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  1. Wishing you well in your new place. Wish I had the energy and will to get out of my house.
  2. Kay,. Wouldn't it be great if we could live life like we used to!
  3. Remote found, power on, just can not get down icy stairs. I now have a bad cold, so this is a good time to stay in.
  4. The snow is mixed with ice. Got some kids to shovel a little. Very little. Now it is very cold. Feels like 7 and windy. Now I lost my tv remote. It all comes at once!
  5. Tomorrow would have been our wedding anniversary. I looked at our pictures of the wedding and honeymoon. Through tear filled eyes. We were married 15 years when he died. (Not our first....but the very best). I have a video, but just can not look at it. Too painful to see him moving and smiling. Miss him so much. These “special” days are so rough for all of us. I was supposed to have lunch with my brother, but expecting 8” snow. So, it will be a long sad day.
  6. Happy birthday! Glad you had some family there with you. Gin
  7. So very sorry, Lynda. Beautiful picture. We are all hurting here. We understand your pain. Gin
  8. Kevin,. I have it in my feet, ankles, knees, along with sciatica. I am using the braces at night. Quite restrictive. Only take a little Celebrex. Had stomach bleeding from ibuprofen. Tylenol, but it does not help that much. Limited to 2000 units/day. Could be a lot worse, so I TRY. Not to complain (too much). Gin
  9. Had to go to doc today. Arthritis has now spread to my hands. Have braces to wear at night. Got XRays today. All these things would nothing if Al were here. Without him, everything is such a big deal. Hard to even hold a cup of coffee. Not a big deal in the scheme of things.
  10. My Al has now been gone for 4 years. Still can not believe that I could have survived this long without him. Not “lived” but just survived. It gets harder and harder to do anything. Being alone is so hard. I am trying to clear out the house because I know I can not stay here much longer alone. We could have done it together. I sure miss him.
  11. Gwen and Marg, you are both in my prayers. Life can be so tough at times. Next week Al will be gone 4 years. Can not believe I made it this long without him. Gin
  12. Kevin, I am on that list, also. Mine is within 1 year. Gin.
  13. I am going for a mammogram tomorrow and I an concerned. I always had problems with them, but now I have the pacemaker there also. Can not even imagine how that will feel. I will find out!
  14. Marg,. Al will be gone 4 years Oct. 4. Hard to believe I made it this long without him. Gin
  15. Thanks Marty. Doc said he felt we could wait until I thought my vision held me back from what I like to do. No emergency. I do not like driving at night, but I do not want to be out late, anyway. Thanks again and I might check with you as the time draws near. Gin
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