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  1. Hey, ChinUp! Yes, I've read your story. I'm so sorry for your loss! Do you think things will get better eventually? Feeling sad for such a long time isn't what I had planned for my life... I'm trying to let my feelings flow, feel all the crushing sadness, but oh God, I just wish I could feel happy again! I've been down since last year, when his father got sick. Back then, things already started spiraling out of control. My bf wasn't the same man I fell in love with, but, still, I managed to love him just the same. It's so weird how they can't be by our side. We just want to make them feel good! But maybe they think we're too demanding. Maybe a love relationship is more than they can stand now, because, when they're with us, they can really be themselves... and they remember all of the feelings they've been running away from. I hope you get better, my dear. Big hug to you and to your horses
  2. Thanks a lot for your advice, kayc. I've been reading these foruns for a while now (I know about your struggles, I'm sorry you went through this too). It's sad that so many love stories ended up badly because of similar reasons. We find love and, then, it's taken away from us and there's nothing we can do. Well... If he wants to meet me someday, I'll tell him the things you said above. I wish I could just forget about him, but that seems impossible from where I stand.
  3. Hey, everyone. I need some help here, please. 7 weeks ago, I broke up with my depressed bf. We've been together for almost 3 years and I loved him so much. You know, that kind of love that's so warm, so comforting, so good to feel. It was great. Things started to derail when he lost two close family members last year, which contributed to his depression. I tried my best - for over a year - to support him, give him love and understanding. But his disease took its toll on me. Damn, depression is brutal! He drinks to cope with his pain and, for so many months, pushed me away the hardest he could. He seemed happy with everyone else, but me. I could feel I was losing him, I could feel him slipping through my fingers. And sadly, I'm the only one who realizes this (not even his freaking family acknowledge his depression). Well, he knows he's sick. But he won't seek for any kind of help. So I decided to break up, for my own mental sanity. He said we should go no contact, but, 3 weeks ago, started texting me again. Since the break-up, everything has been so tough. I can't find joy. I still feel this ache in my chest every single day. I miss him so much, all the time. I guess I was his rock, and now he doesn't have me, he started to see that alcohol and his friends aren't enough for him to cope with his never-ending pain. Did any of you go through something similar? Can any of you, please, tell me what I'm supposed to do? I can't stop talking to him - I'm pretty sure he will fall into a even darker place if he feels he's completely alone.
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