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  1. Doc said the pain should gradually decrease. It was a very long walk to his office. Hate doing these things without Al. Now doc wants me to see regular cardiologist and pacemaker doc.
  2. hi Karen, I am coming along very slowly. Lots of pain with incision and left arm and shoulder. I hope to see my primary tomorrow to see what he thinks. I am sure that my age is not helping the healing. Will let you know what he says. Thanks for checking. gin
  3. marg. I was not on any drug that lowered my heart rate. I tried to talk him into giving me a drug to raise it, but he drew me pictures and explained why it would not work. He called ahead and I did not have to wait at ER. They were waiting for me.
  4. Hi all,. I did not feel well Monday morning, nothing specific....just off. Took my BP. Fine. Then I checked pulse....only 44 instead of a regular 75-85. Had an appointment with eye doc. Called regular doc and he said to keep my eye appt since he will check BP and pulse. My pulse was only 40 there,. Then I went to see my internist,. He took an ecg and now my pulse was only 34. He called cardiologist and got me an appointment with cardiologist for the morning. He was adamant that I go directly to hospital. By 2pm Tuesday I was operated on and now have a pacemaker. I was fortunate that I did not have to brood about it too long,. It is so hard to go through these health issues without our mates. They kept me overnight and now here I am. The incision site hurts a lot and I can not use my left arm for much. I have a good friend who has been a trmendous help and my 2.daughters have been supportive. One is a cardiac rehab specialist so she knows what questions to ask. It was a 3rd degree heart bloc. I am not as tired as yesterday, so that is very good. Gin
  5. Gin

    Hi Marg,  missed you.     Gin

    1. Marg M

      Marg M

      Miss y'all too Gin.

  6. Hi Gwen,. I wondered the same thing. Lots of bad weather here. Things seem relatively calm now. Hope everyone is doing well.
  7. Gwen,. Sorry you have to go through yet another trauma alone. I know how very hard it is. I hope she gets better soon. Gin
  8. Hi Cookie, It has been about the same time for me, also. I have not found peace with this, either. I keep trying things that do not work. I joined a book club, knitting club, grief group, etc. My biggest problem is the extreme loneliness. I go to the health club 3-4 times a week. Nothing. Most of the time I am alone. I do not see any good coming from this. I feel useless and wish I could find something to give my life meaning. I recently joined a Bible study group and that has been good. Days go by when I do not see any people. I wish you well, Cookie and hope things start looking up. Gin
  9. I feel the same. Such a lonely life. I try to do things, but that is not the answer. There is no answer. Remembering the good times just makes me sadder...they are forever gone.
  10. Gwen and Cookie, I feel the same. A friend told me today that I have to find something that I really care about. There is nothing. Certainly nothing anywhere near what Al meant to me. We did everything together. Now there is no one. The weather has been terrible so I have been in the house for over a week and will still be for a few more days. Just me with me. Not very good company.
  11. Weather has been terrible here, lately. Lots of snow, sleet and freezing rain. Now super cold. Have not gone anywhere for fear of falling. Getting mighty lonely. I have been fortunate that neighbor's have done a lot of shoveling. Could not go to a church class today, canceled foot doc. tomorrow. Snow over ice on stairs. Very isolating. I am going to try to go somewhere tomorrow. Very hard few days. On top of the weather problems, it was Al's birthday yesterday....the 4th without him. I still miss him as much as ever.
  12. George, Please share everything you can. Good for everyone to know,. Appreciate your knowledge and willingness to share. gin
  13. Gwen, So very sorry about all the health problems you are having....on top of the grief. Hope you find your way through the maze of medical decisions! Gin
  14. I went to the health club today and overheard a conversation that really upset me. A woman was relating to another woman how hard it was dealing with her husband, who had an eye problem. She had to drive him everywhere, do a lot for him, etc.. All I could think was how much I would give to be able to do all those things for Al again. He was not a complainer and tried to do as much as possible right to the end. I never felt it was a burden helping him. Sure wish I could be with him again.
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