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    September 14, 2015
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  1. Rebecca.... My beautiful angel, your birthday is around the corner. How you loved to celebrate life.... Now, we are left to celebrate without you. How shall we celebrate the life of such a vibrant, happy and energetic woman, who passed years before her time? How can we continue to go on knowing your bubbling smile will not avail? Your life is too precious to let pass through the night. We will celebrate your life with tears of joy.... We will celebrate with cake and balloons, music and cheer. We will celebrate you.... Your beauty... Your love... Your sincerity.... I was blessed to carry you for 9 months within my womb and today I carry you in my heart. You were my first born... The love of my life.... My dear friend..... Your memory lives on through each and every person you've ever come in contact with. Your warmth, concern and love, emanated through your beautiful smile. My heart will forever remain broken, but within the cracks I know you lie and will remain forever.