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  1. Gwen, my son turned 58 on the 25th of June. So, you are close in age. His high school sweetheart was beautiful, her folks were our acquaintances, she was an only child, but she did not get the attention she needed, I guess, and at 16 was sleeping around for whatever attention she needed. My husband and her mother took her to the clinic to have an abortion. Scott was in the army and was not home. I knew nothing about it. He had "slept" with her and I "sort of" forced a marriage. They stayed together nine years, two babies. It was never a marriage and was something I should not have pushed. I could not stand the idea of losing a grandchild. She was more my daughter than his wife and in later years she told him she always wished Billy and I had been her parents. There were some hard years for my son afterwards as she remarried and moved the kids to the Pacific Coast. Bad, hurting times. Later on he found a young girl (I knew she did not have all her tools in the tool-shed) and they never could live together, but he had found someone who would not run around on him. I knew that was too innocent of him but again, after nine years one of his friends (and he was a friend) waited until Scott had broke up with this one, and he showed him the texts she had been texting. Twice burned, I hope he will find happiness. I know he does not trust, he is not looking, but know there is someone out there for him. Women are not that different than man. It still takes two. Although a close relative of mine admitted to being "bi" and she said she just thought she had the best of both worlds. Right now she is alone and will stay that way. Some things are not meant for me to understand. I do accept things I don't understand though and just live my life.
  2. This woman would not let them help her up.. She got up on her own. I knew that would not have been me. Nah, I think I could have got up but it wouldn't be pretty. I still think they are silly memes..
  3. Same as above. Do not think they should use people's names as memes. They have John Doe and Jane Doe they can use instead of proper names as memes. It really is a form of poly-ticks and man's inhumanity to man.
  4. I'm taking the whole thing down. Do not think they should use names as memes. I'm sure by now y'all have googled it. I read the reasons they use some names as memes. I have a lot of friends with all the names and they are human people not jokes. None of them.
  5. I am watching Gordon Ramsey and his bad talking self on National Geographic. He is traveling and trying out foods we would not touch. He was drinking camel's milk and Kelli was over here. She gagged and I told her that they drank camel's milk like we do cow's milk. Only, now we drink almond milk. I don't know how they ever found the little teats on those almonds. Mama switched goat's milk on me one time. (Daddy had milk goats), he thought it would help his stomach. (Anxiety from living with my mom). That was back when they brought milk bottles to the door. Mama had put the goat's milk in a cow's milk bottle. I drank it and actually it was very good. But, the idea itself gagged me. So, another step into being a vegetarian. She had already fooled me with venison steaks. They were great, but the idea of eating wild meat as a teenager was repulsive. (And Mama's family used to fight over who got the squirrel brains.). To each his own. Anyhow, am enjoying watching National Geographic. Karen, I think I would write someone and tell them you are offended and it is politically incorrect to call that woman a "Costco Karen." Sorry I put this under the wrong post. Oh well, my sanity needed venting anyhow, but that is an everyday problem with me.
  6. Certainly we are. I get it from my sister all the time that since 2014, medicine has come a long way. I know it has. I know they have discovered so many new things, but after laying buck naked like a side of beef ready to slice up, I choose not to lay on these tables for their poking and probing unless I am unconscious. I realize she has only my health and not losing her sister as her concern, but I'm tired. I have been probed and cut and poked too many times and I honestly would rather just go ahead and die, unless they catch me unconscious. We all have different ways we approach things and if it does not please everyone, then it does not concern them. So, anything they say matters not at all. I do think age has a lot to do with not caring what people think. I did used to care............I think..........I'm not sure I remember.
  7. I just went through this on the 3rd, it was our anniversary. His birthday is the 20th.. It will be five years in October. He loved people to celebrate every event with presents for him. He was such a child sometimes. We loved that child though and we will miss them till we see them again. It does no good to say words like that. In fact no words help. Just know we feel your loss. And though you say you don't post much anymore, maybe you ought to. Maybe letting your feelings out might help some. What works for one won't work for everyone.
