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  1. your very welcome also take care! and I hope you all have a great week to come
  2. I've went threw a lot like so many have here on the forums.....I have come and gone since 2005, when I first came here over the loss of a great friend that died in a car accident in 2004, and then loseing my grandmother in 2010, and then the loss of my cousin Carry Fraley to diabetes and then loseing another cousin to suicide, I've had a good amount of close people leave this earth and it has took me a very long time to get to the understanding that and I have been guilty of this as well, but I've chosen to quit takeing anything for granted for nobody is promised tomorrow, and so I am going to start reaching out to more of my family and friends and be as encourageing as I can be, let your family know every day how much they mean to You and yes Life is very hard and grief is very hard but Life is still very good even for just the small things like family friends the sunset's a good meal so my hope today is that we all would take a step back and try to less our stress by being thankful for today and who we have left......I understand those that have suffered recent loss....I lost a cousin back in October of last year to suicide so believe me I know, but I want to try my best to be a encourager to someone today and let them know there Life has so much value and so many people are loved so much more then they sometimes can see!.......thank you all for reading this
  3. Thank you Marty and Kayc Yes Marty I have read some of those articals that you sent me back in October I go back to it on a regular basics, thank you both for your support and kindness....this place has been great to me over the years as I am sure the same can be said for so many others
  4. Hi All back on October 21 of 2015, My Cousin Daniel Fraley died by Suicide, he was only 18 and I have been asking all the usual questions as to why, and was there anything that could have changed this Horrible thing that happened, I get angry at myself for not seeing how really bad his depression was, and for not seeing it as bad as it had to have been for him to do what he did, like most people with depression there were times where he felt fine, and you would think he was doing better, and I guess that is what took my attention away from how bad it was, I tried to be there for him, and We had many talks about suicide, and I always told him it was a bad idea, and that things would always get better but they could not if he made a choice like that because there is no fixing that if you went threw with it, I keep asking is there anything that would have changed his mind, The Night that he did what he did....he messaged me on facebook at 11:41pm I was late seeing it, I didn't see it until 11:45 and I keep asking if I had been on right away and he had time to have got my reply would it possibley have made a difference?....I will never know the answer to that, I know sometimes people say if they are thinking about doing it, they would do it at some point ad that when they get in that frame of mind, theres nothing you can really say if they truly have made there mind up that there going to do that but I can't help but think what if I could have messaged him right then as soon as he sent it? I feel guilty because I deal with depression as well and there would be times when We would talk and I would be feeling down that instead of seeing how he was doing, I'd be telling him how I was feeling and how I was in a depressed mood, but it had to be nothing to how he truly was feeling inside, I wished I would have went out of my way to tell him dispite how hard depression is the good days make up for all the bad that 1 goes threw, and that Life is very good and that depression will not always stay with you, but I did not, and now I'm left asking why didn't I try and do more and be there more for him then for myself, I didn't know his fight with depression was far worse then mine, and now I'm left with all the unanswered questions of could anything have been done sorry for this being so long......sometimes with depression you lose sight of how others are doing with the same illness so to speak
  5. thank you Marty for shareing that and yes it is truly a moment by moment.....I'm going to be reading that often
  6. I'm back here for another time, My name is Robert Fraley I use to come here a lot to post about my friend Jason Arvin who died in a car accident back in 2004, and I posted here when my grandma passed in 2010, and now I have to post this sad tragic event which has happened in my family. I'm lost for words.....My Cousin Daniel Fraley who was a very good hearted person and had several depression problems died by suicide He was only 18 years old He messaged me on facebook Tuesday night telling me that he had made his mind up and that he couldn't do it anymore , he had delt with depression for years and he posted it at 11:41 I just seen it at 11:45 and sent several messages but he never replyed.....he also posted a suicide note on his facebook page several people tried to get a hold of him, He hung himself in his room, He was just over my house last week and we had a long talk and he said he was doing better with his depression and He had went to Church this past sunday night and got prayed for and was telling everybody how much different and better he felt Were all lost by this, I don't think he ever knew how loved he was by his family and his friends.....He was told but with that illness it makes it hard sometimes to fully understand that....I wished so much that he would have rethought this threw,
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