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  1. My heart is with you Marg and you are in my thoughts today. Hugs
  2. Gin, you are in my thoughts and I understand what you are feeling. In July was my 4th year without Dale and it is so hard and you are right, everyday is just surviving and everything is getting harder to do. Sending you hugs!!
  3. Kay, I'm so sorry, I know how hard it is to lose your fur baby, I have lost 3 dogs and a cat that were "our" fur babies and was heartbroken with all four of them. I also know how hard it is to make the decision as I had to do that once with my cat I had for 19 years. The only comfort to it is knowing they are not in pain any longer and that George will take care of him now. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs
  4. Gin, I'm not going to wish you "happy" birthday, just birthday! I'm also glad that your family tried to make the day special for you, but I also do understand how it's really hard for these special days to feel happy without our special person. As Kay said, it's just not the special days that we miss them, this life now is so hard without them on every day. Sending you hugs!
  5. Happy Birthday Billy, my heart is with you Marg, days like today are so much harder. Sending you hugs!
  6. Kay, no I didn't write that, but saw it and thought it expressed my and all of our feelings so well.
  7. CairnLady, just wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts today, I know exactly what you are feeling today as it marks my 4th year since Dale, the love of my life, left. I know I don't post much, but it's not because I don't have any feelings, I do, it's just I don't have the words to express how I feel. I'm still so lost and it doesn't seem to get any easier over time, that saying "time heals all wounds" is such a lie. Some days it's a little less, but most days it's as hard or even harder than it was in the beginning (I guess the fog is long gone). He's still my everything! You all in my thoughts and hugs to all of you Grief Poem 11.docx
  8. You are in my thoughts today Marg. Like the picture and it sounds like you had the best kind of anniversaries you could have, just being together. That's how we would celebrate ours too, nothing special, just spending time together. Hugs
  9. So sorry that you are sick Kay and to feel that way today of all days. Hope you feel better soon and sending thoughts your way to get through today. Hugs
  10. So sweet Kay and celebrate George today in a great way today. Hugs
  11. Yes George, you are not alone and are loved. Sending you good thoughts and prayers that the next few weeks will go smoothly. Shalom and hugs.
  12. I'm glad you had a nice birthday George and spent it the way you wanted. Happy belated birthday.
  13. Those "special" days can be so hard and are not the same. All we can do is like what you did our best to celebrate those days with them. Hugs to you
  14. Glad the surgery went well and you made it home Kay. Take it easy the next few days and you are in our thoughts.
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