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  1. Kay, I have a lot of hand/thumb pain and saw an ortho guy. He gave me a cortisone shot in my hand and it did not help much. He told me to try Glucossmine and Chondroitin with MSM. I have been taking it for a few months. It has helped to some extent. Pain still there, but not debilitating. Might be worth a try. Gin
  2. So sorry to hear of your fall. Keep up posted! Gin
  3. Kay, unfortunately my daughter is not with me. It just records the ECG FOR 24 hours. Someone reads it and reports to doc. Sounds so simple but there was a lot of walking from registration to cardiology. Maybe I am done with it now. Gin
  4. Gwen...only have to wear it for 24 hours. Irregular heart beat. I would think my pacemaker would take care of that. Gin
  5. Thanks. Got a heart monitor on and my daughter is home. On to the next adventure.
  6. My dear husband Al has bee gone for 5 years. Some ways it seems like yesterday. Other times It seems like forever since I saw him. We were only married 15 years. The best years of my life. I miss him so very much and hate facing so much alone. Have to get a heart monitor put on this week. Doctor wrote an order. He does not realize all the anxiety it produces. Where do I get it? Where do I park? Will they put it on for me? I think I have it figured out. And my brother is now in a nursing home with his dementia. And my daughter is having hand and elbow surgery tomorrow. I need Al
  7. My brother has dementia and is now in the hospital. He lost his wife a few months back and really deteriorated since. His daughters thought he would be going to a memory care place but I don’t think so. They have him restrained almost all the time. Now he has a UTI and they put him on an IV and a catheter. He keeps trying to pull them out. Life gets hard at times. Gin
  8. Kay, glad to hear you are OK. We were all concerned about you! Gin
  9. These anniversaries are so very hard. We had our rituals for special days, also. Wish we all could have them back. Gin
  10. Kay, I have arthritis in both hands and thumbs. I can’t imagine not being able to use my hands at all. Praying for a good outcome for you. Storms took out my power for many hours yesterday. Gin
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