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  1. Thank you Kay. I sure hope I won't need it. Somewhere in the far reaches of my mind, I have heard of this. My mind completely left me when I put my foot on that ice and it slid (I was holding onto wall). I forgot anything except I cannot take pain killers at all and that was all I was thinking. I once took a couple of steps on the other side, hit ice underneath and from then on would not even try. Like I say, we can take a lot of things, snow and ice are not things we know how to handle. As a kid I loved it. In Arkansas I loved making Billy snow ice cream. Somehow things are not the
  2. We are okay. I am going to buy boxes of rock salt this summer (of course I won't remember).. I kept trying to put my feet on the wooden part, ice on top, snow on top of that. Feet would slide and no way was I going out. The thing was, all the 18 wheelers were trying to get to stores. Something about Texas providing their own electric grid (and no way am I understanding that any more than that Qanon cult.) I thought Qanon was a branch of AA, like Al-Anon. Not into politics or religion because I don't understand either, but believe in one, the rest is just mumbo-jumbo. Got to the store a
  3. Dee, we are so close to Texas line we got some bad stuff. There were18 wheelers stacked up, I cannot even tell you how many. We were lucky, we kept electricity and water so we were comfortable except cannot go out for the basics. We use paper towels like they were....paper towels. That is all we ran out of. Funny thing is, that Charmin commercial is correct. We stacked toilet paper on the paper towel holder and it is better than some of the paper towels. Will probably get out tomorrow. The 18 wheelers could not get through to stack the shelves of the grocery stores so we forget about t
  4. We have such a large amount of ice under this snow I put one foot on it and it slid around. So, i will stay inside a couple of more days. I might have to cut up old towels. We are out of paper towels and I cannot convince Bri to use soda for toothpaste. We used to use it. I don't know how much more toilet paper we have but that might get me out of the house in a couple of days. Supposed to be up close to 70 sometimes real soon. Hope y'all are warm. The people in Texas are having a hard time. Our largest hospital ran out of water and heat was not working. We are not having a M
  5. Love the house Kevin. Beautiful. Someone just quoted 12 inches snow for us here. We can handle floods, tornadoes, insect invasion, but I'm not sure about 12 inches of snow. One thing about Louisiana, one day it is flip flops, next day Croc's, then sneakers, now none of us have snow shoes. Every store ran out of propane in both parishes. It will come one day, supposed to be down to 4 degrees or lower and then it will be up to 70 the next day.................but SNOW???? It was every year up in Arkansas and looked forward to making Billy snow ice cream, but won't do that again.
  6. Kevin and all other "northern" folks: We are expected (one report) six inches of snow. I have not had a winter like we had in Arkansas since 2015. I've got to go put up some curtains in Brianna's room that are supposed to make it warmer, but think I am going to take duct tape first and go all around the windows. Her room (I thought I was being nice) and gave her the biggest room, biggest closet and bath to herself. It is so much colder than the rest of the house though. I hope this will help. Nothing new going on here. Valentine's day tomorrow. Sister and Kelli and Scott all boug
  7. It is 49 degrees and supposed to get colder. It is raining in this bayou-pine hill part of Louisiana.
  8. I do have to admit, they make them in gummy bears (I don't know how they make food using it), and I ate the ear off a gummy bear thinking it might help me sleep. Brianna (who would not touch drugs) watched over me all night. No, I did not sleep until about 6:00 a.m. I did look on the wall and either saw horses running or trees. I cannot remember which. I know Brianna still laughs about it, but I eat my gummy bear vitamin E and gummy orange slices vitamin C and that is all the gummy bears I will ever eat again. My nephew smoked one years ago, felt very strange and went and sat in the wa
  9. From what I gather (from expert I won't name) it makes you want to eat more. These short legs have enough pain from carrying around this bucket of lard body, plus my pain from trying to inhale a real cigarette, I think I'll stick to Xanax occasionally.. Just me. No criticism for those it helps. Scott has even smoked with Willie when he was a DJ (Scott). He cannot have it now as VA does periodic drug checks. He misses it, I think.
  10. Kay, you are so enterprising. If it does not have that written on it in the frozen food aisle, we get what we get. Unfortunately, my grandchildren will never be able to talk about this grandma's food. Gotta be written on the box or come from the deli. Learned that working 2-3 jobs. (But I loved my "work")
  11. My boxes sorta hug me into a portion of the room and I feel like I'm in the RV again. Brianna hates them, says I'm a hoarder. She says all that they have are papers. Yet, when I open them it is like I just remember Billy being gone. Cannot explain it.. I do know it is not real but my heart doesn't.
  12. Dee, did you ever get moved into your new home? I need to go back and read a lot I've missed, but I just don't like to go back on anything.. I kept the diary for awhile and it broke my heart each time I "went back." We have talked about being able to lay in different positions on the bed and I did have to "go back" in my thinking. I don't like doctors. (of course I like your dad Marty, and my old GP, Dr. Gray). Gosh only knows typing every dialect imaginable for 43 years might have something to do with it, but mainly two docs telling me there was nothing else that could be done fo
  13. Never on my belly, can lay either side, but I have at least four fluffy pillows and can lay on my back. Brianna says why so many pillows. I said my boobs fall upward and suffocate me. She got a kick out of that, didn't believe me. Always has been that way. My friend said hers falls under each arm. Now, that would bother me. I like my four pillows.
  14. Dee, I needed that. I'm afraid I don't carry mine so easy all the time. When I wear my necklaces, I wear one with a mustard seed, and sometimes it is no bigger than that. But, I do know what they say about even that small a faith, I can still move mountains. I wish I could.
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