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  1. I had a rough week with my son. Very little communication from him. One time he said the surgery did not go well. More worry. Later he said it went fine but they found 2 heart issues. Next time I heard he was back in Mexico with his girlfriend. How could he drive? So many questions that will go unanswered. At least for now he is ok. Hope his girlfriend keeps a close eye on everything. I can’t call her. She only speaks Spanish and I don’t.
  2. My son is in southern Calif. sometimes in Mexico with his girlfriend. He fell last week and he had to come back to go to the ER. Finally after about a week, it was decided that he needed surgery. Of course his insurance is terrible. He was taken in to surgery a few hours ago. He called and said it did not do well and he will call later. He tore his quadricep tendon.. I have no idea what is going on. Gin
  3. Hi Marge, This is a hard time for all of us. I will be 82 soon and can’t believe I have made it over 5 years without Al. Hope you keep coming back. We miss you when you are gone. You are one of us
  4. Hi Darrel, good to hear from you again..gin
  5. Expecting 12-18”+ and not above freezing until next Sunday, gin
  6. Now we are expecting up to another foot of snow. This has been a tough year for so many. Gin
  7. More snow again today. And high today of 11. Now I have a plumbing problem in the bathroom. Water running from under the sink cabinet. Called plumber. Not there. Left message. Nothing. I am so tired of covid, snow and cold. Makes it so hard when we are alone! Al would have fixed the problem or called someone and dealt with them. Gin
  8. When I gripe, my daughter reminds me....be glad this is not Nov. we are almost done with it. Gin
  9. Chicago has been hit hard with snow the last 2 weeks. First we had about 13” and then various episodes of 2-4”. Now it is below zero. Still we are having 1-3” every other day. I am in no shape to shovel. Alley is all ice. Don’t know if my garage door will go up or if the car will start. I am scheduled to get my vaccine in a week, but have no idea if I can get there. My best friend now has the virus and is quite sick. Been a very rough year for everyone. Gin
  10. Today would have been Al’s birthday. My brother died last week from covid at nursing home. Too many losses. I know we all feel that way. We are expecting 10” of snow on Monday. Hope some kids want to earn money. My neighbor will probably plow the front, but I have to do front and back porches and stairs. I am tired of just thinking about it. gin
  11. Found out this morning that my dear brother died. He had severe Alzheimer’s and Covid. Have not see him since July. No one allowed to visit. It is better for him...he would not want to live like this. It’s been downhill since his wife died last Jan. Gin
  12. Watching WTTW special. Christmas music from the old days (that’s where I’m from). Then it went into a special about Andy Williams. Lots of good old love songs. Now I am sorry I am watching. Al and I were so much in love. Too many memories! Gin
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