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  1. George, it is tough. Al will be gone 5 years this coming Oct. It sure does not get easier. Thinking of you.....Gin
  2. Kevin, my heart hurts for you and your daughter. Hope she gets the help she needs. Gin
  3. Marg and Dee.... this 80 yr. old also knows! Gin
  4. George, my prayers for your healing and wisdom go up to God. I had an incident last week when my cardiologist asked what anti cholesterol drug I was on. I told him NONE. he said “Why not?” Well, because my levels were ok. He did not agree. They want that LDL down to 70. He prescribed a high dose of a statin. I have known so many who had big problems with statins (Al included). Called him back and read my numbers to nurse. She called back and said to definitely take it. I called my primary and went in the same day. He agreed with me. Wrote a prescription for 1/4 dose. I was very nervous about taking it when I am alone. This is hard work looking after the medical stuff. Rooting for you, George. Gin
  5. This has been a rough week. My brother has some dementia. So hard to see him deteriorate. He used be the head of engineering and now he can not remember where he went for lunch. His wife of 61 years died suddenly this past Sunday. Have no idea how he can possibly live by himself. His 2 daughters are with him, so I hope something can be arranged. I am not comfortable asking him to live with me. I can barely take care of myself. He can not be left alone. Then my 47 yr old son had a motorcycle accident in Mexico. A "kid" that age is not interested in listening to his mother. He injured his ankle and foot. I told him to get it xrayed. No. Now he can not walk and he thinks it is infected. Have to get thru funeral first.
  6. Just wanted to tell all my friends here to have as Merry Christmas as you can. I know that this is a very hard time for all of us. Life as we knew it is gone. I will have some time with my daughter and grandchildren tomorrow. Another daughter on Saturday. Hard to be too enthusiastic about anything, but I will do my best. Take care of yourselves and keep posting. Gin
  7. Yes, nothing comes near to what Al and I meant to each other. NOTHING! Gin
  8. People tell me I need more friends, also. Easier said than done. I would love them, but it takes a long time to develop a friendship. With limited mobility, getting out is not easy. I try. I really do. Knit club, book club, bible study. People are nice, but I would not call them friends. My friends have either moved, died or are in nursing homes. Getting old is sure not for sissies.
  9. No problems here, Gwen. Left this forum, and able to get back in fine.
  10. Karen, keep that light on! Hope you did not do too much damage! Gin
  11. Johnny,. Thinking of you today. It is so hard. Gin
  12. Marg and Kay, Some things are just over forever.
  13. Kay,. I do not even miss it. Without Al, it means nothing.
  14. Marg, I will not go to any plays anymore. Al and I used to go to 1-2 a week. People have asked me to go with them. I thank them and refuse. That was OUR thing. They do not understand, but I am used to that. Gin
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