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  1. I'm sorry, these dates sometimes are hard to take. My 5th year is coming up soon too and it does seem like this mark is harder than some of the other ones. Sending you hugs
  2. Oh Gin, I'm so sorry you are having to go through all these things at once. Remember we are with you and you will be in my thoughts. Hugs
  3. Kay, so sorry about Kitty, it's hard and yes it is sad. Sending you hugs
  4. I'm so sorry Gwen, I wish I could be there for you, hope they get you feeling better soon, you will be in my thoughts, love you and sending hugs.
  5. Wow, Gwen, I'm sure that hurt, but glad you were able to do it. You are braver than me, I don't have anything that Dale did, but I still can't listen to the music he and I loved and listened to all the time yet. Sending hugs
  6. So sorry Kay, that is scary news. My brother has had several skin cancers removed and has been fine, if that helps any. Try to stay positive (I know easier said than done). Hugs
  7. Gwen, you explained it perfectly and that is how I am feeling too, can't get past that empty feeling inside.
  8. George, so glad that you and the doctors caught it in time. Please do take it easy and get your strength back up and hope you have a good Thanksgiving also. Hugs, Joyce
  9. Gin, my heart is with you, I know how hard our "special" day is to spend alone. Sending hugs
  10. Gwen, you are in my heart today, I know how hard those "used to special days" are. Hugs
  11. It's so hard when your fury baby is sick, sending both of you hugs.
  12. Marg, you must be in my mind, that's exactly what has been going through my mind. Thanks for understanding and stating what I couldn't.
  13. Well, I'm spending another anniversary alone. Today 37 years ago, I married the love of my life, my soulmate. I remember this day being filled with so much happiness and excitement for what my new life was going to hold. Now it's just filled with sadness and our future plans and dreams all gone and wish that I could still have an adventure with him. It's my 5th anniversary without him and I still think he will walk through that door. I guess in a way he is still walking through my door as he is always in my heart and my mind. I love and miss you Dale and wishing you a Happy Anniversary in Heaven, you are my heart and soul and always will be.
  14. Kay, I'm so sorry it's not going to work, but you don't need to be in that fear all the time. That is one of the reasons I don't think I will get another animal. We had 3 dogs and 1 cat all at one time and they were the best fur babies you could ask for. When they all passed away of old age, they all went within a 6 month time frame and that was horrible. I don't want to go through that pain again and also I know I won't find any animal as good as they were. Take your time and hopefully you will feel different in a couple of months, it's just so soon after Arlie. Hugs
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