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  1. Went to church today and saw so many couples with their arm around each other. Brought back such powerful memories! I used to have that, also. Not any more! Gin
  2. Kay, thinking of you today. Having a lot of hand problems. Bad pain and swelling on top of hand. Wearing a brace but it doesn’t seem to help. Finally made a doc appointment for next Tuesday. Hope I can drive. I had thumb issues but .I thought that was gone. Silly me. Very hard using the cane in the other hand. I cannot write, so no checks. Guess I have to learn to be a lefty. No fun. Gin
  3. Kay, thinking of you today. I know how it is when no one remembers! Gin
  4. Karen, thought of you today. I have very bad teeth, I broke off a crown and it is being replaced. Should get it Wednesday. Today my daughter and son-in- law took me out for lunch. So good to get out. Well, I pulled out 2 fillings in the tooth NEXT to the one getting a new crown. Crown is costing 1400. Wonder what this will be. Could be worse. Gin
  5. Al and I tried. Even gave him phone number. He was supposed to go to doc today. Hope I hear from him, but probably not. So much worry with adult child!
  6. Hope so. He was in the Navy for 8 years, but never hooked up with the VA. Al kept encouraging him to, but..,.
  7. Late last night, my son texted me to let me know that his leg is infected. He is in Mexico and has to cross border to go back to the doctor in San Diego. No one is there to help him. I feel terrible but can’t think of anything I can do. I think his insurance ran out. I might put some money in his account. I told him to go to ER, but I doubt he will. I don’t think he understands how devastating infections are.
  8. Hi all, Son had surgery because of a fall. Tore knee/thigh ligaments. Court date is next week, as far as I know. Don’t know what will happen. Sure hope no jail time. He fell from a high power line while working at Com Ed. a few years ago. They do not seem to want to take any responsibility. Or even pay workmans comp. He had 2 hip replacement and back surgery then. Doesn’t sound like he has a good lawyer. I don’t get much info.
  9. I had a rough week with my son. Very little communication from him. One time he said the surgery did not go well. More worry. Later he said it went fine but they found 2 heart issues. Next time I heard he was back in Mexico with his girlfriend. How could he drive? So many questions that will go unanswered. At least for now he is ok. Hope his girlfriend keeps a close eye on everything. I can’t call her. She only speaks Spanish and I don’t.
  10. My son is in southern Calif. sometimes in Mexico with his girlfriend. He fell last week and he had to come back to go to the ER. Finally after about a week, it was decided that he needed surgery. Of course his insurance is terrible. He was taken in to surgery a few hours ago. He called and said it did not do well and he will call later. He tore his quadricep tendon.. I have no idea what is going on. Gin
  11. Hi Marge, This is a hard time for all of us. I will be 82 soon and can’t believe I have made it over 5 years without Al. Hope you keep coming back. We miss you when you are gone. You are one of us
  12. Hi Darrel, good to hear from you again..gin
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