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  1. Kevin, I am on that list, also. Mine is within 1 year. Gin.
  2. I am going for a mammogram tomorrow and I an concerned. I always had problems with them, but now I have the pacemaker there also. Can not even imagine how that will feel. I will find out!
  3. Marg,. Al will be gone 4 years Oct. 4. Hard to believe I made it this long without him. Gin
  4. Thanks Marty. Doc said he felt we could wait until I thought my vision held me back from what I like to do. No emergency. I do not like driving at night, but I do not want to be out late, anyway. Thanks again and I might check with you as the time draws near. Gin
  5. On my way to eye doctor. I think he will want to schedule me for cataract surgery. Most people think it is no big deal. However my brother had retina issues with it. Even if if he could not change the outcome, it was a world of difference having Al with me. I just feel so alone. I guess I just have to try and be strong.
  6. Mitch, I guess we are in the same boat. No answers, here. Gin
  7. It truly is so hard at this advanced age (80) to deal with all the uncertainties we face. It is terrible at any age, but I am having a harder time recently. I will become more determined as I plod on. Right now I am fussing with financial issues. I will figure it out. Gin
  8. Labor Day coming up. Al and I hosted all the holidays from Memorial Day thru Labor Day along with additional ones. These were usually outdoor backyard gatherings which included family, a few friends and some neighbors. All gone. This will be just another Monday. Maybe I will go to the health club. Things have surely changed! Gin
  9. Kay,. Thinking of you and Arlie today. Rough time for you! Gin
  10. It was my 80th birthday today. My daughters planned a special dinner with family and some friends. We had a good meal and pleasant afternoon. HOWEVER, Al was not there and that put a depressive shroud over it. I have a few family issues where some important people do not speak to one another. However, they did come. One would think that I would be thrilled with the gathering, but... My daughter worked very hard to make the day special and I really appreciated it. My son tried to drive in from California but had car problems. Maybe he will be here soon. These special days just do not have the same impact as they used to when I had Al with me. It emphasized that now I am alone and my very best friend ever is gone.
  11. Mitch,. I am sure glad you are not giving up! We all care about you and need you. I have been in your place since Al died many times and I sure felt like throwing in the towel. I will be 80 in a few weeks and can not see anything hopeful on the horizon. We are not quitters and will plod on the best we can. I hope we all find glimmers of joy now and again. I go to the health club at least 4 times a week, but my heart is not in it. Hang in there, Mitch. We are rooting for you. It sure is a hard road we are on, but we will make it. You are making good decisions. Eat better, exercise and do not lay around very much. Be around people who are uplifting as much as possible. I am alone way too much, but don't seem to be able to do much about it. Keep in touch and know we all care so much about you. Gin
  12. Kay, Healing thoughts are going your way. Hope you heal fast! Gin
  13. George, so sorry to hear about your dad. Glad it was peaceful. Yes, you are loved and not alone. SHALOM
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