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  1. Happy Birthday Marty, thank you for all you do.
  2. My heart is with you Gwen and you are in my thoughts! Sending Hugs
  3. Gin, I'm so sorry, not much more to say other than you are in my thoughts and my heart is with you. Hugs
  4. You are in my thoughts today George, our happiest days are so hard now, hope you can find peace and feel Rose Anne's love today. Hugs
  5. You're in my thoughts too today Karen, these days can be so hard.
  6. Glad your surgery is over and I'm sure you are too. Hope the recovery doesn't take too long and that you feel better soon. Hugs
  7. Gin, those "would have been" anniversaries are so hard, my heart is with you, hugs
  8. Am with you today Kay and praying all goes well. Keep us posted when you can and you are in my thoughts. Hugs
  9. My heart is with you today Gwen, I know how hard it is to know they won't be turning another year older. Dale and I didn't really do anything big for our birthdays either, just go out to our favorite restaurant and exchange cards, just like you two did, but like you said it was big to us and we were together. Sending you all my hugs!!
  10. Sending big hugs to you Gwen, hope today goes a little better.
  11. Just needed to get this out today. Today is our 38th wedding anniversary and I miss Dale so much!! I really need him right now to make me feel loved, safe and his wit to make me smile. Dale, you are my heart and soul forever.
  12. You're in my thoughts Kay, these anniversary date, especially ones that should be happy, are so hard. Hugs
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