  8. Both grandparents lived in "dog-trot" houses. Might be a southern term. We have one they have saved in a little town called Dubach, Louisiana (if I am remembering right. I guess it might be a southern term. One side of the house was on the left, one on the right. In between was a huge hallway that led to the back porch and usually the well was right there at the porch. They kept a galvanized cup and a wooden bucket that you lowered into the cold water and pulled up a drink. Many a drink out of that galvanized long handled cup. In both of their houses (open from front to back, big high roof covering it all, the kitchen was on the left side and the bedrooms on the right side, heading from the front. The first room was the parlor and held the piano, organ, and in both houses a basket of artificial fruit to add something.. Decor, I guess. There were old calendars with pretty pictures and in one grandparents were studio pictures of each member of the family. Eventually there was a bathroom added on. (Easy to add on to these houses. Neither was painted. I guess they were "dog trot" because the dog could trot from front to back. I just never asked why. But, all that wax fruit had the indentations of many a young grandchild's teeth in it. That was the room we usually had the Christmas tree and the preacher came to visit. 2-3 fire places on each side of the house. I do not remember them being as fancy as the one below.
  9. I know it is terrible to say this, but when they told me there was nothing else they could do for me and if anything went wrong they could not fix it, for some reason I had a feeling of peace. I felt half my life had been suspended in those damn stirrups. One time I had on a new pair of jeans. My gyn doc was not a joking fellow, but when I got back in the room where I put on my clothes I found something sticking to the bottom of my hip "cheek." No way did he not see it. It was a round sticker that very plainly said "examined by #10" in black and white. Just stuck to my hip. I was by myself in the exam room and was laughing out loud. He never mentioned it, and what could I say? He had seen me all the way through the cancer, allowed me not to go back to MD Anderson, and I worked for a hospital, I know he had to call in some favors to have me seen the next morning. But this was back before we had some wonderful equipment we have now and I was so miserable away from my kids.. Billy was able to take off and took every step I took (except in the treatment rooms). I was just so scared being so far away from home, even with Billy. We miss the person that is supposed to be with us. I'm sorry you have to suffer this pain alone and on top of that watching Ally be ill also. Addendum: I think the word was "inspected" and not "examined" but should have been noticed anyhow.
  10. In my home before A/C all we had was an attic fan. Billy's folks house was cool as A/C though, and it was the "swamp" cooler.. Billy's sister, living in Albuquerque, they had swamp coolers and as dry as the air was out there it was very much needed. All those attic fans did was pull in the hot air from outside, but we didn't know the difference. When we went to visit my grandmother's sisters and brothers way out in the country, of course, the houses were old, "dog trot" houses. That let the air go through. Big porches, swings on them, rocking chairs, all sitting and waiting for Sunday visitors. No phone, maybe no electricity??? Rural Louisiana, red dirt roads, no traffic, and big trees around the house making living in the south tolerable. I was lucky enough to live in a time the young people have no idea about. I was also the first grandchild and had the first great grandchildren that got to see how it was to grow sugar cane for syrup (pronounced "surp"). The smoke houses, the cotton and corn fields. Taught them how to crayfish (crawfish), and they went to the Christmas and 4th of July reunions, so I was able to share some of the good life with them. They remember it fondly also. Thanks Dee, we have some good memories before the bad ones came. I miss him terribly, but I've come to the reality I can't have him again...........not right now.
  11. Dee, I thought it interesting that people used to (and down in the Cajun area) might still use the moss with bed ticking material to make their mattresses. Good thing for those that could not afford a goose feather filled bed (or were allergic).
  12. Kelli goes fishing by herself. I'm not happy with that. I went with her close to where I live, but most of these places are about 15 miles away from me and I still have to be close to my necessity. Her dad used to go often, but I could go then. I am going to put the places (some of them) that she takes pictures with her phone. She puts it on video sometimes just because I get pleasure out of watching a red and white "bobber" bob up and down catching a fish. Especially when they take it under. She puts the video on FB and I follow her. She takes her mace with her, still frightens me. Those cypress stumps used to be used by the boys in "shop" in school to make lamps with. They would be the base and were sorta redneck pretty with a coat of shellac, wired for a light bulb and a pretty lamp shades. Hey, some of us like hokey stuff. .
