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  1. Y'all, I paid my rent. Sometimes I just put it in the slot provided by check and sometimes I go in and talk to "her." I moved in here November of last year. Her first husband had passed away three years before but she was getting remarried soon, not sure date. She is about my kids age. Found out today he passed away of cancer in August. They found out about eight weeks before it happened like we found out about Billy's about six weeks. I told her my heart was with her, but no words would help, I was just so sorry. I wonder (my close friend's 2nd husband lasted about 12-14 years,) her ta
  2. So very happy for you Kevin. She looks happy too, so I wish the very best and a long life for you two. And, you can already sing together.
  3. I think that would be a class I might like to study, comparative mythology" although I used to live by fairies, monsters, etc. This is not a joke. I would have a recurring nightmare (not every night, but often,) and would wake up frightened. I did have psychotherapy for 15 years and never thought to mention this oddity. Maybe because I sort of liked it. Our bed was one of the old iron beds with a bottom that had a metal rail on it, smooth brown, rounded. At night I would wake up and various creatures would haunt my dreams. Yes, werewolves, vampires, witches, etc. This happened often un
  4. I keep thinking if we had news in 1918-1919 (year my dad was born) how they would be announcing it. I think they called it the Spanish flu. We once went way up into a mountain, no other towns, road twisted up to the top entrance into the Gila Wilderness. It was a booming little mining town named Mogollon, NM. I guess it is a ghost town, but they still have people carrying on business and living there. Like living on an island in the sky. I went down to their cemetery and they were most all dated 1918 as date of death. Had to have brought it in from Reserve, Glenwood, or Silver City. Wi
  5. Love you Ana, I figured that was one of my old timey country sayings, we have so many. Think they must have it in other countries also. In fact, we may have swiped it.
  6. So sad for the family but I am crying but smiling for the couple. Ironically, I've told this too, the grown son wanted to give an anniversary party for his parents. I cannot remember the number, it was wonderful, in the 60's in number of years. I remember the man was getting out of high school when I first remember him. He was the oldest and his dad was one of three deacons with my dad in this small Missionary Baptist Church. There were, I think, 28 at the party. One of the servers had COVID (and had no symptoms). I think 24 out of the 28 came down with the virus. One man, "in-law" by
  7. I try not to listen to the news. I did tonight, CBS Evening News and talking about COVID and the Thanksgiving numbers, and I don't think those numbers are in yet but it showed the picture of this Michigan couple married for, I think, 47 years. It was said they did everything together and they each died within 60 seconds of the other. Only in this group can we possibly understand and give a thumbs up for both of them.
  8. My first (and last) cancer survivor group did not help me, and at that time I could not help them. My group at the church, like the one Kay chaired (I think) had me hysterical when I would leave each one. I was grieving a husband, they were grieving children, and it honestly made my problem seem small compared to theirs. I knew they did not want to be in a meeting grieving lost children, and I think I went three times. Each time I left crying. This group is the only one that has helped me. One on one with a grief counselor that has had 20 years training does not compare to one person wh
  9. I have said all along that Billy and I didn't discuss either of us dying. That was a forgotten memory that my sister just reminded me of. We did talk about it. Whichever went first would just take the other's ashes along where ever we went. I just never really thought about it anymore, we were not serious. That would have been serious only if one of us was to die. That was not going to happen. I wished I had talked to my sister before I poured my heart out on here. Sometimes we forget, but yes Billy had to remember because everyone except me thought I was going to die. Sometimes I let
  10. Okay, I was feeling let down by Billy. (I've since gone and talked this all out with my sister). Billy was a planner. When we had to help save Scott from the drugs we got "off the road," sold the RV, bought a house in a town where it was known to have a small art community. We moved Scott in with us and he got himself off drugs. No one he knew, not close to where he knew the suppliers. He stayed in the house, in his bedroom with adjoining bath, and he stayed alone for awhile, then he started coming around us, eventually he was clean.. Billy planned. And yes, according to my sister, eve
  11. My history is on here so many times and I don't need to keep repeating it. I'm sorry. Just did some heavy unnecessary thinking, memories I didn't want to think about, but it did make me see things I had forgot. Kind of like all of these plastic tubs with the tops on them with duct tape with contents written on them. I can open one of the boxes and the memories make me depressed the whole day and that is just opening and closing them. Just a phone call brought this on. It has been five years. But, like my grandma said, "seems like yesterday."
  12. There is nothing about me that can be fixed. It has lasted six years and I think if I lived alone it would be easier. I love that little girl so much though that I fear the trauma of her finding me deceased. So, I will try to keep on.. I'll go when it is time and nothing I can do about that.
  13. Nah, it is just an everyday thing for a fighter like you. Your our Wonder Woman, you have this. You have stomped on things worse than this and came out on the other side. It is no fun, but your a fighter. I know you get tired, but that is when your mind overcomes all this and you fight harder. “A fighter never gives up. His scars are his ornaments. He may never be whole, yet he’s bigger than all his battles and beautiful, even in his brokenness.”― Mona Soorma, Soul Food And Instant Karma I do wish we did not have this COVID thing. They took Kelli's best friend to the ICU. S
  14. I didn't cook, Kelli did. We had Thanksgiving at the townhouse she and Scott rent. She worked so hard. She put up her Christmas tree, decorations outside. I was sitting in the living room looked over at my son with the window behind him and saw my dad. He has looked like my dad so many times. Yet, children pictures of him and Billy, if you didn't know, you couldn't tell (except Billy's pictures were older). There were four of us. We came home before dark. I have decided, it is tough doing without our loved ones every day, but holidays, past holidays remembered, and special days
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