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    Hi Jen,

    No motivation here at all.  I used to go to the health club several times a week.  No more and I am getting weaker.  How much weaker can an 80 yr. old feel?  Used to do things with several church groups.  No more.  Lunch once a week with my friend.  Don’t see her anymore.  Do not even see neighbors.   The grief is horrible and now we add all this.  I wanted to work in my messy closet, but I have not done it.  It is too hot to walk outside, so I just walk back and forth in the house.  Hope those riots do not start up again on the weekend.  Hope you get out a little today, Jen.
    1. Gwenivere


      I didn’t know there was this kind of messaging here.  Took me by surprise.  Sounds like such long horrid days for you.  I am familiar with them tho I’ve managed some escapes.  Getting less helpful because they are so hard.  All my stuff has dried up too.  I know we aren’t the only people in this predicament, but it’s hard to keep hat in mind and does it really help knowing we aren't the only ones?  I mean, what does hat change for us living it?  I guess knowing we aren’t some kind of freak.  That’s the best I can come up with.  Sorry you are having heat.  That would be the topper here.  I know its coming  someday and will have to tackle that.  I don’t even care about the riots anymore.  Burned out on all the chaos.  


  2. We were supposed to open here tomorrow on a limited basis. With all the recent riots and looting, I doubt that will happen. My excitement for today will be to put away the groceries I ordered and do one load of laundry. That will be enough pain for the day. All trains and busses are cancelled going to downtown area. Gin
  3. Kieran,. I feel the same way. My city, Chicago, was shaken the last 3 nights and I wonder what tonight will bring. So sad. Restaurants were supposed to open on Wednesday for outdoor dining. These places were destroyed. Hope it all stops soon. Grief, the virus, and now this! Too much. Gin
  4. karen, Just heard the mayor put the city on lockdown from 9 pm thru 6 am indefinitely.
  5. Karen, Lots of riots, looting, etc. here in Chicago, also. What a waste! Gin
  6. Karen, I know how you feel. Al and I always hosted cookouts for the family. We worked so hard and we both enjoyed it. Now, it is just another day. Didn’t even put out a flag. Had a hard time filling up the hours. Yes, painful memories.
  7. Karen, I am enjoying the Crown, also. Sorry about your tooth pain. Gin
  8. Marg, I watched Longmire and Heartland BECAUSE you recommended them. Now I watch Highway to Heaven, the Crown and Outlander. I lost several of my antenna tv channels because the Willis (Sears) tower got flooded and no electricity. Guess it ended transmissions. I rely now on Netflix. Gin
  9. Karen, Thinking of you and hoping your day was not too bad. These days are hard to deal with. My daughter is coming over today and sit in the yard with me for an hour. This pandemic is so hard on everyone. Gin
  10. Not much good in this area. I am feeling overwhelmed, as are so many of us. My grandson had some epileptic seizures and fell and hurt his neck. My brother had early dementia. His wife of 61 years died a few months ago and he has regressed exponentially. He does not want anyone coming to his house to check on him and certainly does not want to go to assisted living. With this virus, this would not be a good time, anyway. My son is in Mexico and thinks this is all a hoax. He takes no precautions. No wonder I do not sleep much. I have not seen my daughters for 4-5 weeks. They are both in health care and do not want to give me anything. A friend of mine from church died from the virus. Hard to even force myself to get up in the morning. I so miss Al and wish I could be locked down with him. This is such a hard time for all of us! Thankful for telephones, internet, grocery deliveries and all of you. Gin
  11. I am here, also. Have not done much of anything, even tho there are plenty of hours available. I have no desire to do anything. Getting really lazy. I walk in the yard...back and forth from the back steps to the alley. Called a few people. Have seen no people. I will probably order some groceries to be delivered. Keep safe and healthy. Gin
  12. My daughter works with the disabled. She has a group of about 12. Their hygiene is not that great. There was a lot of flu there the last few weeks. She never misses work, but now she has a fever and sore throat and great fatigue. She called the doc and his guess was the flu. Apparently you have to be at deaths door to even get tested for the flu, let alone the new virus. She was told that if she shows up at a clinic, they will turn her away. No one wants sick people around. The health system is really messed up. I know that I am at high risk, but I will see if she will come by me so I can help her. This isolation is really taking a toll on me and everyone else. They finally tested her today. She won't find the results for a few days. Gin
  13. Filled out the online census form and submitted it today. Another reminder that yes, I am the only one living here. Just me, no Al.
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