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  1. Don't think I am experienced, I'm definitely not. My daughter has used a dating site, and at 53, I think she has given up on it. I know she finally blocks people. According to my granddaughter there are many of them. She won't get out of the house and the two guys at school that pushed themselves on her, wanting her phone number, etc., she begged me to save her from them. I do know she has a problem and hope we can find someone with talk therapy and not drugs, they have tried that. But, to get back to the other, there was an email in my email site from a dating group (or some weird
  2. I was lucky (unlucky) to have a close family life, being born in the land of relatives, never leaving for long, on the DNA test it listed 1000 cousins. You have to admit, I'm from a rural lifestyle, years ago my grandfather had to ride his horse over 30 miles to meet his wife. Then I became kin to all the people within 30 miles. In fact, one of my best friends, after their three kids were born, after DNA tests, they found out they were 3rd cousins. Every porch around these bayous had banjo's with people playing the theme from "Deliverance." But all life centered around fish fries on the "
  3. In my eyes I will always be the carrot topped woman with freckles. No red whatsoever to the color of my hair now, but my hands shake too bad to put on makeup and a little red paint never hurt any old barn. I want to be able to get out of the house, I want to be rid of this Covid, I do not know that fluffier short woman with the gray hair. Mama fixed up after my dad passed. Her fingernails were long and painted (tastefully long), she still sewed for herself and dyed her gray hair black. She would only wear lipstick but she looked beautiful. This Covid is not good for my agoraphobic grandd
  4. Sometimes you can find nothing to say. Takes a lot more than 12th grade and a few college classes. I once helped Brianna in a common sense test. There were three questions, I made her miss all three. I learned what empathy means. Some things I have no words for.
  5. So do I. I wonder how the fellow we knew as "Butch", how his little daughter-in-law is doing.
  6. Decided to get a permanent plaque and will place it at a later date on both aunts graves. She was a beautiful woman, both were beautiful and made it past their 80's, my older aunt to 91. I never thought of them as old. I think of myself as old. Billy would not have let me do that. He's not here though. He was never old.
  7. I'm so sorry Kay. My aunt passed at 12:30 p.m.. yesterday. Graveside services and cannot go. She was school secretary and there will be so many people, and so many relatives I have not seen in so long. My sister cannot breathe on the outside very well with this rain that we are still having. My uncle (her brother) is 87, his wife a few months older, neither in top health, but he is very old fashioned, this was his baby sister, and he would give his life for any of us. I may have mentioned they had an anniversary party for 28 from this small town. Twenty-four came down with the Covid. T
  8. Loretta Lynn was a grandma at 34. I can't sing and live payday to payday.
  9. I'm so sorry all of this is happening. In all my 78 years, only the passing of Billy, has been worse. At my age my friends and their husbands are passing as fast as those migratory birds dropping in New Mexico by the thousands. I've lost so many friends this year and talked to the one who had remarried after losing her first husband, Billy's and my friend. Her second husband was sick for so many years she did not take care of herself and has had to have a heart artery replaced and now has had a stroke. I talked to her and she and her daughter were out looking at houses so she could take c
  10. Thanks Kevin. Adorable. My oldest great was 17 last month. I've never seen her. Her mom lost custody of her (long story) but she is doing great and my granddaughter gets to see her often. Has custody of the other great, and I've met her. The first baby picture 17 years ago of the first "great" made me cry and cry, maybe because they lived so far away from us. It was a shame she never got to know Billy, he loved his babies. Glad your getting time with them.
  11. Billy read a series of mountain man books by Terry Johnston, and it was about a man named Titus Bass (Scratch). I think he wrote about nine books. Johnston told his wife he was afraid to kill off Scratch because he was afraid he would not live long himself afterwards. Right after it came out he died. He was diagnosed with colon cancer a month before he passed away at about 53, I think. He and Billy both had about the same length after diagnosis.
  12. Karen, I had to quit before book #9 of the Cork O'Connor series. I read the synopsis and won't read no more of them. But, I did read up until #9. My favorite are Michael McGarrity, who was really a law officer in NM. He wrote three though that took him way back in his family's genealogy and I could not read them. Billy read two of them and missed out on the 3rd. Dana Stabenow has her books in Alaska written around a tough, cute little Inuit PI (right now) but she has been state trooper, and lots of other things. She is so tough, tiny, and cute that I love reading about her. Lots of boo
  13. Well, I have started reading James Lee Burke's books over. It has been a long, long time since I read him and I tend to forget easy, makes geriatric reading a plus. He writes mostly Louisiana mysteries and Dave Robicheaux (sp?) is the detective. Saw Alex Baldwin play him in a movie once and I think Tommie Lee Jones played him in one movie. So, I just picture Alex Baldwin when I read about Dave. If I live till the end of 2021, maybe I won't be through with these books. That is what they told us to expect this virus to last till. How they know all this and can't find a vaccine, I jus
  14. Well, I don't think we need to mail in our vote. A man I know sent a letter to his son, just to check how long the mail took, and his son received it 30 days later. His son is a child, they live in the same house.
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