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  1. On this day 36 years ago I married the love of my life, my best friend and soulmate. It is hard to believe this is the 4th anniversary of our special day that I have spent alone, celebrating our love alone. We would have been making plans to go to our favorite restaurant and looking forward to spending the evening celebrating. The last year we spent it together, I had the day off and we drove around all day and went to the places we had lived and talked about the time and things that had happened in a particular place, it was a good day. It is so hard not having him here to remember with and I don't believe it will get any easier either. I miss him so much and love him so much, that sometimes I don't feel like I can breath. I'm remembering that wonderful day with all my heart along with every other day we had together.
  2. Kay, hope you can find some peace and maybe a little joy today remembering your love, George. Hugs
  3. Gin, said beautifully. My 3 year mark was in July so I completely understand every word you said. This is so hard no matter how long you have with them, it's the love that counted and still does, not the years together. You are in my heart right now and sending you hugs and wishes that the day will find some kind of comfort. Joyce
  4. I hope that everyone that lives in the "cone" will be safe and do what the authorities tell them to do. Living in Florida from 1982 to 2017, I know all too well how terrifying these storms can be. For 25 of those years we lived about 2 miles inland from the East coast and have dealt with 12 hurricanes and tropical storms, having to evacuate for 7 of them (3 times I had to evacuate by myself after Dale died) and coming home to damage each time. But at least we were safe, damage can be fixed. After the last evacuation in 2017, my family convinced me to move closer to them, so I now live in Ohio (have to deal with winter that I haven't had to for 35 years!!!), but at least no major storms to deal with, however, still get a little anxious when a thunderstorm comes around, as you know Marty or anyone living in Florida, even the Florida thunderstorms can be very bad. Good luck !
  5. Dee, our vet suggested putting the pills in peanut butter on a spoon for both our dogs and cat and it would work like a charm. They seem to love the peanut butter and couldn't wait until the next dose was due. Just a suggestion. Good luck!
  6. Gin, I know exactly what you are saying, last year at this time I was doing the same thing since I was moving to another state and couldn't take everything with me. It is so hard and it feels and sometime it still does feel like I'm throwing part of him away. I'm glad you kept the things that have special memories to you, I did too and we aren't throwing them away, just stuff, Al and Dale and all of our loved ones will be in our hearts and souls forever. Hugs to you, Joyce
  7. brat#2


    Darrel, I didn't take your post as pressuring anyone and don't think anyone else will either , you were just stating your feelings which is what we do. Joyce
  8. brat#2


    Like Kay said, scattering their ashes is a big deal and is intense. Three months after my Dale passed, I had the opportunity to go to "our" special place that we both loved so much and I was like you, not sure I could handle the emotions of it all, but I went. I did put part of his ashes in a special place on the property and now I know he is where he loved so much and we had some great memories. Yes, it was very emotional and full of pain, especially since it was during the week of our wedding anniversary, but so worth it. I'm so glad that I did go because I haven't been able to get back there since but I at least know he is where we had such good and loving memories. Just thought I would share my experience with this and I know everyone is different and you need to do what feels right for you. Whatever you decide to do is ok, don't let anyone pressure you, you need to move at your own pace. Hugs
  9. I'm so sorry my friend, I wish I could be there, don't know how much help I would be, but at least I could be company!! Hugs
  10. Sending you hugs!!!!❤️
  11. Darrel, I just went through that on Saturday, it was his 4th birthday apart. You are right in that it was a little easier to remember the happy memories of birthday's past, but yet still very difficult, missing him so very much. I understand, hugs to you. Joyce
  12. Another "trigger" today, it's Dale's birthday, the 4th one alone. I guess I'm sort of getting use to the triggers or scare tissue is starting to form. The last 3 years I was a total mess today, but this morning I woke up and wished him a Happy Birthday and then thought of his smile as I would hand him his card first thing in the morning and then how we would spend all day deciding where he would want to go to dinner that night. Of course, I have cried on and off so far today in remembering that and thinking of how sad it is that I'm probably the only one who remembers today is his birthday. I love this day, as it was the day he was brought into this world and eventually met me and we fell in love. I do hate that the word trigger has become a constant part of our lives now, every day there is at least one trigger that sets me off, but knowing that you all know that feeling, makes it a little easier. Happy Birthday, my love and as long as I'm alive, I will celebrate you on this day (and everyday) and love you and cherish you.
  13. Katie, like the others said, there are no words. I too hope you have someone to lean on, you have been through so much. We are here for you.
  14. My thoughts are with you today, sending you hugs!
  15. Polly, oh my goodness, that looks awful and so sorry this happened. You both are in my thoughts and prayers that she recovers quickly. Hugs