  13. As I said, Kelli had to go for her shot this morning and it makes her sick, but is necessary. I copied her note to me and will print it. "I came home. My bones are aching so bad. It's miserable. I got my blood results from last week. She is so happy. The bone marrow is working again. Platelets are up. That might be the last injection today. She drew blood again today. We will wait for those results to see if we can stop" I cannot stand for my kids to hurt, or Brianna either, but the note she wrote me above does give us some hope.
  14. I really think this pandemic has changed medicine as we once knew it. I would imagine when Marty's dad was practicing he would even go to homes. I had our family doctor out one night when I was 15 and had decided my fair freckled self would do like my friends always did. I spread the towel out, lay on the pier for hours. I had ? degree burns, but clear blisters were all over my shoulders and back. I was running a fever, and after hours Dr. Gray came to the house. Oh, when the blistering went away I had freckles in places I had never had them. A friend I had met when Billy was playing ball came one season without freckles on her face. I asked how. She said straight urine. Needless to say I liked my freckles more than that. I read a poem about Louisiana this morning. We have bad weather from any direction, often. It is so humid sometimes you think you will drown just breathing the air, but this late in my life, it has always been home, even before Billy. I was home with Billy even in a tent beside the river (would have been a stream in Louisiana), in whatever state we were in. This was home before Billy, and it was his home before me. I don't want to be anywhere else if he is not with me. ~LOUISIANA PRIDE~ She is a Lady; Her Treasures I've seen... Steamboats and Bonfires and Creole Cuisine! Strawberries and Seafood, Sugarcane and Rice, Mardi Gras, Cotton and Hot Cajun Spice! Marshlands and Campgrounds, Bayous and Beaches, Melons, Pecans and don't forget peaches! She's the Belle of the Ball! What else can I say? She's magic and music and Cafe au Lait! Down by the levee near a plantation gate... Where pirogues drift and festivals wait! She's Spanish-Moss Mornings, A place I know well... A walk by the River, a distant church bell! She's Zydeco, Gospel, She's Blues and She's Jazz... Just something about her no other state has! It goes without saying; It's a feeling inside... Louisiana MY HOMELAND... Louisiana MY PRIDE!!! By Todd~Michael St. Pierre And we do speak a different language.
  15. When it is something serious, something that needs followup, don't we have home care workers that are magically added onto Medicare or to one of our insurances? They come to Kelli when she needs it. I am so proud of her. She was living 40 miles from me, she went by herself for her radiation treatments, all the treatments she has had, she made herself go to them. I don't know where she got her toughness. She is always there to help when any one of us is sick, but this morning she went the 30 or so miles to get her enzyme shots. She has to go to bed as soon as she gets home. The shots make her throw up. The platelets cause her pain so they are trying this new treatment. Yes, she is still fighting her blood disease, her tumors have not shown back up. Yes she is young, but somehow my thinking she is a kid, she will be 53 this month. She inherited my blood disorder and while I am asymptomatic, she has been symptomatic since she was a teenager. I feel guilty with her going by herself, her dad would have been with her, always was, either middle aged kid, he drove them the 100 miles to Little Rock Hospitals for their treatments, Scott's hep-C, both of their trips to the psychiatrists. But he drove his brother also, was with him till his last breath. Some of my doctor visits I wanted to go it alone. Sometimes he didn't understand. But at his sickest, the very short time, we had home health visits. Don't they still do that? When something is serious, don't they still provide home health? They are used to driving great distances. That is what they are for. If a person is too sick to make the many visits, don't they have home health? I know Louisiana and Arkansas are not the only ones. Someone was at my mom's house all the time. If a wound needs taken care of, they provide the care. Maybe that was before this virus took over all our healthcare. I don't go often, but if I go (and Brianna the same), they take their temperature outside the office and then call us in. We go directly to blood draw, or office. Maybe this coronavirus has changed medical care as we once knew it. If you need help though, some help should be provided. Maybe they stopped home health visits.
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