by now, good support but few answers....(kids been to rehab 4 times, I shared this in a letter to all the health workers), by know she was walking to the elevator to get to smoking area.....Day 9-10 she was released to me and she had meds for a month......she is now on her way to stay with a school friend many miles away and her family ........I'm hoping this may have scared her straight and this new start will be what she needs....these drugs take their toll on you........
  4. I miss the milder temperatures and beauty of the mountains.....have a couple of trips planned later in the year......
  5. KayC ,The wet heavy snow is a heart attack trap.....I met a guy whose son in law died shoveling (45 years old)......We actually may have a bit of a melt today....Going to start idled vehicles today, and clean up pathways....Gwen, are you guys storming again? Saw something about west coast again...
  6. KayC I got some good news yesterday, my sewer problem fix was successful electrical tape and the insulation...So happy Feel like a school kid and I'm back better than ever...Insurance contacted me and the deductible is waved and the loner vehicle will be set up on the 14th....The next cool weather will be nothing compared to this last one...Looking for Ground Hogs now, I want spring...
  7. Mark ,my most sincere condolences....Marty's post sums up ,your main purpose of care giver now gone, leaves you with an absence in your mind/heart...I really needed my support network/friends first little while....My best advice(as told to me), watch your nutrition, we forget to eat, and don't do too much .....I remember the first 40 days as the worst days of my life....stay with us Mark....
  8. Small break in the weather, about 20F, I decided to play Mr. Plumber and am in the process of heat taping and insulating about 50 feet of plastic sewer line....The project is difficult because of the super cramped space.....I have a three day window to get this done(I got about 20 feet done)....My option was wait till Tuesday and pay plumber or do it myself....if I don't succeed Tuesday is still there...I'm stubborn so I will make this work ......But the other news was someone rear ended me..$2400 damage. body shop has me in the Q Feb 14th....This is Winter from Hell...BP down, Blood Sugar 9.5( still high with diet)
  9. Gin, my condolences on the passing of your Sister in Law.........Too much of that going on at our age....I can relate to "children not Listening"....I got to step back and remember what I was like in my 40's..a little stubborn)...now I chuckle when kids ask for advice...Cold is getting worse, heat tape gave up the ghost and my water froze up...now I'm packing water, just like camping trip(living the dream)......plumber kid did some repairs/replacement last night but no success, still -33, didn't expect immediate results.....three more days of record cold...take care
  10. KayC, that is lots of snow, dry stuff I hope....Marg , I just read about the southern Tornado's, just plain devastating...Gwen , my sister lives in Victoria, and there getting hit with bad weather also...Vancouver almost shutdown........I have 4-5 days left of the real cold , then justnormal winter...Very little snow is the upside....this is Hi of the day!!
  11. Winter or the Polar Vortex is upon me with great vigor.........https://www.accuweather.com/en/ca/edmonton/t5j/weather-forecast/52478 I had to install a new battery with an electric thermal blanket.....Expect and windchill of -40.....at this temperature Celcius and Fahrenite are equal....Everything freezes.......Miss the South on days like this.
  12. I spent one New Years in a hospital and they actually shut down a wing and crammed us all into other floors....... ended up in the maternity ward for two nights.....This is a bad time to get medical care..... Good news KayC, and all the best Gwen....
  13. Sappy Christmas Movies and Halmark Channel........love them
  14. I was just saying to myself how dark it is already, Christmas lights come on automatically......Just shovelled some snow( more of a scrape2 inches)......My reason for moving to the Frozen North was family for these occasions....Bought two Turkeys yesterday, price was right ,,,,will Cook one with part of the Family coming over on Dec 24th, and invited out with the kids Christmas Day(at X Wife's House, should be fun, her Husband is there)...Diet definitely going to take a hit...have a good evening..
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