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  1. His April 14th for years was hysterical. Papers everywhere. I told him not to lie. We always paid while I was working, so I guess he didn't lie much. I am supposed to keep, I think, 10 years back the woman at H&R Block (or whatever it is called) tells me. I bought a shredder. I have to shred all of his writing, all of his figuring. And, I do know how stupid that sounds, but that even hurts. I have not done it yet. Years and years and years. I should let Kelli figure my taxes. I really have nothing to figure, but that was "Billy's job" and H&R Block is impersonal. Kelli
  2. After 5-1/2 years, sometimes I think I just hear him puttering around in another room. One day in this past week I remembered a dream. But, I only remembered it after I carefully got out of bed so I would not disturb him. My feet hit the floor and I was awake thinking "silly me, of course he is not there) but he was there 54 years and old habits actually sometimes don't die, even if the person has. A portion of our life, personal, mental and physical is gone. Somehow the indentation in our daily life still includes that person. It is just one of the many paths a person can go. Like Rose
  3. One of the funniest things I can bring to mind about Billy concerns the Dairy Queen Blizzard. That was when I could eat a "turtles" blizzard. He had not seen the commercial where they turn it upside down to show it is so thick. We went through the drive through, ordered, they brought it, turned it upside down and he had both hands out the window just a cursing the person at the window. He was trying to catch and save what he saw as ice cream falling to the ground. I still laugh. Of course it was too thick to fall, but he sure surprised the fellow at the window.
  4. Because of the radiation to her head, Kelli's cornea had something wrong, they put stitches, they dissolved. I am such a coward and as much as I like to read, I know I have to have it done. I'm very afraid. So tired of all kinds of surgery. So tired and frightened.
  5. Marty, in reading this, it brings to mind the many years of health insurance (always with our employer, state insurance) and never changing, letting them make the changes and not questioning, not questioning because we had the ability to buy our private insurance, but enough good sense to stay with "group health" over these many years, since 1959 for Billy, until now with the group retirement insurance. We rode the same horse through many different gates and changes, still not even considering changing. Then Medicare, which my PhD cousin thinks is the most wonderful thing but somehow, when t
  6. I'm sorry to say I did not read Marty's post before I wrote. I have two very responsible cousins that are physicians. One has been a noted physician in Chicago for years. One is head of an emergency room. When I first noticed a difference was when the HMO's came into being and something called Cigna happened. My vital physician, he moved to another hospital. I followed him. Then I worked with the specialty that trained urology physicians. It was a teaching hospital. Meetings were held often and I had to type submissions into medical journals by the residents and associate physicians, h
  7. I'm not sure it started with the pandemic. If you can find a doctor that will listen to you, one that knows how to use a computer, has a competent nurse that will help him, tell him what he cannot remember, then you have to be your own doctor. I, myself, only me, I blame it on computer files. Doctors used to have our history typed out. He could see what was wrong with us, what our complaint was, and it was all in front of him, if he would read it. There are good doctors that take time with their patients (nurses sometimes outside with a time limit of, used to be 15 minutes, and then they
  8. Karen, whatever we did, however we lived, we cannot go back and change a thing. My dad was 65 when he passed and his little mama, my precious angel Mammaw, her little mind left slowly after that and she never was a Hellraiser, so she just quietly sat and lost her little mind. She ate, she drank, but she never was there like she was. One of my young cousins that is my son's age, he grew up with her like I did. He told me that "Memaw" (they called her different than me), he said she never was the same. A sweeter Angel I have never met. She finally had a stroke in her 90's and her last words
  9. Million dollar question. When Scott started coughing, I told him it was the Lisinopril. Doc changed it. It did me the same way, but that is one of the main causes people get off it. I had the "privilege" of typing all these side effects to medications and that is probably the most common one for lisinopril. But then again, the symptoms do not happen to everyone. Really, when I saw one side effect of penicillin was a "black hairy tongue" it didn't bother me, I could not take it anyhow. After 43 years of typing symptoms/side effects, one New Mexico hospital had a side effect to an antibio
  10. I'm sorry Kaye. Kids do not understand. Strange, all of my friends loved my mom. She was a lot of fun with them. She stood on the outside of the groups after church. Women would come talk to her, but my dad was the center of attention and he loved being around people. He was another man when he came home. Perhaps they should have known each other longer than two weeks. Mama may not have used the vulgar words, but she let it be known there was no way she would "sleep" with him, so he married her. That gave rise to the true old saying "marry in haste, repent in leisure." Perhaps it was
  11. Can you believe I can't drag up my words I want to say? You have all touched me to tears. Sometimes mom's didn't even listen to Dr. Spock. We did the best we could with what we had and so did they. I loved reading about your mom's. I think that is all I can say. My words won't come. I am just so overwhelmed with feelings............we loved and were loved.
  12. I had the smartest, most beautiful, hard working, aggravating Christian mother any child could hope for. It wasn't until many years after I was 10-years-old that I realized something had happened. In those days, you did not go to shrinks. She would have been scared to death because she came from the small country community and place in time that you were put them in the back room, like a prisoner. So, she did the best she could. She did not escape to drink or to pills, she escaped to work and worked so hard that she said some nights she "felt her body sing." After my dad passed away she
  13. That has to be the most helpless feeling. You mentioned someone was with him. You ought to be able to talk to someone, even if he is not a child, he is still your child. Please let us know.
  14. "Grace and Frankie" made me laugh out loud at a time I thought I never would again. Sometimes Bri and I will get on a series (I don't watch as much TV anymore, I read, while I can.) and that series we will sit through two nights of the whole series, and it won't return for a few months. Most times they leave on a cliff hanger and I wonder if I will live to see the follow-up. This new one "Shadow and Bone" we watched the whole first season in a couple of days. I kept wanting to leave it, did not understand it, the time period I could not figure out, and come to find out, it is a series of t
  15. Guess we cannot expect more in this time of pandemic, and I actually love them going against the same old things. Frances McDormand's dress could have come from vintage ancient sleeping gowns, but I love her "I don't care" attitude and doubt she wore makeup at all and just had windblown hair. Maybe she slept in the gown and it was bed-hair. I loved the one who wore tennis shoes. That would have been me. Seeing them (in the past) walking those stairs with those high-high heels frightened me. It, of course, because of the times, was a thrown together mess. I have the book "Nomadland" and
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