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  1. Crossmateo

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    Thank you
  2. Crossmateo

    Not gone yet

    Thank you all so much! Any suggestions on reading material on here?
  3. Crossmateo

    Not gone yet

    My friend passed this morning. While I am glad she is no longer suffering, i need to start my grieving all over again.
  4. Crossmateo

    Not gone yet

    I agree. My friend has stopped her feedings and not been out of bed in almost a week. She is just very medicated to keep her comfortable(and asleep). I just feel so depressed. I think I may need to seek a counsler. It is becoming very hard to do day to day activities
  5. Crossmateo

    Not gone yet

    Im so sorry to hear that kayc. I guess when they are ready they will go. Is your sister in hospice?
  6. Crossmateo

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    I went to visit my friend in hospice. She was given 1 or 2 days on sunday. I went to see her and she was asleep the entire time. I know she is peaceful and comfortable but this is so hard.
  7. Crossmateo

    One year later

    I agree there is no timeline for grief. We all have our own way of dealing with it. Its really hard to look back and think wow its been a year. Maybe a memorial or tribute to honor your friend would be a great way to keep their memory alive
  8. Crossmateo

    Memorial service protocol

    I think the memorial is a wonderful idea. My sister in law does one every year for her sister who passed away at 15. Its a celebration of her life and a wonderful way to remember those we love. Over the years many people come who did not know her but are now a part of the family's life. Good luck with it!
  9. Crossmateo

    Not gone yet

    It really did. It also means a lot to me that people that I dont even know are kind enough to respond. It really is helping me through this very hard time. Thank you so much for your kindness!
  10. Crossmateo

    Not gone yet

    I went to go see her, while it was sad, shes not quite as bad as I was expecting. We cried, we laughed and it was a nice visit. She really wants to see my kids so I am going to help her get dressed and pretty(as she said) I still think shes beautiful. I told her I will see her soon. At least now if I dont see her again I know I said goodbye and can have some peace. Thanks for all the input
  11. Crossmateo

    Not gone yet

    Thank you, I wasnt planning on actually telling her goodbye just knowing in my heart that this is goodbye. Im just sok anxious and cant stop crying
  12. Crossmateo

    Not gone yet

    Today I am going to go say goodbye to my friend. I am very scared and sad that the end is so close. I want to make sure I tell her everything so that there are no regrets. This all is so emotionally draining. Its so hard to look out my window and see her house but not be able to be there with her. I just hope she is comfortable.
  13. Crossmateo

    Not gone yet

    I did send a letter to her yesterday. I am willing to do anything she needs. I just really hope she reaches out to me and lets me be there like I have been all along. Thank you so much for your input
  14. Crossmateo

    Not gone yet

    My neighbor and very close friend is dying of cancer. She was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer in the beginning of summer. She went through a rigorous routine of chemo and radiation. She was so strong and positive and faught like a warrior. Her scans after treatment showed the cancer was gone in october. A total miracle. However it returned by november. She again started chemo but wasnt nearly as positive. Just last week the doctor told her there is nothing more they can do that it spread too far and its time to look into hospice. Since receiving this news, I have only spoke to her once. I feel like she is avoiding me because she doesnt want me to see her like this. I just want to be there for her until the end. I hope I get my chance to say goodbye
  15. Crossmateo


    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I was so heartbroken after letting my Princess go that I stumbled upon this website after a google search on the loss of a pet. The wonderful people on here have been truly amazing and helped me so much in the time of my grief. Everytime I was hysterical and crying Id come on here and read stories or reply to others. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you find comfort in knowing that you are not alone! Just remember your Teddy will always be by your side in spirit!