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  1. My daily "sin" is a spoonful of Smooth peanut butter before Bedtime....
  2. KayC, my four year old grandson is an Uncle.....# 2 Son remarried and started over again..That was one of the reasons for my re-location..(not for the weather).....
  3. Finally made the Trek farther North to see my Great Granddaughter (6 months old).....First time in 10 years I was back in Fort McMurray Alberta.....This Covid didn't interfere too much but restaurants/Hotels very restrictive...What a cutie pie....
  4. We are going to hit 90F today , which will be close to the high this year.....humidity only25%, so its manageable in the shade.......cools down to 50 F at night....But would be difficult without AC....I expect first frost in about a month..(Sept 10th)....
  5. My heart is out there....this was the best and noble decision.....
  6. Gwen , putting your Pet down is one of the most difficult decision a person can make....it is merciful and unselfish ..Remember the good times between the Tears...
  7. Finally getting dry up here...able to walk up to 4-5 km on the Golf course once a week.....ride a cart the other times. Have baby birds chirping like crazy so things are happening. Have 20 baby Geese at Golf Course...almost tame..
  8. That is always a vindictive personality that would even bring something like that up...It shows the Brothers lack of fortitude also by not confronting the issue when all were present..Gwen says it perfectly...
  9. Good picture Marg....still got lots of fishing gear but this catch and release took away my motivation......I support it when you see how the fish counts have diminished...Supported neighborhood pub today...four people total, this will take a while before things pick up...take care
  10. Approaching 5 years since I joined this group...Angela's birthday today.....This pic was us getting ready for kids/grandkids to do some River floating......Miss those days...
  11. The Riots and destruction drives the local businesses out, and drives down the inner city(Everyone Loses)...Nothing to do with Michigan...Misuse of force by Police is seldom prosecuted but since the cameras are everywhere now , Any abuse is more visible..... Good news is there is less Police abuse now than 20 years ago, and less now than 5 years ago...Problem is more headlines..I pray things will calm down...
  12. Going out to visit Grandson and #2 son who is a Grandfather himself......this Covid restraining any travel plans...Getting some late rains up here, not helping the Farmers..Looks like we all are moving ahead with medical stuff...particularly good news to you Marg....and we are all guilty of the Enabling sin at one time or another... take care
  13. Doctor meeting was great...All my lab numbers were down significantly..Blood Sugar 7.7(137) A1C 6.6 and Cholestrol 1.42, this is the one he asked me what have I been doing?....Told him its all my new diet and a bit exercise...Not going to see him for 90 days...
  14. Gin, I watch Touched by an Angel, Highway, and Murder She wrote....they all put me to sleep...Girl friend watches Gilmour Girls...
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