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  1. I am sure you are, Katie. Very tough road! Gin
  2. Gin

    Hi Kay,. Just wanted to get your opinion.  I was married for 31 years to the father of my children.  Got divorced.  Went to a church sponsored divorce group.  Ended up marrying husband #2.  About a year later, he killed himself.  Lots of blame from his family.  He was a clergyman who had a lot of problems.  6 years later I met Al on the Internet.  What a blessing!    He was widowed.  We had 16 great years together.  He always said that he never had it so good.  I know I never did.  Now my big issue...will we be together in heaven?  What if his first wife wants him as badly as I do.  I know there is no marriage in heaven, but it is hard to imagine not being with him.  I know you do not have the answer, but just wanted your opinion.  Thanks,. Gin

  3. Hi Marge, when I was driving today, I noticed such big beautiful clouds. I thought of you and Billy. I tried to decide if any of the clouds were him. Then I wondered if Al was another one. I spoke to them, but neither answered. Gin
  4. Shirley,. Thinking of you tomorrow and wishing a little peace.
  5. Ana, wishing you well with your health issues, also.
  6. Joyce,. Exactly. My kids want to throw away so much in the garage. I told them to leave me alone about it. I feel like I am throwing him away. He loved making things and was always making things for the grandkids. Eventually, I know I will have to .
  7. Today I decided to get rid of a lot of stuff from the back room. Al and I got married 18 yrs ago. We were both widowed. He sold his house and moved in with me. Of course he brought a lot of things here. Today I went thru some of it. A lot from his high school days, scouting trips, honor society notes, and basketball things. I saved pics of him, but most of the rest left. Needless to say, I felt terrible throwing away ANYTHING relating to Al. He had no children and most of his siblings are dead. There is no one to pass it on to. I have to downsize since I will have to leave this house eventually. I am 79 and it is getting very hard to do much of anything. He made me so many cards and poems, so I have a lot of happy things from him. He has been gone almost 3 years, but it still seems so raw and sad. I had medical issues this week and it is so hard to deal with these things alone, as you all know. Just voicing what we are all feeling. I miss him so much.
  8. Anna, you are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. Gin
  9. Gwen,. Sorry you are having such a hard time these last few weeks. Sure hope things improve for you. Gin
  10. Katie,. So very sorry about losing Riley Grace. She is a perfect prescious angel now. My prayers are for your healing. Gin
  11. I have not seen activity here for many, many hours. I rebooted, but nothing.
  12. I really dislike weekends. The days are so very long. I went to the health club, but that is all. My daughter called and said, "I can't believe the day is almost over. It flew by.". I said, "I can't believe I still have 7 hours left". And another one just like it tomorrow.
  13. Katie, thinking of you and wishing that you and your baby improve quickly so you can get home to your boys. So grateful you have such a good friend to help. Gin
  14. Cookie, wouldn't that get together be great?